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Choose your weapon in Final Fantasy Lost Stranger, Chapter 21!

Books have come to life in Shogo’s new world, and not in a good way! In a realm where the pen is mightier than the sword, can he possibly sketch his way out of this sticky situation? Read the next chapter of Final Fantasy Lost Stranger the same day as Japan!

Anime Expo Announcement Correction

We regret to say that due to an error on our part, the licenses for PERSONA 5 MEMENTOSU MISSION and PERSONA 5 A LA CARTE were mistakenly announced at Anime Expo. To be clear, Yen Press has not been granted the rights to publish these titles in English. Our sincerest regrets for any confusion caused.

Goblin Slayer Side Story: Year One continues with Chapter 26!

Arc Mage’s crash course in goblin slaying continues! But when two special types show up and start fighting dirty, Goblin Slayer proves that he too can hit below the belt! Read the next chapter of Goblin Slayer Side Story: Year One at the same time as Japan!

The new chapter of Dead Mount Death Play is calling!

The misunderstanding between Phantom Solitaire and Xiaoyu gets even worse! Meanwhile, the corpse god receives a troubling phone call…Read the next chapter of Dead Mount Death Play the same day as Japan!

Fruits Basket: The Three Musketeers Arc, Chapter 3 is out now!

Fans of Fruits Basket, rejoice! Natsuki Takaya is back with the third of three new chapters in the Fruits Basket story revolving around The Three Musketeers, and you can read it digitally at the same time as Japan! Read on as our favorite trio lets their hair down and gets up to no good! (SPOILER WARNING) This story takes… Read More…

Kiki Delivery’s Service Ticket Giveaway!

We’re thrilled to continue as a partner of GhibliFest, brought to you by GKIDS and Fathom Events! We’re giving you the opportunity to win free tickets to the 30th anniversary showing of Hayao Miyazaki’s KIKI’S DELIVERY SERVICE, giveaway running until July 13!

New Yen Press Licenses announced at AX2019!

LOS ANGELES, CA (7/4/2019) – Yen Press, LLC, manga and graphic novel publisher, has announced sixteen exciting new title acquisitions at their Anime Expo 2019 industry panel. The new licenses, slated for late 2019/early 2020 releases, include eleven manga and five light novels. I’VE BEEN KILLING SLIMES FOR 300 YEARS AND MAXED OUT MY LEVEL,… Read More…

Yen Press @AX2019!

Where: Anime Expo 2019 @ Los Angeles Convention Center Booth #1011 Panel: Thursday, July 4 from 1:30-2:30 PM in Room LP5 (404 AB) We are proud to confirm our attendance at Anime Expo 2019, and boy, are we excited to be part of the biggest anime convention on the West Coast once again! Visit us… Read More…

Sekiro: Hanbei the Undying, Chapter 2!

They say shadows die twice, but the hottest samurai series of 2019 just caught its second wind with Sekiro: Hanbei the Undying, the official manga spin-off by Shin Yamamoto with supervision from FromSoftware Hanbei’s battle with the brigands continues, and the bodies keep piling up. What’s more, rumors abound of mysterious forces in the mountains… Read More…