Sunny with a high of YEN PLUS!

Summer is nearly upon us, as is the end of the print version of YEN PLUS. But there are still a couple of issues left and plenty of sunshiny days for you to curl up under a shady tree with your favorite series! Sebastian’s setting the table with style, ready to dish up a fine mix of fear, fun, and flashbacks over on side “B.” Meanwhile, sweet little Angel of Max Ride‘s flock is having a tough time deciding which chapter she loves the most! Is it Nightschool‘s approaching climax? Pig Bride‘s approaching wedding? Ah! It’s too hard to pick just one!

This month’s mag also features a sneak preview of Book Girl and the Suicidal Mime. This might be my favorite Yen Press novel series to date! Though Kieli‘s Harvey is most endearing in a gruff sort of way… And My Girlfriend’s a Geek is hilarious… And no one can deny the cleverness of Holo the Wisewolf… Ah! It’s too hard to pick just one!

As always, we welcome your comments here! Thank you for reading YEN PLUS!



WOW @ the extreme juxtaposition of the two covers. That had to have been done on purpose.
A dark, black cover, and a cute, pink one. The black and pink spine will look sexy on my shelf though.
I hope Soul Eater and Nightschool get the last covers. ^_^


Aww, I wish i could buy your magazine, but i live in Poland, so I can’t;^; Anyway, the cover with Angel is really cute! “Maximum Ride” is my favourite series. Will there be artbook of it, cause I love Narae Lee’s arts?^-^


OMG, Pig Bride and Soul probably are gonna get the next issue of Yen Plus cuz Pig Bride is ending (last chapter).
I dunno what Ji Oh is going to say


its kind of strange how i can go down to the bookstore and buy this on the 20-somethingth of one month and you post this on your site the next month. anyway.
this is a truly epic combonation of covers, and would have made a truly memorable final cover. Cant wait to see how you finish up the magazine, though I’ll be sad about it.
(Also: I saw the cover of the third volume of maximum ride. You killed me with its epicness.)


As I have been an avid fan since issue 1, the untimely conclusion of Yen Plus in printed form breaks my heart. ;O_O;
However, I am looking forward to supporting Yen Press by getting the graphic novels when they come out.
I can not wait until August for more Higurashi!
Perhaps if we all band together, there will be a revival of the monthly serial in the future!! *crosses fingers*


Cant wait to get my hands on book girl! You, don’t know how much i love you for picking up the series! (and then id love u even more if you released Baccano, Durarara, and Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria. I Just started to read Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria, the 1st volume was absolutely a masterpiece. It’s left me in a mind boggled state XD)
Anyway! I Cant wait to pick up the magazine!


You guys are awesome. I love all the light novels you are licensing. Keep it up!
And please, please consider licensing “Baccano!” or “Toradora!” or re-licensing “Kino no Tabi”, which was Tokyopop’s best selling light novel, but which never went past 1 volume.
Interesting fact: The Kino no Tabi novels sold more copies in Japan than even Haruhi. It’s a pretty big series, and if you haven’t read it, you should. 😉


Although it’s quite hard to come across Yen Plus here, I might really try and find this one, since it has a Bungaku Shoujo preview; agghh! I’ve been looking forward to it since forever, just like Abby :p It’s what made Yen Press my instant favorite. I really do hope it sells well, so we can enjoy its sequels. Also, S&W 2 is coming up; what more could we want? Summer is great! Haha. Keep up the good work as always, even though you’re going digital, it won’t be the end for YP 🙂


….I haven’t gotten mine yet. I really want it since it’s the second to last issue. Has anyone else not gotten theirs either?


~~Angel on the cover so cute<3<3<3
You tease with the volume cover for Maximum Ride Three.:D I cannot wait till August.
But this is a very bittersweet issue.T.T Since it's the second to last before printing stops.
But I will try and continue to support YenPress, even thought I might just be buying the graphic novels when they are released.^^


Seriously, I ain’t playing around with you. I haven’t gotten my goddamn magazine and that’s because I got the subscription.


The cover contrasts are awesome. XDD
Also, I fell in absolute love with the new Maximum Ride Volume 3 cover.
Iggy is the best. X333


Angel is a huge brat, but the picture here really does that little snitch justice. Honest.
Stupid Angel. But adorable nonetheless.


Haha, as stated above, I would love some Baccano! action xD Although Ive heard that Yen Press is in fact not considering licensing those novels.. Word on the forums at least 😛
Enjoyed this issue, cant wait for the end of one of my favorite Kuroshitsuji arcs ^^ (in the last issue, waah!)
Question, in “One Fine Day”, were the last two pages switched? (With No-Ah taking off his bear suit and the “no sweets before dinner” page?? I think it would have made more sense if they were switched…)


@seiracchi Ah, One Fine Day. We matched the Yen Plus chapter with the Korean volume, but a quick check with the licensor revealed that their book was printed incorrectly. When our edition of One Fine Day 3 is published, those pages will be in the correct order. Sorry for the mix up!


I highly recommend you guys to add DURARARA, Bacanno, and Kino no Tabi……ESPECIALLY DURARARAAAAAAA!!!!


D: This might be a dumb question but where can I subscirbe to this magazine? I dont know where to find it…Can somone tell me?


I am also hoping that you can get Durarara and Baccano. Please Yen Press.


Cant say Ive everactually sat down and read Durarara or Baccano, but Kino no Tabi… I’ll be very sad if no one picks it back up. I loved the first volume, and it sits prouldly (albeit lonely) upon my grand manga shelf. So if yen picked it up, I would be a happy camper indeed.
Angel looks so cute. But she’s, like, secretly evil. At least thats what I’m getting from reading the books.


durarara just has two manga volumes out in japan so far so don’t count on that yet. Though there’s like 7-9 novels? I’d like those too.


I love Yen Plus!! Thanks for all of the great titles! Please inquire about Kino no Tabi – it is AWESOME! I was devastated when I found out about the license problems. It will be be a sure fire winner to add to your already fantastic selection of manga and light novels.


;^; nooooo!!! now i don’t have any reason to clean out my mailbox. the postal lady won’t like me now.
but keep up the good work with the graphic novels<3


Kino no Tabi = win win for Yen Press because it has a large main stream appeal. There is nothing solely “Japanese” about it. It’s a world wide adventure that could easily be sold to the masses. Besides, it has sold more in Japan than Haruhi and most of the popular light novels, including Spice and Wolf and has been featured numerous times in the top ten list for “This Light Novel Is Awesome!”. The author, Keiichi Sigsawa, is even on Twitter and speaks English. So I bet you could even talk directly with him. From what I understand, TokyoPop did some severe edits without his permission and they were denied the ability to publish any more.


I’m not sure if I should be asking here but, will you be continuing with Sunshine Sketch?


@Matt: did tokyopop really? oh wow… Anyway, i love Kino no tabi but ive always wanted to read Alison, Lillia and treize, and meg and seron. (since i loved the alison and lilia anime)


I wish Yen Press would keep on printing the magazine… (;_;) Buuuuuut I really love how Sebastian is going all out with the forks and knives…. <3


Will you include a Kindle version of Yen Plus soon? Being able to download a portable version of new and old issues or having a subscription download automatically each month would be worth the fee! :J


I can’t wait until Book Girl comes out! And I will love you (more than I already do, I mean) if you license Amatsuki. Or any other of Takayama Shinobu’s works (like Haigakura!)


;____; Maaaaaaaaaan…
They stopped selling Yen+ locally, and when I get a car it’s getting discontinued? BOO. =3=
…..Any chance I can nom up some back issues?
(Also, the new cover looks sweet~)


Si Joon and Mu Yeon do get married horray,Ji Oh actually never really goes out with Mu Hwa or Doe Doe. They’re still romantic rivals.


Hey, I have a question about the July issue. I got mine a few weeks ago in the mail, but it seems to be missing pages in the middle. Am I the only one with this problem?


;_________; I had just discovered Yen+ and got the last 3 numbers and wanted to go on.
I’m sorry the paper edition will stop, unfortunately I feel it is not the same to read it online 🙁 I will try though.
But is it really a final decision?
You won’t have any number for July?
What about previous issues? are they available at all?


I would like to request you actually use Literature Girl as the title of the book. Book girl make it sounds like she some book nerd instead of someone who is truly interested in literature. Also I BEG of you, PLEASE, use the original cover. The new cover is horrendous, you shrank the original cover art and then covered the rest in a dirty brown.


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