Yen Press, LLC, manga and graphic novel publisher, announced 13 new title acquisitions at Anime NYC 2019 on Saturday. The new licenses, slated for 2020 releases, include seven manga and six light novels.

  • High School DxD, story by Ichiei Ishibumi, art by Miyama-Zero. Most of Issei Hyoudou’s perverted life has been filled with dreams about having a harem, so it’s not a great sign when one of his dates ends with his murder! He’s fortunate enough to be revived by a beautiful girl, but his luck ends after he discovers his school is filled to the brim with deadly angels and demons!
  • Bestia, story by Makoto Sanda, planning by Miyakokashiwa, art by Aco Arisaka. Chasing a faint memory from childhood, Asuka Tsukasa travels to London—and falls headlong into fantasy, intrigue, and the piercing gaze of a beautiful beast girl!
  • High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even in Another World!, written by Riku Misora, art by Sacraneco. After crash landing in a foreign land filled with magic and monsters, most people would wonder what to do next. For seven of Japan’s greatest high school geniuses, the real question is how much are they allowed to mess around? This world might not last long enough for these insane prodigies to go home…
  • Lust Geass by Osamu Takahashi. An occult tome turns Souta Takatsuki’s life upside down when it transforms unrequited love into marathons of insatiable passion!!
  • Restaurant to Another World, written by Junpei Inuzuka, art by Takaaki Kugatsu, character design by Katsumi Enami. Somewhere in Tokyo, there is a certain special door. Most days, it stays closed and unmoving. Curiously, it opens up exactly once a week to welcome dwarves and dragons and elves who cannot wait for another chance to enjoy the inviting and comforting food of a restaurant from another world…
  • The Demon Sword Master of Excalibur Academy, written by Yu Shimizu, art by Asagi Tosaka. One of the most powerful demon lords ever has been sealed away for a thousand years. When he finally awakens, he is reincarnated as…a 10-year-old boy?! Now under the care of the girl who released him, the demon lord Leonis must navigate the perils of Excalibur Academy!
  • To Save the World, Can You Wake Up the Morning After with a Demi-Human?, by Rekomaru Otoi. In a society where humans and demi-humans live side by side, Hironori Tabata is destined to father the hero who will save the world—and every monster girl wants him raw!
  • Banished from the Heroes’ Party, I Decided to Live a Quiet Life in the Countryside, written by Zappon, art by Yasumo. Red was born with incredible powers, and he seemed like the perfect candidate to join the front lines in the fight to save the world—but before he could, he was told this wasn’t where he belonged. Instead, he finds his destiny in an apothecary…
  • Sadako at the End of the World, story by Koma Natsumi, editorial supervision by Koji Suzuki.After society falls apart, a pair of sisters plays a certain infamous video tape—but when Sadako appears, they’re just happy to meet another girl in this post-apocalyptic world. Written under the supervision of Koji Suzuki, the original author of the Ring novels!
  • In the Land of Leadale, written by Ceez, art by Tenmaso. The last thing she can remember is her life support beginning to fail. Her body had suffered terribly after a fateful accident and the only freedom left in her life came from the VR world of Leadale. How did she end up in a place that looks exactly like her game except that 200 years have apparently gone by?
  • I Love You So Much, I Hate You, by Yuni. Asano and Fujimura are an unbeatable duo at work, but their relationship is more than just professional. Is this office affair about love, or is it just a game?
  • Three Days of Happiness, by Sugaru Miaki. In this dark, moody love story, college student Kusunoki decides to sell off the next thirty years of his life at a mysterious shop in exchange for money—and maybe a chance to find something worth living for.
  • Carole and Tuesday, story by BONES/Shinichiro Watanabe, art by Morito Yamataka. In this beautiful tale of friendship by Shinichiro Watanabe (director of Cowboy BebopSamurai Champloo, and Kids on the Slope), two girls from different worlds connect through a love of music and a desire to make it big on Mars.

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