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For the Kid I Saw in My Dreams, Vol. 1 giveaway!

Start the week with our latest giveaway of For the Kid I Saw in My Dreams, Vol. 1 — the new chilling murder mystery from the author of ERASED! Enter now for your chance to win one of five copies. Good luck!

The Royal Tutor, Chapter 74 has arrived!

Pained by the harassment his master is experiencing, Prince Licht makes a momentous decision. Read the next chapter of The Royal Tutor the same day as Japan!

My Monster Girl’s Too Cool for You, Chapter 61 is out now!

Suzu’s plan to soften Shiroishi seems to be panning out. Shuya asks Jyunon and Shinogi some tough questions. Read the next chapter of My Monster Girl’s Too Cool for You at the same time as Japan!

Nyankees giveaway!

We’re looking to start 2019 with a purrrrfect giveaway-featuring our new manga, Nyankees! Enter before January 18 for your chance to win a free copy!

New! Final Fantasy Lost Stranger, Chapter 16 out today!

With the Magus Sisters in control, Sara proclaims she will offer her own life as a sacrifice to save her father. But Gershwin isn’t ready to accept this, and Shogo’s eyes are glowing once again, desperate to find a way out…

Goblin Slayer: Brand New Day, Chapter 6.5 is Out NOW!

                                                The trio scales the tower, but the enemy they encounter may not be quite what they expected… Read the next chapter of Goblin Slayer: Brand New Day the same day as… Read More…

Goblin Slayer, Chapter 31, Has Arrived!

                                  With the festival on the horizon, amorous thoughts are in the air… Read the next chapter of Goblin Slayer the same day as Japan!


Are you enjoying the holidays? We hope so! Last week, we showcased The Case Study of Vanitas and Nyankees mobile and desktop wallpapers. Now, we are ready and especially excited to share the last addition to our Yen Press 2018 Holiday extravaganza. . .   KINGDOM HEARTS WALLPAPERS! ! ! With high anticipation for Kingdom… Read More…

Modest Heroes Giveaway!

  From the creators of Mary and the Witch’s Flower comes the new exciting film MODEST HEROES animated by Studio Ponoc! Get excited with this giveaway for exclusive merch for this upcoming film. Entries open now through January 1!