Posted Mar 25, 2016 by laura Fitzgerald

Sakura-Con Announcements!

We've got some exciting news to share with you! Check out the new licenses we just announced.

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GRIM REAPER AND FOUR GIRLFRIENDS (digital only) Story by Shin Suyama Art by CHuN

Shoujo manga fan Kaoru Minaguchi always preferred the idea of finding his one true love over any harem. But when a shinigami threatens his lonely existence, Kaoru saves his own life by promising to confess to a girl he likes…and somehow ends up with four girlfriends!?

LITTLE WITCH’S NECKLACE  (digital only) By Chinoku

In an old, isolated castle in the south of France lives a tiny witch named Lulu. When she meets a man named Camillo, Lulu’s everyday life begins to change little by little…

AOHARU X MACHINEGUN  (print release, digital already available) By Naoe

Hotaru Tachibana is a girl (though all too frequently mistaken for a boy!) who gets sucked into the world of survival games due to her con man of a neighbor—but is there any hope of escape for her?! One of Yen Press’s bestselling digital releases comes to print due to popular fan demand!

TODAY’S CERBERUS  (print release, digital already available) By Ato Sakurai

As a young boy, an unusual encounter with a three-headed puppy made Chiaki Mikado lose a piece of his soul. Now a teenager, he finds himself unable to enjoy anything, but the three-headed dog is back in human form—rather, forms—to fix all that! Can Chiaki finally find the happiness that has so long eluded him?

ROSE GUNS DAYS SEASON 2 Original Story by Ryukishi07 Art by Nana Natsunishi

The second season of New York Times bestselling author Ryukishi07’s Rose Guns Days begins anew on Primavera’s doorstep!

PUELLA MAGI ORIKO MAGICA SADNESS PRAYER Story by Magica Quartet Art by Kuroe Mura

The prequel to Puella Magi Oriko Magica, a spinoff of the critically bestselling Madoka Magica Franchise!


A delightful series of four-panel comics recounting the school adventures of Shinobu, Alice, Karen, Youko, and Aya!

TOHYOU GAME Original Story by Chihiro & Goo Art by Tatsuhiko

The class popularity contest was supposed to be for fun...but now the unpopular ones are dying grisly deaths. The classroom has become a horrific struggle for survival. Someone is keeping the game going, but who? Can anyone survive the game and expose the truth?

SCUM’S WISH By Mengo Yokoyari

Mugi and Hanabi are the perfect high school couple…but their relationship is built on a single shared secret: they’re both in love with someone else.


The second full-color illustration collection by manga artist Yana Toboso, creator of the the New York Times bestselling manga series Black Butler!

SOUL EATER SOUL ART 2 By Atsushi Ohkubo

The second art book for the New York Times bestselling manga series Soul Eater and Soul Eater NOT! from creator Atsushi Ohkubo.