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SEATTLE, WA (4/15/17) – Yen Press, LLC, manga, light novel and graphic novel publisher, announced an exciting catalog of upcoming titles at Sakura-Con today. Yen Press revealed the addition of these popular manga and light novels to their publishing schedule:

  • ACCA 13, Original Story & Art by Natsume Ono – When political conspiracies abound, preserving the peace is no piece of cake. It’s up to one deceptively aloof hero to sniff out corruption in this atmospheric thriller by Natsume Ono (House of Five Leaves, Ristorante Paradiso)!
ANGEL OF SLAUGHTER, Original Story by Kudan Naduka, Art by Nakoto Sanada - Most girls waking up without any memory and meeting a serial killer would panic, but not Ray. In fact, far from being her biggest problem, killer Zack might just prove a convenient resource when it comes to finding a way out of the building in which they’re both trapped!
  • AS MISS BEELZEBUB LIKES, Original Story & Art by matoba – Murin’s lands his dream job with the demon king he’s always held in awe, but when his tenure begins, it turns out the demon king isn’t quite what he expected…
  • GRAINELIERS, Original Story & Art by Rihito Takarai – Rihito Takarai (Ten Count) pens anything but a garden-variety fantasy! In a world where the seeds of plants are imbued with power, the wheels of fate begin to turn for Luca, an illegal seed cultivator, when the government-sanctioned Graineliers come to take away his father, who in turn hands Luca a rare and powerful seed…!
  • LAID-BACK CAMP ?, Original Story & Art by Afro – Two girls, one bike, one camp, one mountain. A heart-soothing story about camping that feels like you’re on the slopes before you’re even out the door!
  • THE MONSTER TAMER GIRLS, Original Story by Mujirushi Shimazaki – Two girls start attending a new school and find themselves responsible for the care and feeding of monsters!
  • A POLAR BEAR IN LOVE, Original Story & Art by Koromo – A polar bear falls in love with a seal, but the seal thinks the polar bear is trying to eat it!
  • ONE WEEK FRIENDS, Original Story by Matcha Hazuki – A boy notices his classmate is always alone. He starts hanging out with her only to discover that at the end of every week, she loses her memory. He resolves to befriend her each week.
  • REGARDING REINCARNATING AS SLIME (Light Novel), Original Story by Fuse, Illustration by Mitz Vah – Living alone and never having had a girlfriend, 37-year-old Satoru Mikami is dissatisfied with how his life has turned out. But after dying at the hands of a robber, he awakens to a fresh start in a new world…as a slime monster.
  • THE SAGA OF EVIL TANYA (Light Novel & Manga), Original Story by Carlo Zen,
Art by Shinobu Shinotsuki (light novel), Chika T?j? (manga) – At the very edge of the front lines stands a young girl. She has golden hair, blue eyes, and pale, almost translucent skin. Her name is Tanya Degruechaff, and she will join the ranks of the Imperial Army’s Military Mages to become one of the most feared figures in this new world…
  • SO I’M A SPIDER, SO WHAT? (Light Novel), Original Story by Okina Baba, Art by Asahiro Kakashi - I used to be a normal high school girl but in the blink of an eye, I woke up in a place I’d never seen before and—and I was reborn as a spider?!
  • SWORD ART ONLINE ALTERNATIVE GUN GALE ONLINE, Story by Keiichi Shigusawa, Art by Tadadi Tamori – A spin-off to the massively popular story by Reki Kawahara, a new player steps onto the battlefields of the MMORPG Gun Gale Online! Pint-sized and dressed in pink, she’s ready to blast her way to the very top!
  • SWORD ART ONLINE ARTWORKS, Art by abec – The art of abec takes center stage in this full-color compendium of some of his most striking work from the world of SAO!
  • SWORD ART ONLINE CALIBUR, Original Story by Reki Kawahara, Art by Shii Kiya – When the existence of Excalibur in ALO – and the fact that it hasn’t been acquired yet! – is made known, it’s only a matter of time before Kirito and friends embark on a quest to obtain the fabled blade!
  • TERRIFIED TEACHER AT GHOUL SCHOOL, Original Story & Art by Mai Tanaka – Haruaki Abe is the kind of guy wouldn’t say boo to a goose. But when he starts his teaching career at a high school full of creatures that go bump in the night, he soon discovers that his students have no such qualms, and they’ll have him screaming “Eeeek!”
  • THOUGH YOU MAY BURN TO ASH, Original Story & Art by Kakashi Oniyazu – To save his dying sister, Ryouma Shinomiya is willing to do anything. When an angel offers him a chance to change her fate, he accepts—only to find himself trapped in a twisted game of greed where the stakes are life and death!
VAL X LOVE, Original Story & Art by Ryousuke Asakura – High schooler Akutsu Takuma has learned to accept his lonely lot in life and is content surrounded by his studies, but when the god Odin taps him to save the world alongside nine Valkyries fueled by intimacy, Takuma can say good-bye to his solitary existence! About Yen Press, LLC Yen Press, LLC is a joint venture between Kadokawa Corporation and Hachette Book Group, dedicated to publishing manga and graphic novels for adults and young readers. Founded in 2006, Yen Press has quickly risen to become one of the largest and most prolific publishers of manga and original graphic novels in the North American marketplace and has become a driving force in the introduction of light novels to new readers through its Yen On imprint. For more information, visit www.yenpress.com.