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The new Yen Plus is here! The new Yen Plus is here! We’ve got a whole new chapter of all your favorites, with cover and color pages from Svetlana Chmakova’s Nightschool. And on the flip side, Maka has a super-cool bonus for you, our loyal readers—this awesome poster featuring the whole cast of Soul Eater! It’s the first of many bonuses to come, so proudly display your poster and keep looking for more great comics and extras in Yen Plus! Let us know what you think and thanks for reading!




Yay! I can’t WAIT to recieve this in the mail!! The covers look sweet, and the freebie poster is rockin’ as well. Go Yen+!!


*oooooooh* those covers are lovey :3
I’ll only have to wait a month til it reaches me in ye goode olde England, but definitely worth the wait! 😀


I got this in the mail today actually! I lOVE the poster! I hung it up already. :]


Just got it in the mail today! EEP! I’m so excited! I’ll post again tommorrow after I’ve read it. Thanks for the poster! ^-^


THANK YOU YEN +!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


woahh, that soul eater cover is wayyy groovy, like totally! But I don’t like that little bubble you put there… DX Unless its on the plastic wrapping! =3
The night school cover is pretty good too. Got the whole darkness thing going~ Can’t wait to get this in my mail, folded in half and all.
PS: Forums pl0x

holly plyler

:comes out of mid-term hibernation:
:goes into manga reading hibernation:
:hangs “do not disturb” sign on door:


Yay! After I posted that I actually got it in the mail the next day. Can’t wait to read it tomorrow! *is busy*
I’ll post again after I’ve read it~

Jason S.

While I can see why this was chosen for the poster, I was a bit disappointed. Reason being is that it will be in volume 2, and if we don’t get jipped, it will be in color like the Japanese release. I was hoping more for something along the lines of artwork done for a Gangan cover since we won’t get those in volumes… though an artbook could be released. If so, the question still remains as to if it will be released here… (and if it is, for the love of anything do not be like Viz and translate things on the actual image. So stupid.)
(Sorry if I seem picky and such, but it is just a personal view. It is better than nothing though.)


Wow, it’s great to see that there will be extras like the poster with the magazine from time to time 😀 I’m looking forward to this issue.
Apart from that though, I’m not particularly excited about this poster…. I mean, compared to the art you usually have on your covers, I find the poster pretty boring ^^; Sorry.


Still haven’t gotten this in the mail yet…did you guys ship it later than usual? 😮


I love the poster! I really, really hope that you guys will continue to give us great freebies like this.


Really cool Night School cover. I’ll have to wait patiently for it to arrive in the mail.

Alicia Bracken

I recieved this issue in the mail today as my first subscription issue. You have no idea how much that alone made my day, then I saw my fanart in the magazine! You know how people have those “that looks familiar” moments; I had one of those.
I’ve been buying your magazine since the begining and it is honestly the best one on the american market! I’ve been a SJ subscriber for about 7 years now, but if it came down to choosing between the two I would definanlty choose Yen+ =D


Finally got a chance to say what I thought of this issue and I gotta say: I LOVED IT! A lot of the storylines in the this issue really seemed to start moving and picking up a lot of speed with this volume. Particularly Night School, which just tickled me pink! (I LOVE YOU SVET! YOU’RE THE BEEEESSSSTTTT!) And this month’s Soul Eater was hilarious! (My friends and I loved it so much we’re doing the Excalibur scene for our Thespian Society’s Chex Mix Night.) Only downside was the lack of information on the amatuer contest! Please let us know! I really want to enter!
P.S. Anyone seen the TV show Dark Angel? My coworker lent me the first season and I gotta say it’s both very similar and very different from Maximum Ride. I keep having flashes to the manhwa when I’m watching it-even the main character’s names are the same! It’s weird. (And it has Tony from NCIS before he was Tony in it! -Fangirl squeal for Logan-)


Love the new covers. As much as I’m not into Nightschool (one of my least favorite), svet does know how to draw good illustrations. But, no matter what I like the soul eater cover more than anything xD
One thing I noticed that you might want to start to consider, the covers are what new customers have to look at when they go in the stores right? Well sometimes they feel very shoujo or shonen… you know what I mean? Since people can’t look through them, they go by covers… people usually don’t pick up a magazine and look at the back. If they saw Nightschool, Pigs Bride, One Fine Day, etc. on the shelves (since they are on the “right side to put up”) what would people think? Yen Plus is a diverse magazine that could get even more popular if new people knew about it.
Lastly (and certainly not least) OMG! POSTER!! extras make the world go around XD It’s what separates from buying manga to a magazine 🙂 more, and you will see me get another subscription when time come ^_^


hey yo when do you send yen+ in stores?? I’m waiting?! I like the night school by Svetlana Chmakova and Pigs Bride by KookHwa Huh and SuJin Kim(artist) thanks.

Kathleen A.

Hi guys! See? I didn’t give up on you all after my vehement posting for January issue. I appreciate that you tried to address the problem. Sigh. It’s nice to be listened to. I feel so warm and squishy inside now.
First up, I love free décor! Thanks so much for the poster! (Ahem. Some One Fine Day cuteness would also look excellent on my wall… :D)
Secondly, I have a reeeeeally silly question that I feel dumb for even asking (but that has nevertheless been bothering me).
Okay, here goes: how does one pronounce “Doe-Doe”?
I mean – is it just like the name of the extinct bird or “doh-ee doh-ee” or “doy doy” or what? Would you guys consider publishing a little name pronunciation guide? I am okay with the Japanese names, but I could use help with the Korean names. (I don’t have any Korean friends to ask. I’ll have to work on that.:-)) Are any other readers facing the same pronunciation uncertainty?
Thanks again and keep up the good work!


I still haven’t gotten this in the mail yet. 🙁 Does anyone know a phone number I can call or an e-mail address to Yen Press for stuff like this?
Usually I receive my issue in the middle of the month…


Sorry to hear you haven’t received this issue yet. Any time you have questions or problems regarding your subscription, you can call the YEN PLUS customer service line at 1-800-876-7598.

Francisco Garcia

Could I offer a suggestion?
It could be a good idea if you put up more artwork
on the site. It could increase traffic on the website.


Thanks for your continued support!
This comes to you straight from our resident Korean expert: Doe-Doe’s name is pronounced like the extinct bird, “dodo.” Or possibly “dough-dough” or “doh-doh.” I was saying it wrong too. *^_^* Now we’re all on the same page! Thanks!


I can’t wait for Nightschool volume 1 to come out, I already recruited a bunch of people to borrow it from me…speaking of which, I think Svetlana Chmakova is going to be at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival!!! Woohoo! I’m so happy I live here!!
***fit of happiness*** XD
Who’s going? I know I am, for sure.


I just recently sent in the postcard to subscribe a few weeks ago. If I haven’t gotten it by now, should I just go buy it/


I got my magazine at the beginning of the month, but I just now found time to read it. And GAH, I can’t wait for next month. ;____;
Maximum ride looks GORGEOUS; I’m obsessed with the books, so seeing it “come alive” on paper rather than my head is really enjoyable. I pretty much love all the stories on the left side, except I can’t really stand Jack Frost. I think the art looks cool, but the pacing of the story is going really slow… plus I just don’t really like it. But I still read it, month after month. And One Fine Day is cute, but I can’t really stand that either since it doesn’t have much of a plot.
As for the right side, I like everything. A couple things started slow for me, like Bamboo Blade, Nabari no Ou, Hero Tails… heck, I was only “so-so” on most of the titles. But now I’m in love! The stories are really picking up, and it’s great.
Here’s my favorites, in order:
Maximum Ride
Night School
Soul Eater
Time and Again
Hero Tails
Pig Bride
Nabari no Ou
Bamboo Blade
and then the others don’t really matter… because I just overall love the magazine.
The poster was great, but I agree, after the simply fantastic cover arts, it was a bit plain. But still wonderful, nonetheless. 🙂


I’ve got a bit of a stupid question for you guys. 😀 Where’s the usual manga preview? I can’t seem to find it in this issue. ._.


LOVE Soul Eater.
HATE HATE HATE HATE Night School. Worst art in the face of comics. Embaressing. Horrible. Just hate it.
Soul Eater is A+ material.


hey, like the covers! bamboo blade is starting to get interesting, also like nightschool, hero tales, pig bride, max-ride, well I like all of them now! thanks yen plus!


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