Unholy Blood, Vol. 2

Author: Lina Lim

Unholy Blood, Vol. 2

Author: Lina Lim

Hell-bent on revenge, Hayan tracks down Father Michael’s killer to the Red Bomb Club—the base for one of the angels of death, Luci. Alone, Hayan effortlessly unleashes her wrath on his half-blood army, but Luci himself? He’s a different story. Having been given the blood of a pureblood vampire called “God,” Luci is more powerful than any enemy Hayan has faced before...but Hayan is no easy prey herself, and she’s determined to protect her siblings and get rid of the threat, once and for all. There’s just one small hitch—detective Euntae has caught wind of her raid, and he’s headed straight over to arrest her!

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Unholy Blood, Vol. 2


Unholy Blood

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Page Count

288 pages



Release Date

May 21, 2024

Age Rating

T (Teen)


Ize Press

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