Count Fujiwara's Suffering

Author: Mahito Aobe

Count Fujiwara's Suffering

Author: Mahito Aobe

As a cat—that noblest of animals—the Count has high expectations for his human servants. Unfortunately for him, the Fujiwara sisters are about as dysfunctional as it gets! Shizuka is an extreme shut-in whose only contact with the outside world is her livestream. Yumeko, meanwhile, has a rather…extreme love-hate relationship with her big sis. Can Count Fujiwara handle these perplexing creatures, or will his meows fall on deaf ears?

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Count Fujiwara's Suffering


Count Fujiwara's Suffering

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Page Count

548 pages



Release Date

Aug 27, 2019

Age Rating

OT (Older Teen)


Yen Press

Count Fujiwara's Suffering Volumes

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