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Yen Press Bursts Out of Anime NYC with Twenty Exciting New Titles

Anime NYC 2023 was an absolute blast! With multiple panels, thousands of books, and a very special guest, it was a great way to end this year's convention season. We announced many new acquisitions across multiple imprints, with more Yen Press manga, Yen On novels, Yen Audio audiobooks, and Ize Press manhwa. The exciting titles coming to print include:

Bungo Stray Dogs Official Anthology
Original Story by Kafka Asagiri, Character Design by Sango Harukawa, Art by Various Artists

Presenting the first anthology of the popular supernatural action series Bungo Stray Dogs! Featuring a luxurious list of guest authors, these new Bungo stories include everything from gags to heartwarming moments in a charming collection that will leave you begging for more!

Days with My Stepsister 
Story by Ghost Mikawa, Art by Yumika Kanade, Character Design by Hiten
After his father’s remarriage, high school student Yuuta suddenly finds himself stepsiblings with his classmate Saki. However, unlike the plain and simple Yuuta, his new younger sister has an over-the-top sense of style and is known as the hottest girl in the grade! Due to past trauma, Yuuta isn’t great at talking to women and at first is perplexed by this new family member who seems to be his complete opposite...but as the two settle into a shared lifestyle, could their relationship blossom into something more?!


Goblin Slayer: A Day in the Life
Original Story by Kumo Kagyu, Art by Daichi Matsuse, Character Design by Noboru Kannatuki
The party of Club Fighter, Supreme God’s Cleric, and Harefolk Hunter takes on a new challenge only to discover there are some enemies they can’t hope to defeat… Priestess joins Female Knight, Witch, and High Elf Archer on an adventure—but somehow, they end up defending a besieged fortress… And then there’s Goblin Slayer, who’s once again teamed up with Spearman and Heavy Warrior! This special manga adaptation of volume 12 of the popular light novel series follows a day in the life of adventurers in the Four-Cornered World!


Sword Art Online Re:Aincrad
Original Story by Reki Kawahara, Art by KIMI, Composition by Mito Satou, Character Design by abec
Die in the game, and you die in real life. The only way out is clearing the massive floating castle Aincrad. The pinnacle of heroic sagas kicks off here!  

The Kept Man of the Princess Knight 
Story by Toru Shirogane, Character Design by Mashimasaki, Art by keyyang
The dungeon calls, and is answered by adventurers, profiteers, and anyone looking to make a quick buck. And in this town inhabited by the dregs of society live a man and the woman who owns him. Arwin, the Crimson Princess Knight with lofty dreams of restoring her homeland—and Matthew, the town drunk. As Arwin challenges the dungeon, Matthew spends his days in taverns and brothels living off the money he gets from her. But the town laughingstock has a side that no one knows about. In service of Arwin, Matthew would do anything—no matter how dirty he might get.   


No Game No Life Chapter 2: Eastern Union
Story by Yuu Kamiya, Art by Ryu Naitou
The manga adaptation of the hit light novel series enters its second chapter!  
Summoned by a boy who calls himself God in a world where games decide everything, the prodigy gamer siblings Sora and Shiro quickly rise to the top of human society. Having secured a future for the Kingdom of Elkia and humankind in this world, the siblings set their sights on a new prize—the Eastern Union. It’s finally time to challenge the other races!  


Brunhild the Dragonslayer
Story by Yuiko Agarizaki, Illustration by Aoaso
Eden… A place of perfection… A place where man and beast live side by side in harmony… Eden’s protector, the silver dragon, regularly visits retribution upon those who would bring harm to paradise. But when the dragon discovers a human girl on the shores of Eden, he decides to raise her as his own. He teaches her that if she is to be welcomed into God’s Kingdom after death, she must not harbor hatred in her heart. But when the dragon’s life is mercilessly snuffed out by human machinations, the girl must choose whether to heed the dragon’s dying wish and stay the course of righteousness…or walk a path of vengeance.


The God of Nishi-Yuigahama Station
By Takeshi Murase
On the first day of spring, a train derails, causing numerous deaths. Two months later, rumors spread of a ghost at Nishi-Yuigahama Station with the power to send others back in time to the day of the terrible accident. The story attracts a woman who lost her fiancé, a man who lost his father, and a boy who lost his unrequited love. A chance to go back, to see those dear to them, seems almost too good to be true. What will they do now that they have it?  

Guillotine Bride
Story by Daigo Murasaki, Illustration by Kureta
Rinne has been sentenced to death. That’s where the dragon princess’s story should have ended. Instead, she’s blown out of the sky en route to her execution and winds up in front of Ryuunosuke. The young boy has no time to be shocked by this wild development because the dragon girl needs him to lend her a hand—in marriage! For the sake of the world, Ryuunosuke has to marry Rinne and smother her with love, because if he fails to keep her in check, the entire human race will probably go extinct...! 


She Likes Gays, but Not Me
Story by Akira Hirahara, Art by Naoto Asahara
Based on the critically acclaimed novel. High schooler Atsushi Andou has always hidden the fact that he’s gay. But one day, he sees his classmate Sae Miura with a BL book—a small moment with major consequences. Atsushi longs for a “normal” happiness with a loving wife and a biological child, but what can he do when he’s not turned on by women?  


Friday at the Atelier
By Sakura Hamada
Tamaki, a woman who’s grown tired with her life, is one day asked by the famous painter Shunsui Ishihara to become his model. And not just any model—a nude model. But when she accepts without hesitation, Ishihara is taken by her peculiar response and somehow falls for her...?! The misaligned love story between an oblivious girl and a handsome but extremely self-conscious artist begins here! 

. . . 

Of course, with the attendance of Sleepy-C, the main artist behind Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint, Ize Press had to make a splash with several announcements at this convention. Attendees cheered at the news of the upcoming publication of six manhwa titles at the first-ever Ize Press Industry Panel! Along with the revelation of the first Boys Love title joining the Korean comic imprint, fans were ecstatic about the variety of comics coming to print.

Beware the Villainess!
Art by Blue Canna, Adapted by Berry, Original Story by Soda Ice
When a modern-day college student wakes up in the body of Melissa Foddebrat, the villainess of a cliché reverse-harem novel, she is determined to cast aside the plot and live a quiet life of luxury, but…AGH! Why are all the men in this novel trash?! A sleazebag crown prince, an asshole sniper, a crazed werewolf, and an obsessive merchant—Melissa can’t just stand by and watch the innocent heroine suffer at the hands of these four male leads. Scummy love interests, begone—this story is getting a rewrite! 

The Villainess Is a Marionette
Art by manggle, Original Story by hanirim
Kayena Hill, the imperial princess and most beautiful rose of the empire—and the novel’s villainess, used as a pawn in her brother’s schemes and left to die. Except this isn’t just some novel to her, not when she already lived her first life as the foolish Kayena herself! When she wakes up as Kayena Hill once more in her third life, she’s now armed with the knowledge of how her dreadful future unfolds. In order to rewrite her story and win her freedom, she must learn to puppet the puppeteer—this time, she’ll be the one pulling the strings! 

Marriage of Convenience
Art by Antstudio, Adapted by Hanheun, Original Story by KEN
Bianca de Arno was infamous throughout the land as a terrible, extravagant woman who spurned her husband and neglected her duties as countess. But when her husband, Zachary de Arno, dies in battle, she is thrown out of the estate and meets a miserable and lonely end—only to wake up nineteen years old again! This time, Bianca is determined to do whatever it takes to ensure her survival, starting with mending her relationship with the indifferent man she calls her husband!

My Secretly Hot Husband
Art by Harara, Adapted by Gabi Nam, Original Story by Jungyeon
Letitia was reborn into another world after her untimely death, but that was only the start of her hardships. A series of tragic events forces her to work as a servant at her uncle’s house, until he sends her off to marry the infamous “Monster Lord” Erden Halstead to fulfill an old debt. But once she arrives at her new home, Letitia’s fear is quickly replaced by puzzlement and a whole slew of questions. Why is she randomly finding modern objects from her previous life in this fantasy world? Her new husband is supposed to be hideous and evil, so why is he so sweet and gentle and such a fan of bunnies? And most importantly...why is he so GORGEOUS?! 

SSS-Class Revival Hunter
Art by Bill K, Adapted by Neida, Original Story by Sinnoa
Some people are just born lucky, fated to enjoy all the riches and fame, while those beneath fade into obscurity. Confucius Kim, an F-class hunter with zero skills, is definitely not one of the fortunate ones. He spends his days bemoaning his lame existence and enviously following the exploits of the star hunter Flame Emperor, for whom the mysterious, monster-filled Tower is nothing but a red carpet. Then one day, Confucius gets the chance to finally catch up to his idol when he receives the ability to copy other people’s skills. The only catch? He has to be killed by them first! 

Tied to You 
Art by WHAT, Original Story by Chelliace
Wooseo Shin was never one to believe in fate...until a ring of red thread appears around his finger, that is! This ring marks a person’s first encounter with their soulmate, and with it, neither can fall asleep if the other is absent. This development is not a welcome one for Wooseo, who decides to keep it from his best friend and crush Jiseok Kang at all costs. Because as fate would have it, the person with the ring matching Wooseo’s is Jigeon Kang—Jiseok’s older brother! When Jigeon proposes that they start sharing a bed, if only to combat their joint insomnia, Wooseo reluctantly accepts...but as the two spend more and more time together, feelings start to get messy. Will Wooseo be able to survive his new life tangled up between these two brothers?! 

. . . 

Last but certainly not least, Yen Audio will be releasing three new audiobook adaptations of Yen On novels. Through this new medium, Yen Audio will introduce the thrilling adventures and enthralling characters of these stories to a wider audience, giving fans a chance to experience the stories in a whole new way. At the Yen Press Industry Panel, attendees rejoiced that the popular supernatural series Bungo Stray Dogs, the noir mystery novel Baccano!, and the action-packed fantasy series Reign of the Seven Spellblades could soon be enjoyed through headphones.

Bungo Stray Dogs
Story by Kafka Asagiri
Doppo Kunikida is an idealist and a straitlaced detective at the Armed Detective Agency, an organization that takes on dangerous jobs even the police won’t handle. Everything in his life is going just as he’s planned…until one day, he’s paired up with the agency’s newest hire: a suspicious, eccentric, suicide-obsessed man named Osamu Dazai. Their first case together turns out to be far more complicated than Kunikida anticipated—and it looks like the detective agency’s sworn enemy, the Port Mafia, is somehow involved, too! Set two years before the events of the manga series, this is the tale of how two seemingly incompatible personalities end up forming the partnership that has made them one of Yokohama’s top detective duos!


Story by Ryohgo Narita
New York, 1931. The manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited by law, but behind this prohibition, organized crime flourishes – so, too, do bank robbers, bootleggers, assassins, and homunculi. Some want money, some are chasing the secret to immortality, and others just want to have a really good time. You know what they say, though: You can't always get what you want.


Reign of the Seven Spellblades
Story by Bokuto Uno
Springtime at Kimberly Magic Academy brings a new batch of first-year students, all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as they begin their journey to become full-fledged mages. Among these newcomers are Oliver Horn, a studious boy equally skilled with the wand and the blade, and Nanao Hibiya, a strong-willed samurai girl from the distant nation of Yamatsu. The wheels of fate bring these two souls together at Kimberly, where they become both comrades and rivals in equal measure. However, lurking within the academy’s halls are countless dangers and dark secrets guaranteed to threaten not only their friendship—but their very lives...

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We loved meeting fans at Anime NYC 2023, and look forward to bringing more fun activities and news to 2024 conventions. See you soon!