Posted Mar 25, 2011 by Supadu Dev

New Talent Search Update

For those of you agonizing over Yen Press’s New Talent Search, the wait is over. Our editorial staff sent email notices to those artists who caught our attention this morning, but we thank all of you for sharing your work with us! If you were not contacted, we hope that creating a short story was a fun experience! Remember that this search has no “winners”—this was an opportunity for us to evaluate and promote young talent. We will not be providing individual feedback for your submissions, but here are a few general things to think about as you continue to develop your skills: -Practice, practice, practice human anatomy. You can never practice it enough. -Remember that your storytelling ability is as important as your artistic ability. -Pay attention to how panel layout, “camera angle,” and text all work together to tell the story in the manga you like to read. What makes a certain scene so compelling? Is it that close-up? Is it the white background? Is it the use of tone? Learn from their work. If you put the work and effort into it and remain critical of yourself, seeking ways to improve, you just might catch our eye next time around. Next time? Yes, next time! We at Yen Press are eager to help budding artists reach their full potential, and therefore we have decided to make the Yen Press Talent Search an annual event! While we are not announcing the specifics of next year’s guidelines at this time, keep an eye out for the details in YEN PLUS magazine. Thanks again to everyone who participated!