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  • 86-eighty-six-vol-2-light-novel

    86--EIGHTY-SIX, Vol. 2 (light novel)

    by Asato Asato, Shirabi

    A collective sigh of relief is exhaled as Lena, Shin, and the others enjoy a hard-won peace. But no true member of the Spearhead squadron can avoid battle forever, and these few survivors welcome it....

  • bottom-tier-character-tomozaki-vol-1-light-novel

    Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki, Vol. 1 (light novel)

    by Yuki Yaku, Fly

    Tomozaki is one of the best gamers in Japan, and in his opinion, the game of real life is one of the worst. No clear-cut rules for success, horribly balanced, and nothing makes sense. But then...

  • defeating-the-demon-lords-a-cinch-if-youve-got-a-ringer-vol-4

    Defeating the Demon Lord's a Cinch (If You've Got a Ringer), Vol. 4

    by Tsukikage

    The hero's party is off to the water capital, Cloudburst, in order to contract with more powerful elemental spirits. It's a big endeavor even for the typical mage, but a necessary one to defeat the...

  • the-dirty-way-to-destroy-the-goddesss-heroes-vol-1-light-novel

    The Dirty Way to Destroy the Goddess's Heroes, Vol. 1 (light novel)

    by Sakuma Sasaki, Asagi Tosaka

    Fed up with cocky heroes always looking to save the day when all he wants is to find delicious treats for his cute daughter, the blue demon king of the underworld calls upon a young boy--Sotoyama Shinichi--for...

  • do-you-love-your-mom-and-her-two-hit-multi-target-attacks-vol-3-light-novel

    Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks?, Vol. 3 (light novel)

    by Dachima Inaka, Pochi Iida

    A new kind of momcom role-playing adventure!Masato hears rumors of a newly built dungeon where whoever manages to make it through will be granted one wish. Since he's still well...

  • final-fantasy-xiii-2-fragments-before

    Final Fantasy XIII-2: Fragments Before

    by Jun Eishima, Motomu Toriyama, Daisuke Watanabe

    This series of character-driven short stories provides a deeper look at the events leading up to the second installment of the hit game series Final Fantasy XIII!

  • goblin-slayer-side-story-year-one-vol-2-light-novel

    Goblin Slayer Side Story: Year One, Vol. 2 (light novel)

    by Kumo Kagyu

    The die is cast.During one of his usual raids, the young man who has come to be known as Goblin Slayer discovers a ring that glows with a mysterious, fiery light. In is quest to...

  • the-irregular-at-magic-high-school-vol-12-light-novel

    The Irregular at Magic High School, Vol. 12 (light novel)

    by Tsutomu Sato, Kana Ishida

    April, 2096. Despite all the commotion they were involved in, Tatsuya and Miyuki have safely advanced to become second years. In light of all of Tatsuya's accomplishments, a new curriculum known...

  • last-round-arthurs-scum-arthur-and-heretic-merlin-vol-1-light-novel

    Last Round Arthurs: Scum Arthur & Heretic Merlin, Vol. 1 (light novel)

    by Taro Hitsuji, Kiyotaka Haimura

    Local high school prodigy Rintaro Magami's daily life is pretty boring, though not for lack of things to do. He's just...done everything already. In order to kill some time, he deliberately teams...

  • the-saga-of-tanya-the-evil-vol-6-light-novel

    The Saga of Tanya the Evil, Vol. 6 (light novel)

    by Carlo Zen, Shinobu Shinotsuki

    Through the bone-chilling winter wind, the clashes of war can be heard. Equipped with fragile weapons and machinery, Tanya and her unit march toward the Eastern front. There, Tanya realizes the primitiveness...

  • a-sisters-all-you-need-vol-1-light-novel

    A Sister's All You Need., Vol. 1 (light novel)

    by Yomi Hirasaka, Kantoku

    Itsuki Hashima is a novelist who's hopelessly enamored with the idea of little sisters and is constantly surrounded by colorful characters. A world class genius and love-guru who's beauty almost...

  • a-sisters-all-you-need-vol-2-light-novel

    A Sister's All You Need., Vol. 2 (light novel)

    by Yomi Hirasaka, Kantoku

    Sister-obsessed author Itsuki Hashima is embroiled in a bitter struggle with his popular series Sisterly Combat. Between video games and mixed baths and cherry blossom viewing and making...

  • a-sisters-all-you-need-vol-3-light-novel

    A Sister's All You Need., Vol. 3 (light novel)

    by Yomi Hirasaka, Kantoku

    A LOVE TRIANGLE'S ALL YOU (DON'T) NEED. Itsuki Hashima, the little-sister-obsessed author whose novels feature nothing but his favorite character trope, presses on through...

  • a-sisters-all-you-need-vol-4-light-novel

    A Sister's All You Need., Vol. 4 (light novel)

    by Yomi Hirasaka, Kantoku

    Itsuki Hashima's spirits are high after learning one of his many little-sister-filled series is getting both an anime and a manga adaptation! However, the manga artist he'll be working with...

  • sword-art-online-alternative-gun-gale-online-vol-4-light-novel

    Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online, Vol. 4 (light novel)

    by Reki Kawahara, Keiichi Sigsawa, Kohaku Kuroboshi

    Old frenemies become staunch allies as the strongest team in the history of Gun Gale is born! This time, LPFM, named for Llenn, Pitohui, Fukaziroh, and M, will enter the third Squad Jam and overcome...

  • sword-art-online-progressive-6-light-novel

    Sword Art Online Progressive 6 (light novel)

    by Reki Kawahara

    "...CAST ASIDE YOUR DISTRACTIONS AND MAINTAIN THE TRANQUILITY OF YOUR HEART."At long last, Kirito and Asuna have reunited with Kizmel the dark elf, and everything is...

  • worldend-what-do-you-do-at-the-end-of-the-world-are-you-busy-will-you-save-us-vol-4

    WorldEnd: What Do You Do at the End of the World? Are You Busy? Will You Save Us?, Vol. 4

    by Akira Kareno, ue

    Tragedy repeats itself.With Chtholly now gone, Second Officer Willem Kmetsch and the faerie soldier Nephren have been swallowed by the darkness. Their tale should have ended there,...

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