Posted Oct 27, 2022 by eDesign Team

Spooky Season Recommendations!

Spooky season has come and went! With the temperature getting colder, here are some recommendations straight from Yen Press staff to go with the haunting weather!

High School of the Dead

I’m a big zombie fan, especially of the “beginning of the zombie apocalypse” genre and High School of the Dead was one of my first exposures to manga of that specific niche! I enjoyed the creative efforts that Japanese high schoolers specifically had to take navigate a zombie break out that happens in modern day Japan.


It was a horrifying take on a popular trope. With each ghost Mieruko encounters, I could feel her fear through the art. The story also had the right dose of horror, which made the jump scares intense!

From the Red Fog


Phantom Tales of the Night

I love episodic stories where characters are given their just deserts – whether that’s punishment or some kind of gift. Mix that compelling Twilight Zone-esque premise with some gorgeous and gruesome art, and I am completely sold! Phantom Tales of the Night tends toward moody rather than outright scary, but be prepared for some surprisingly grotesque scenes!

Soul Eater

Soul Eater is the most Halloween manga series ever made. A day may come when a new manga series literally has the word “Halloween” in it…but it will still pale in comparison to the Halloween fun of Soul Eater. I mean, the manga is filled with demons and witches. We have the appearances of Death and Dr. Fraken Stein (a low key sexy Frakenstein at that). The first volume has a freakin’ pumpkin on the cover, for goodness sake! If you want an action-packed read to get into spooky season, then be sure to enjoy the classic manga that is Soul Eater!

Shibuya Goldfish

It's similar to the zombie genre of monsters suddenly and eating people, but with goldfish.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween season this year! Let us know what spooky recommendations you might have!