Posted Jul 09, 2024 by Callista Gonzalez

Anime Expo 2024 Recap

Thanks for joining us at Anime Expo this year! If you weren't able to attend our Industry Panel, here's a recap of all the wonderful new titles joining our lineup. 

Delicious in Dungeon: The Complete Box Set

By Ryoko Kui

Feast upon a smorgasbord of monstrous cuisine in this delectable spread of all 14 volumes of Delicious in Dungeon! Join Laios, Marcille, Chilchuck, and Senshi as they delve into the depths to save their lost comrade—and stuff themselves silly in the process! And if all that doesn’t whet your appetite, this box set even includes an exclusive poster for dessert!


Sword Art Online abec Artworks New World

Art by abec, Story by Reki Kawahara
This third collection of SAO illustrations highlights events from Volumes 16 through 22 of the main story as well as Volumes 1 through 3 of Sword Art Online Progressive. Art from the anime and games is also featured, along with all-new illustrations you won’t find anywhere else!


Hereditary Triangle

By Fumiya Hayashi
Childhood friends Koutarou Fujiki, Kajiwara, and Fuyuko thought they would always be together. They spent their youth in a strange love triangle, the two boys fighting over who would date Fuyuko. But suddenly one day, that life ends. Kajiwara goes missing, and Koutarou takes his sweetheart’s hand in marriage. Now middle-aged, Koutarou is left to wonder—would his wife have chosen differently if Kajiwara were still around? On a visit to his hometown, the memories come rushing back…


Luciole Has a Dream

By Yuu Morikawa
Awakened by a radiant light, Luciole realized he’d been asleep for a long, long time. Stretching to the horizon before him lay an abandoned world. Whatever life had once taken root here was long gone, leaving Luciole all alone—except for Claude. Now, with a self-proclaimed five-hundred-year-old archmage for his only companion, Luciole will set off on a journey to discover how alone the two truly are.



By Miyuki Nakayama
High schooler Maika Sakuranomiya can’t seem to land a part-time job, so when an opportunity comes knocking, she’s up for anything. Waitressing at a cute café—sounds perfect! The manager demands that each waitress adopt a quirk in their service? Not a problem. Maika’s ready to act flirty, or hot-and-cold, or like a little sister, or…sadistic?! Oh. That might be a tough one for our cheery and caring heroine! The original manga behind the popular anime!


Be My Worst Nightmare!

By Michelle
Sayo Hoshikawa, a high schooler who’s insecure about his height, witnesses his unrequited crush getting rejected by a tall and handsome boy named Mashiba. Sayo challenges Mashiba to contest after contest, but he can’t win a single time. Nothing gets under his skin more than when Mashiba calls him cute! But then he starts having strange dreams about a certain someone embracing him—and soon enough, the dreams devolve into something even deeper…!


Revenge Agent Hizumi-san

By Miyako
Masaichi Hizumi is a revenge agent, professionally dishing out just deserts to anyone who may have incurred the wrath of his clients. His latest target? Mikoto Kuga, an elite salaryman, narcissist, and way-more-than-two-timing cheater. Hizumi’s task is to teach this piece of trash a lesson—by thoroughly humiliating him, body and spirit! Whether he’s ready for it, Kuga is about to get his comeuppance, served with a smile by Hizumi!


Stomp, Kick, Love

By Sumi Ichiya
What’s the best way to relax after a hard day’s work? If you ask Kaho, it’s to kick back and relax at a bar with her best drinking bro, Akira. Sure, everyone around her thinks he’s pretty hot, but he smokes, gets in fights, and is a bit of a playboy—so definitely not boyfriend material. But when one thing leads to another and she wakes up in his bed one morning, it makes it infinitely harder to deny that there is absolutely nothing between them…


With You, Our Love Will Make It Through

By Chihiro Yuzuki
When high schooler Mari bumps into a fellow tardy student, she’s surprised to find out he’s a beastfolk who’s to attend her school! After all, it’s not rare for beastfolk to coexist alongside humans, but it’s still uncommon, with the prejudice and all. Nervous to meet one at first, Mari soon learns there’s more to him than his furry exterior. In fact, the more she gets to know him, the more she finds herself drawn to him, his steadfastness, his kindheartedness, and…his body…


Before the Tutorial Starts: A Few Things I Can Do to Keep the Bosses Alive

Story by Kotatsu Takahashi, Illustration by Kakao Lanthanum
As soon as he opens his eyes, the man realizes he has been reincarnated into the world of the famous RPG series Spirit Wars: Dungeon Magia. However, it isn’t as the protagonist that he has been reincarnated, nor even as a background character… With weak abilities, little to no talent, and the catchphrase “Nya-ha-ha!” he has been born again as a bottom-feeder boss destined to die in the tutorial! All that awaits him is his own grim end! But after finding out that his beloved older sister is destined to die from illness, he makes her a promise: “I’m going to wreck every unfair plot point in this damned world with my own two hands!” Taking advantage of his vast knowledge of games, the man decides to rebel against the original scenario. The strongest secret boss, the boss from the saddest route… He sets out to meet all the bosses of the world. But what lies in store…?!


I’m the Strongest in This Zombie World, But I Can’t Beat This Girl!

Story by Ryou Iwanami, Illustration by TwinBox
In a Japan that’s on the verge of ruin, he’s surviving alongside a cute underclassman! A sudden zombie outbreak ravages the country. Amid the fleeing crowds, high school student Yuuma Kousaka ended up being bitten. Afraid of dying, he reunited with his friend’s sister Haruka Hinata for the first time in years. She offers to fulfill his dying wish and be his girlfriend. And with that, Yuuma makes his best and final memory. But after becoming a zombie, he retains his consciousness! “I thought you were going to die soon, so I showed you my boobs! This wasn’t the deal! You need to take responsibility!” And thus, a romantic comedy begins between Yuuma, the strongest boy in a world of zombies, and Haruka, a girl who knows all his weaknesses.



Story by Ghost Mikawa, Illustration by Rag Miwano
This is the Masked Ballroom: a place where people revert to beasts, let go of reason, and revel in freedom and anonymity. Here, with the help of a “monster supplement,” anyone can transform into beasts and do as they please. It’s the only “government-approved slum,” where people can forget the suffocating atmosphere of the surveillance state. It’s in this city where Reiji, a young vampire and a real monster, and his werewolf partner Tsuki take on the task of keeping the streets clean. They search for centaurs who have committed hit-and-runs and fight life-and-death battles against the urban legends that manifest. And a meeting with the “Medicine Witch” will change the fate of Reiji and his friends…


The BS Situation of Tougetsu Umidori

Story by Kaeru Ryouseirui, Illustration by Natsuki Amashiro
One day, Tougetsu Umidori suddenly receives a mysterious request from Nara Yoshino, a classmate of hers she is rather close with. Little does she know, however, that this is only the beginning of a series of bizarre events. Soon after, an enigmatic girl in a cat hoodie shows up at Umidori’s house, calling herself “Bullshit.” Thanks to Bullshit, all manner of strange things happen, including toilet borrowing, betrayal, threats, a grapple for freedom, and finally a desperate plea for mercy. Once everything is over, Bullshit asks: “Hey, will you kill the lies with me?” And without knowing why, Umidori joins Bullshit on her quest.


Ubel Blatt (3-in-1 omnibus)

By Etorouji Shiono
Rumors stir throughout the land: When the wielder of the black sword draws his dark blade, all who stand in its path are torn asunder…! Köinzell, the mysterious young boy who carries the black sword, undeniably wields it with exceptional skill, but can he truly be responsible for the bloody rumors? Pursued by the Traitorous Lances, four powerful warriors who were thought to have been defeated by the Seven Heroes, the strength of the young swordsman will be tested to its limit. At battle’s end, only the shocking truth of Köinzell’s quest will stand above the corpses of his enemies… An epic fantasy on the grandest of scales!


Joining JY for Kids is...

Catalog of Wonders

Story by Chizutokouro Illustration by Kei Mochizuki

One day, after bringing home some particularly bad test scores, Mashiro decides to run away. If only all those low grades would just disappear from his parents’ memories... As he fantasizes about the impossible, a girl in an eye patch and a flashy pink hoodie jumps out in front of him, dragging a suitcase behind her. In her wake, he finds a mysterious black book with a list of dubious products. Instant Death God, Friend Gacha, Execution Set, Winter Only Ice Cream, ??? Goldfish...And then he sees it—a button to erase someone’s memories. Just what are these strange items, and are they safe to use? You’ll never know until you try, but do you dare?!


And from Ize Press...

Men of the Harem

Art by Yeongbin, Adapted by HereLee, Original Story by Alphatart
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and newly crowned emperor Latrasil Valentine Tarium is no exception. Wronged by the man who swore to love her through thick and thin, Latil has no illusions of finding a saccharine romance when she ascends the throne. No—she plans to cause her former lover the same agony she felt when he made another woman his empress…and she’ll do so by taking five consorts herself! From members of the creative team behind The Remarried Empress comes a riveting tale of a strong-willed ruler, her unprecedented harem, and the alluring men within!


I Tamed My Ex-husband’s Mad Dog

Art by Jagae, Adapted by CMJM, Original Story by Jkyum
Fifteen years after the death of her father, Reinhardt Lincke finds herself traveled back in time to the day of his funeral, alone with the very man responsible for his death—Prince Michel Allanketh, her betrothed. Loath to waste the opportunity, Reinhardt stabs Michel in his leg, and is subsequently banished to the cold and isolated domain of Luden. However, her exile turns into a blessing in disguise when she stumbles upon a wild boy in the forest. Meeting this “mad dog” may be the key to Reinhardt’s revenge…and the start of a tumultuous romance!


Kill the Villainess

Art by Haegi, Original Story by Your April
Eris Miserian just wants to die. As an outsider in a place both unfamiliar and hostile toward her, she has tried everything she can to return to her original world—but being reincarnated as the villainess in a romance novel means she is bound to the miserable storyline of her character. Desperate to avoid the gruesome future that awaits her, Eris seeks the help of a witch in a world where the use of magic is considered heretical...Will she be able to escape her fate and return home?


With the exception of Kill the Villainess, all of the above titles are releasing in December 2024, making for great holiday gifts!