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Get In On the Action with Our REDICE Sale!

Have you watched the Solo Leveling anime and can't wait to know what happens next? Loved the dynamic combat and looking for more thrilling series like it? Then come get a piece of this action with our REDICE Sale!

From March 25 to April 7, you can get 40% off with the purchase of three or more REDICE comics. Whether you’re already a fan of these amazing titles or just getting into Korean comics, this is your chance to grab these gripping books for a great deal! Check out all the REDICE titles below that are eligible, with every volume up for grabs (even pre-orders that haven't released yet!):


Solo Leveling

Art by DUBU(REDICE STUDIO), Adapted by h-goon, Story by Chugong


Known as the Weakest Hunter of All Mankind, E-rank hunter Jinwoo Sung’s contribution to raids amounts to trying not to get killed. Unfortunately, between his mother’s hospital bills, his sister’s tuition, and his own lack of job prospects, he has no choice but to continue to put his life on the line. So when an opportunity arises for a bigger payout, he takes it…only to come face-to-face with a being whose power outranks anything he’s ever seen! With the party leader missing an arm and the only healer a quivering mess, can Jinwoo some­how find them a way out?

Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint

Art by Sleepy-C(3B2S STUDIO), Adapted by UMI(REDICE STUDIO), Story by singNsong


As a struggling office worker, Dokja Kim’s sole joy in life is an online novel so obscure that he’s its only reader. Then one day the story comes to an end…and so does the world. People all around the globe suddenly find themselves being massacred by horrific monsters or pitted against each other in sadistic scenarios straight out of the novel. However, only Dokja is aware that this is merely the first chapter of what is to come. Knowing that devastating plot twists are on the horizon, he can no longer afford to sit back as a reader—it’s time for Dokja to step up and write his own destiny!


The World After the Fall

Art by Undead Gamja(3B2S STUDIO), Adapted by S-Cynan, Story by singNsong

One day, without warning, gargantuan towers appear around the globe. Humanity’s surprise and puzzlement soon turn to panic and terror, as swarms of horrific monsters descend upon the world to wreak havoc. Mankind’s only hope for survival rests on Jaehwan and his fellow Tower Walkers, who are tasked with one mission: Climb to the top. …Or so they believed. Jaehwan begins to sense that things are not what they seem, and he must trust no one but himself. As webs of deception threaten to ensnare him at every turn, can Jaehwan reach Floor 100 and finally uncover the truth?


Tomb Raider King

Art by 3B2S, Adapted by Yuns (REDICE STUDIO), Story by SAN.G

In the year 2025, mysterious tombs appeared all over the world, each housing an ancient relic granting supernatural abilities. The lucky few who quickly obtained these relics ruled over powerful monopolies. Others came to serve them, such as Jooheon Suh, a raider who hid in tombs to steal relics. Betrayed by his employer, Jooheon is left to die but instead finds himself transported fifteen years into the past. Armed with years of tough raiding experience and knowledge of what is to come in the world of relics, does Jooheon have what it takes to become the Tomb Raider King?



Art by Team Argo, Adapted by Monohumbug (REDICE STUDIO), Story by Saenal

Youngwoo Shin is a deadbeat in real life, working odd jobs to barely pay off his loans. Even his family has written him off as a hopeless video game addict. But when he logs in to the massively popular VR game Satisfy, Youngwoo becomes Grid the Warrior…who is also painfully mediocre. Everything changes when he stumbles across a tome containing the lost knowledge of a legendary blacksmith. The catch is, using it resets all his levels! In order to survive after being forced back to square one, Grid will need to hone his skills and gather reliable allies…or not! Who needs all that when you’re decked out in god-tier items?!


Everyone needs to add some action-packed awesomeness to their bookshelves, so take advantage of our REDICE Sale while it lasts!

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