Posted Jul 12, 2012 by Supadu Dev

The Dark-Hunters debut in YEN PLUS!

YenPlus_12_07 As you can see from this month's awesome cover, someone new is making a splash (of blood) in this month's YEN PLUS! The Dark-Hunters: Infinity, adapted from the young adult novels by Sherrilyn Kenyon, tells the story of a young Nick Gautier growing up in a rough part of New Orleans. Nick's a decent guy who's caught in a bad situation, but his world is about to get a whole lot worse when the Dark-Hunters introduce him to a supernatural foe that makes the mean streets of the city seem like a walk in the park! This month's Y+ magazine is positively packed with exciting new chapters of your favorite series! Maximum Ride and the Flock are back in action! (Unfortunately for them, so are the Flyboys...) The third volume of Witch & Wizard kicks off with four color pages! And Soul Eater Not 16, coming at you simultaneously with the Japanese release, features another familiar (handsome!) face from the main series! This month wraps up FOUR YEARS OF YEN PLUS! Thank you to every one of you who's been a part of it along the way! We hope that the magazine introduced you to some great characters and stories over the years, and we are excited for new things to come...well, this month! And just over the horizon!