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  • accel-world-vol-19-light-novel

    Accel World, Vol. 19 (light novel)

    by Reki Kawahara

    Before Kuroyukihime graduates, Haruyuki makes it his mission to travel to the Castle with Sky Raker and learn the clear conditions of Brain Burst as well as what lies at the pinnacle of the Accelerated...

  • as-miss-beelzebub-likes-vol-7

    As Miss Beelzebub Likes, Vol. 7

    by matoba

    Little by little, despite her worries, Beelzebub is getting closer to realizing her "special feelings" for Mullin. Is she finally going to graduate from the kindergarten of love?! (That...

  • baccano-vol-11-light-novel

    Baccano!, Vol. 11 (light novel)

    by Ryohgo Narita, Katsumi Enami

    The year 1705, in a town on the coast of Italy. All 15-year-old Huey Laforet feels towards his life is tedium and despair, and he dreams of the day when he can destroy the world he despises. Meanwhile,...

  • black-butler-chapter-156

    Black Butler, Chapter 156

    by Yana Toboso

    Read the next chapter of Black Butler the same day as Japan!

  • bungo-stray-dogs-vol-12

    Bungo Stray Dogs, Vol. 12

    by Kafka Asagiri, Sango Harukawa

    With the heads of the Detective Agency and the Port Mafia hospitalized due to a deadly virus, a one-on-one battle between Akutagawa and Kyouka, and Chuuya and Ranpo threatens to wreak...

  • a-certain-magical-index-vol-20-light-novel

    A Certain Magical Index, Vol. 20 (light novel)

    by Kazuma Kamachi, Kiyotaka Haimura

    October 18th. World War III has begun. As the flames of conflict between Academy City and Russia spread further, many other countries suddenly find themselves pulled into the fight. Fiamma, the...

  • chios-school-road-vol-5

    Chio's School Road, Vol. 5

    by Tadataka Kawasaki

    A mysterious elementary schooler confronts Chio on the morning commute and challenges her...to a butt battle?! And win or lose, nothing can prepare Chio for what Manana's got in store for her next--an...

  • combatants-will-be-dispatched-vol-1-light-novel

    Combatants Will Be Dispatched!, Vol. 1 (light novel)

    by Natsume Akatsuki, Kakao Lanthanum

    It's tough being on the front lines for an evil organization, and nobody knows this better than Number 6, a Combat Agent for the Kisaragi Secret Society. Dispatched to a distant alien world on...

  • combatants-will-be-dispatched-vol-1-manga

    Combatants Will Be Dispatched!, Vol. 1 (manga)

    by Natsume Akatsuki, Masaaki Kiasa, Kakao Lanthanum

    Secret Society Kusaragi's on a mission to conquer the world, one lewd remark at a time. With a garbage reputation and a knack for trash talking, these guys are hardly the elite force needed for an invasion,...

  • dead-mount-death-play-chapter-35

    Dead Mount Death Play, Chapter 35

    by Ryohgo Narita, Shinta Fujimoto

    The rooftop incident makes major news! But while the general public tries to make sense of what they saw, a select few have their hands full with other mysteries...Read the next chapter of Dead Mount...

  • Dead Mount Death Play, Chapter 36

    by Ryohgo Narita, Shinta Fujimoto

    Read the next chapter of Dead Mount Death Play the same day as Japan!

  • death-march-to-the-parallel-world-rhapsody-vol-9-light-novel

    Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody, Vol. 9 (light novel)

    by Hiro Ainana

    After leaving the elves behind, Satou and company begin their leisurely journey across the sea to the labyrinth city-until they're attacked by a fleet of ghost ships!

  • the-devil-is-a-part-timer-vol-14-light-novel

    The Devil Is a Part-Timer!, Vol. 14 (light novel)

    by Satoshi Wagahara, 029 (Oniku)

    Back when she first arrived on Earth, all the hero Emilia could manage at first was to wander the streets of Eifukucho alone. Though she had come to this strange new world in order to hunt down...

  • do-you-love-your-mom-and-her-two-hit-multi-target-attacks-vol-1-manga

    Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks?, Vol. 1 (manga)

    by Dachima Inaka, Meicha, Pochi Iida

    High school gamer Masato Oosuki is stoked to be transported into a video game world and given the chance to show off his chops...but why is his doting, embarrassing mother in the game with him, too?!...

  • durarara-vol-13-light-novel

    Durarara!!, Vol. 13 (light novel)

    by Ryohgo Narita, Suzuhito Yasuda

    Ikebukuro has been plunged into full-on chaos, and the fates of everyone involved with the Headless Rider will soon be decided in the explosive final volume of Durarara!!

  • final-fantasy-lost-stranger-chapter-22

    Final Fantasy Lost Stranger, Chapter 22

    by Hazuki Minase, Itsuki Kameya

    After a mysterious stranger saves Shogo's party from Byblos, all that's left is to reverse Rei's toad transformation...which proves to be a lot tougher than Shogo had anticipated! Despite all his FF...

  • final-fantasy-lost-stranger-vol-3

    Final Fantasy Lost Stranger, Vol. 3

    by Hazuki Minase, Itsuki Kameya

    After being captured by the Magus Sisters, things are looking bleak for Shogo and his party of adventurers. Cindy's very interested in his "Libra" ability, and she'll stop at nothing to have it...

  • the-genius-princes-guide-to-raising-a-nation-out-of-debt-hey-how-about-treason-vol-1-light-novel

    The Genius Prince's Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt (Hey, How About Treason?), Vol. 1 (light novel)

    by Toru Toba, fal_maro

    The prince of this small and weak kingdom strives for only one thing: selling out his country and living a quiet life in leisure! Sadly, the greatest obstacle he will ever face is his own genius...!...

  • goblin-slayer-side-story-year-one-chapter-29

    Goblin Slayer Side Story: Year One, Chapter 29

    by Kumo Kagyu, Kento Sakaeda

    For the seasoned adventurer, the occasional brush with death is business as usual. Live to die another day, as they say! Read the next chapter of Goblin Slayer Side Story: Year One the same day...

  • goblin-slayer-vol-6-manga

    Goblin Slayer, Vol. 6 (manga)

    by Kumo Kagyu, Kousuke Kurose, Noboru Kannatuki

    A grudge match kicks off between Goblin Slayer and the Goblin Champion, hungry for revenge. But without the aid of fire, water, or poison, what kind of secret weapon will Goblin Slayer use against his...

  • goblin-slayer-vol-8-light-novel

    Goblin Slayer, Vol. 8 (light novel)

    by Kumo Kagyu, Noboru Kannatuki

    He does not let anyone roll the dice.Sword Maiden requests Goblin Slayer and his party to escort her to the royal capital as rumor has it that packs of wolf-mounted goblins...

  • ive-been-killing-slimes-for-300-years-and-maxed-out-my-level-vol-5

    I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level, Vol. 5

    by Kisetsu Morita, Benio

    I'd been killing slimes for 300 years-and then I had to go into a huge dungeon! I didn't really want to go at first, but after exploring it, I finally discovered that the exciting life of an adventurer...is...

  • is-it-wrong-to-try-to-pick-up-girls-in-a-dungeon-familia-chronicle-episode-lyu-vol-4-manga

    Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Familia Chronicle Episode Lyu, Vol. 4 (manga)

    by Fujino Omori, Hinase Momoyama

    Everyone at The Benevolent Mistress has a secret...The girls of the establishment have all come to work under Mama Mia's wing one way or another. As the girls all gather at the bar, stories begin to...

  • Kakegurui - Compulsive Gambler -, Chapter 68.5

    by Homura Kawamoto, Toru Noamura

    Read the next chapter of Kakegurui -Compulsive Gambler- the same day as Japan!

  • kakegurui-twin-vol-3

    Kakegurui Twin, Vol. 3

    by Homura Kawamoto, Kei Saiki

    Thanks to their strong bond, Mary and her team overcome the coupling gamble, and the now-famous gambling star joins forces with Aoi Mibuomi. But as she climbs the ranks of the wealthy institution, more...

  • konosuba-an-explosion-on-this-wonderful-world-vol-2-manga

    Konosuba: An Explosion on This Wonderful World!, Vol. 2 (manga)

    by Natsume Akatsuki, Kasumi Morino

    Before they ever met Kazuma and Aqua, Megumin and her sister Yunyun had a crisis of their own to deal with: a mysterious and dark shadow lurking toward the Crimson Magic Village. Can they overcome...

  • laid-back-camp-vol-7

    Laid-Back Camp, Vol. 7

    by Afro

    Even though her big sister's against it, Nadeshiko really wants to go camping all by herself! How will her first solo camping adventure go...?

  • love-at-fourteen-vol-9

    Love at Fourteen, Vol. 9

    by Fuka Mizutani

    Kazuki and Kanata may act like adults, but they're still just middle schoolers and their lives are about to face big changes. Will their mature personas be able to withstand the pressures of growing...

  • the-miracles-of-the-namiya-general-store

    The Miracles of the Namiya General Store

    by Keigo Higashino

    When three delinquents hole up in an abandoned general store after their most recent robbery, to their great surprise, a letter drops through the mail slot in the store's shutter....

  • our-last-crusade-or-the-rise-of-a-new-world-vol-1-light-novel

    Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World, Vol. 1 (light novel)

    by Kei Sazane, Ao Nekonabe

    A great war has raged for years between the scientifically advanced Empire and Nebulis, the realm of the witches-until the youngest knight ever to receive the title of the Empire's strongest meets...

  • overlord-vol-11-manga

    Overlord, Vol. 11 (manga)

    by Kugane Maruyama, Hugin Miyama, so-bin, Satoshi Oshio

    After undergoing an intense interrogation, Sebas is faced with two choices-to maintain his loyalty to his master or stay by Tsuare. Which path will the butler choose?

  • phantom-tales-of-the-night-vol-1

    Phantom Tales of the Night, Vol. 1

    by Matsuri

    Welcome to Murakumo Inn, a curious establishment that opens its doors to the troubled masses, human or otherwise. But to pay for the stay, the equally curious innkeeper takes payment only in the form...

  • plunderer-vol-2

    Plunderer, Vol. 2

    by Suu Minazuki

    Licht and the gang find themselves face-to-face with the mysterious Demon of the Abyss, only to find that it's unlike any creature they've ever seen. With rapidly rotating wings and a body of metal,...

  • reborn-as-a-polar-bear-vol-1

    Reborn as a Polar Bear, Vol. 1

    by Chihiro Mishima, Houki Kusano, Kururi

    After a climber falls off a mountain, he wakes up as a polar bear! Now, he has to protect two werewolf sisters and use his wits to navigate the dangers of the forest.

  • the-royal-tutor-chapter-83

    The Royal Tutor, Chapter 83

    by Higasa Akai

    When the petulant Prince Leonhard pouts over Professor Heine's secret, can the private professor convince him that some things are simply better left unsaid? Read the next chapter of The Royal...

  • sacrificial-princess-and-the-king-of-beasts-vol-7

    Sacrificial Princess and the King of Beasts, Vol. 7

    by Yu Tomofuji

    Sariphi has carried out her first official job as Acting Queen-giving a royal blessing to the newborn prince of the nation of Sarbur. That night, Leonhart summons her, and when they are alone, he tells...

  • spirits-and-cat-ears-vol-8

    Spirits & Cat Ears, Vol. 8

    by Miyuki Nakayama

    Neneko's journey to become a full-fledged priestess continues, and she's got competition! Meme-chan's training begins in the latest volume of Spirits & Cat Ears!

  • star-wars-lost-stars-vol-2-manga

    Star Wars Lost Stars, Vol. 2 (manga)

    by Claudia Gray, Yusaka Komiyama

    The conclusion of the thrilling manga adaptation of Claudia Gray's Star Wars Lost Stars novel! What does destiny have in store for Thane and Ciena?

  • sword-art-online-girls-ops-vol-6

    Sword Art Online: Girls' Ops, Vol. 6

    by Reki Kawahara, Neko Nekobyou

    When a secret recipe deal with the Elves and Shoemaker Guild goes wrong, Lisbeth and the girls find themselves face-to-face with none other than the ghost of Rossa! Just what could be the connection...

  • w-i-t-c-h-the-graphic-novel-part-vi-ragorlang-vol-1

    W.I.T.C.H.: The Graphic Novel, Part VI. Ragorlang, Vol. 1

    by Disney

    Eric has started at a new school, but something seems off. The students are tired and listless, almost as if something is sapping their strength. Could this have anything to do with the folktale...

  • yowamushi-pedal-vol-12

    Yowamushi Pedal, Vol. 12

    by Wataru Watanabe

    Sohoku speeds toward the finish line, carrying the hopes of their ace, Kinjou on their backs! With the grand finale close at hand, Hakone Academy's Fukutomi is in the best position to take the...

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