Posted Feb 10, 2012 by Supadu Dev

Simultaneous SOUL EATER NOT! in YEN PLUS!

YenPlus_12_021 Whump! That was GANGAN magazine, just hitting shelves in Japan with a brand-new chapter of SOUL EATER NOT! Beedle-beep! That was the latest issue of YEN+ going live online with the SAME BRAND-NEW CHAPTER OF SOUL EATER NOT! We at Yen Press are thrilled to bring you our first-ever simultaneous manga serialization beginning this month—with a special message and artwork from Ohkubo-sensei! For those of you who want to jump on board but missed the earlier chapters of SOUL EATER NOT!, click below to read a free preview of the first chapter! YenPlus_12_021  Of course, we also have new chapters of your other favorite YEN+ series: Max and the Flock kick off their return with amazing new color pages, Whit and Wisty meet new allies and new enemies in the latest Witch & Wizard, and Tessa gets her first taste of danger under the Shadowhunters' care in The Infernal Devices! Soulless will be taking a brief break this month. Alexia needs a moment to powder her nose before embarking on her second volume of manga! Be sure to check out Soulless: The Manga Volume 1 in March! Thank you for reading! And don't forget, the deadline for the New Talent Search is coming up soon!