I heart YEN PLUS!

Flowers? They’ll be wilted in a week.
Chocolates? Delicious, but they just never seem to last.
YEN PLUS? Now that’s a gift your significant other will truly be grateful for!
Yes, it’s February, a time for hearts and roses and all your favorite series in your favorite magazine. Two lovely ladies (Jack Frost‘s Helmina and Nabari no Ou‘s Raimei) grace this month’s YEN PLUS, an issue packed with dramatic revelations and a whole lotta fun. In the spirit of love~ I thought we’d include a poll this month so you can tell us what your top three faves are in YEN PLUS:

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What will the results be? Who knows? Thank you for reading! We hope you continue to enjoy YEN PLUS!

If you have any specific questions about your subscription to YEN PLUS, please direct them to subscription services at 1-800-876-7598.



I took advantage of the fact that you allowed multiple choices in your poll. Thanks to that, I didn’t have to decide between Pig Bride and Time and Again. Because frankly, I can’t decide.


@ Saiko: because this is for there magazing not series in genural.
Higurashi is awesome tho:D i voted Jack Frost 🙂


Ack didn’t know I could vote for more than one. My votes would have gone to One Fine Day, Time and Again, and Pig Bride but I only marked Pig Bride. 🙁


Thanks for not making me pick just one! No way I would have been able to decide between Nabari, Black Butler, and Pandora! I felt kind of bad not voting for Max, but in the end I had to pick the ones with the cute little boys! Ahahaha, I love Miharu, Ciel and Oz! Hmm, but I love Yoite, Raven, and Sebastian, so they’re part of why I love those manga so much too!


Time and Again!! I love that series so much~
Got my issue already~ So nice to go to the bookstore and actually see a new issue on the shelf ;w;” I noticed there was no fanart section this time though.. I hope you guys are still getting lots of fanart! I might have to send some again if not xD!
Still waiting eagerly for the talent search~


My three votes went to Pandora Hearts, Black Butler, and Pig Bride…
…but this makes me wonder. What if the least popular series gets whacked?

Nyako Mimi

You guys are the absolute best x3 You license the best Japanese and Korean manga/manhwa ever!
I couldnt decide between Black Butler or Nabari No Ou xD But One Fine Day and Pandora Hearts are definitely two of the four best manga ever I’ve ever read from Yen Plus.

Zelda Cool

WOW! Black Butler is betting Soul Eater for now. Intresting. ^_^
I love Night School. It it wasn’t for me seeing it on the cover I would have never know about Yen Plus, or at lease not so soon.
It’s Nice to see One Fine Day, Hero Tales and Time and Again hanging in there. 😀
And for Gossip Girl… …. …. WAHaha!!! XD


I’d have to say I look forward to Nightschool the most, but I also like One Fine Day a lot. 🙂


Nabari is my absolute favorite series of all time! But I also love Pig Bride and Soul Eater. 🙂


– Oh, and my votes went straight Nabari and Black Butler, I just got into PH and it’s not that bad to say 🙂 –

Kathleen A.

I’m surprised to see Hero Tales so low in the ranking! I have much love for it. I voted OFD, Hero Tales and Jack Frost, but even with being able to pick our top three, it was too hard to decide. I equally love Nightschool, Pig Bride, and Black Butler too. How about we pick our top…six? 🙂

Melissa H.

I didn’t notice that I could pick more than 1 for the pole until after I voted too! I would have picked more than one because, frankly, there isn’t a series from Yen Press that I don’t like! For only being about 3 years old, you guys publish some great manga!

McKenzi D

I picked 1.) Pig Bride 2.) Soul Eater and 3.) Nightschool. It was hard not to vote for Hero Tales too…. 🙁


Hi! I love the magazine, but I”M still waiting for mine. My favorite is Nightschool.


Quick Question – I just got an invoice for uninterrupted service, but is there any other way to pay besides a check? What do we do if we can’t pay by check?


Ari, it appears that check is the only way to pay. I do not have nor want a checkbook… I ended up just giving cash to my mom and having her write out a check for me.


God, I cannot wait to get this tomorrow~ This’ll be my first issue I’ll be getting, but I’m already in love with a few series, so I’m not too concerned with not knowing a bit of them~
As for the poll….Nabari no Ou and Soul Eater, definately~! Especially Nabari no Ou~~ I just love Yoite~~


I hate this, how can I pick one, or two or even three. I love them all, that’s why I read YenPlus.


I’ve just now gotten around to actually reading Hero Tales, and I wish I’d done it sooner! I could have voted for it! It’s easily my favorite in the magazine now! I don’t see how I didn’t see it’s amazingness earlier! I really hope it doesn’t get taken out of the magazine because it didn’t have as many votes as the others!It’s sad that I has to notice it was by the same artist as FMA for me to read it!

Kathleen A.

Yeah, I’m hoping this isn’t a thinly veiled “let’s see what to take out” poll. (Though suspect it is…) Even things that aren’t my top votes, I still read and have som eaffection for.(Well, except Gossip Girl seeing as how I don’t like any of the characters enough to care. But hey – the world doesn’t revolve around me. At least 24 people DO like it according ot the poll.) I think YenPlus currently has a strong lineup. If it ain’t broke, ya know?


Whatttt…. can’t believe Time and Again is so low. It is a beautiful, thought provoking manga, and I am proud to have the volumes in my collection. I have only bought a couple Yen Plus magazines, and this story was a great discovery. (I already knew and loved Nabari no Ou). Maybe at 18 I am just getting out of the age range for some of the mangas…


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