Posted Mar 12, 2024 by Allison Joung

The Spring 2024 Yen Press Anime Lineup!

Spring showers bring…brand new anime!

The weather is turning warm, and the sun is shining!... Uh, not quite. But while you wait for the lingering chill of winter to pass, keep yourself occupied with a bunch of exciting anime, from printed paper to the silver screen! Whether it’s the return of Black Butler or the Spice and Wolf reboot, here’s a list of what to keep an eye out for!

Studio Apartment, Good Lighting, Angel Included

Shintaro Tokumitsu is a high schooler living all alone, but things take an unexpected turnwhen a girl named Towa shows up on his balcony! Not only is she incredibly pure andsweet, but there’s something different about her—something...divine. Just who is Shintaro’s new roommate, and what adorable hijinks lie in store?!

Studio Apartment, Good Lighting, Angel Included, Vols. 1–4 are available now!

Gods’ Games We Play

When the gods grow bored, they decide to spice up their eternal existence by challenging all takers in an ultimate battle of wits! Of course, these deities are capricious, unfair, and incomprehensible at the best of times, so winning is virtually impossible for a mere mortal. Even so, things are bound to get interesting when a former goddess and a genius human boy team up in a bid to win the game to end all games!

Gods’ Games We Play (light novel), Vols. 1–2 are available now!

Unnamed Memory

Climbing a deadly tower, Oscar seeks the power of its master, the Witch of the Azure Moon. He hopes her incredible magic can break a curse that will kill any woman he takes for a wife. When the prince sees how beautiful Tinasha is, though, he has a better idea—since she’s surely strong enough to survive his curse, she should just marry him instead! Tinasha isn’t keen on the idea, but she agrees to live with Oscar in the royal castle for a year while researching the spell placed on him. The witch’s pretty face hides several lifetimes of dark secrets, however—secrets that begin resurfacing…

The complete Unnamed Memory (light novel) series is available now!

Unnamed Memory (manga), Vols. 1–4 are available now!

Spice and Wolf

The life of a traveling merchant is a lonely one, a fact with which Kraft Lawrence is well acquainted. Wandering from town to town with just his horse, cart, and whatever wares have come his way, the peddler has settled pretty well into his routine—that is, until the night Lawrence finds a wolf goddess asleep in his cart. Taking the form of a fetching girl with wolf ears and a tail, Holo has wearied of tending to harvests in the countryside and strikes up a bargain with the merchant to lend him the cunning of Holo the Wisewolf to increase his profits in exchange for taking her along on his travels. What kind of businessman could turn down such an offer? Lawrence soon learns, though, that having an ancient goddess as a traveling companion can be a bit of a mixed blessing. Will this wolf girl turn out to be too wild to tame?

The complete Spice and Wolf (manga) series is available now!

Spice and Wolf (light novel), Vols. 1–24 are available now!

Spice and Wolf (audio), Vols. 1–8 are available now!

Black Butler

When students fail to return home from an English boarding school that numbers several elite bloodlines among its student body, Earl Ciel Phantomhive and his indomitable butler, Sebastian, infiltrate the lush grounds and stately halls of this distinguished house of learning at Her Majesty's behest. But this cannot be accomplished without some masterful artifice. The butler takes on the role of tutor, his master that of student—parts to which both are more than just a little accustomed. As their dorm lives of deceit begin, they turn their eyes upon the conspicuous and colorful waistcoats of the four school prefects, from whose attention nothing at the school escapes...

Black Butler, Vols. 1–32 are available now!

Konosuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World!

I WANT A LITTLE SISTER! As Kazuma spends his downtime bemoaning his party's lack of a little-sister archetype, he's invited to a royal banquet, where he meets the young Princess Iris. She's enthralled by his tales of adventure, and once she takes a liking to him, Kazuma ends up getting transported to the royal castle! Though he’s initially unsure of what to expect, life with Iris turns out to be a dream come true, and Kazuma doesn't ever want to wake up...so when he hears rumors of a “righteous thief” stalking the capital, Kazuma declares he'll be the one to capture the dastardly do-gooder!

The complete Konosuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World! (light novel) series is available now!

Konosuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World! (manga), Vols. 1–16 are available now!

Konosuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World! (audio), Vols. 1–4 are available now!

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

A gutsy glob in crisis! News of the demon lord Clayman’s defeat by Rimuru shakes the Holy Empire of Lubelius to its core—especially since the chief knight of the nation’s Imperial Guard and captain of the Crusader forces, Hinata Sakaguchi, launched a bold attack on Rimuru not long ago. Things look only more dire when a priest sent by Rimuru to attend an urgent meeting of Lubelius bigwigs ends up murdered. The stakes couldn’t be higher for either side as Hinata heads to Tempest to settle things—one wrong move could spell total warfare!

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (light novel), Vols. 1–17 are available now!

Laid-Back Camp

Nadeshiko and the others are back home from Izu, and they’re already thinking about where to go next. Ena has an idea for some luxurious daytime camping that hits close to home, literally. Her spacious backyard is the perfect place to grill sausages and check out Chikuwa’s pup tent. But where’s Rin in all this? Seems she’s busy planning something...like a road trip for two?!

Laid-Back Camp, Vols. 1–14 are available now!

If this doesn’t get you heated up for spring, we don’t know what will! Be sure to catch these out April 2024!