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JOB ALERT: Editorial Assistant, Manga

Are you interested in diving into the world of manga? Do you speak Japanese and thrive in editorial work? We’re thrilled to announce that Yen Press is looking to add a new Editorial Assistant to our manga team!  The Editorial Assistant will be responsible for providing editorial and administrative support to the manga editorial team,… Read More…

Goblin Slayer Side Story: Year One, Chapter 33

Goblin Slayer’s been working himself to the bone, but he’s never too tired to spend time with the people who matter most! Read the next chapter of Goblin Slayer Side Story: Year One the same day as Japan!

New! The Royal Tutor, Chapter 86

The recounting of the titular royal tutor’s origins finally begins. Read the next chapter of The Royal Tutor at the same time as Japan.

All new! Black Butler, Chapter 159

A Chinese Mafia has taken Mey-Rin in as their sniper. Read the next chapter of Black Butler at the same time as Japan!

Yen Press 2019 Holiday Gift Guide!

We’re Proud to Present…the 2019 Yen Press Holiday Gift Guide! Happy Holidays, lovely reader! We had such a great time with our 2018 gift guide, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make it our festive new tradition. This updated guide will help everyone from light novel enthusiasts to new readers get some inspiration from… Read More…

All new! Final Fantasy Lost Stranger, Chapter 24

Now that Shogo’s secret is out, he tells his comrades all about FF and everything the games taught him. With his encyclopedia-like knowledge, a cure for Rei’s Frog status should be a piece of cake! …Right, Shogo? Read the next chapter of Final Fantasy Lost Stranger at the same time as Japan!

New! My Monster Girl’s Too Cool for You, Chapter 71

Atsushi prepares for the battle ahead, but his training never taught him the language skills he’d need… Read the next chapter of My Monster Girl’s Too Cool for You at the same time as Japan!

Dead Mount Death Play, Chapter 40 is out now!

The cops have come sniffing around the Fortuneteller Shop, but Corpse God has nothing to hide! …Or does he? Read the next chapter of Dead Mount Death Play the same day as Japan!


The wait is over…Sekiro: Hanbei the Undying, Chapter 7 by Shin Yamamoto with supervision by FromSoftware is here! What does the next chapter have in store…. As Hanbei and Shoukichi head deeper into Takamine territory, they come upon the people who were “spirited away”—now nothing more than guinea pigs for the Takamine Clan’s Red-Eyes experiments…. Read More…