Posted Oct 14, 2013 by laura Fitzgerald

New Licenses Announced at NYCC


Another convention season has come and gone, and we were thrilled to see so many of you at New York Comic-Con last weekend. On Saturday, we held our annual industry panel and announced several, exciting new licenses. Here's what's new and upcoming from Yen Press! Void’s Enigmatic Mansion, based on the novel by JiEun Ha with art by HeeEun Kim relates the tales of the tenants of a mysterious house whose wishes may be granted though not always with the results they had hoped for... Serialized monthly beginning in October 2013, each chapter will be released in English digitally simultaneous to the Korean publication from Haksan Publishing Ani-Imo by Haruko Kurumatani is the first of three new licenses representing the beginning of a licensing relationship between Yen Press and Kodansha in Japan. When sweet and docile Hikaru swaps bodies with her beloved twin brother, Youta, her personality does a complete 180, and she starts taking brotherly affection to a whole new level! Will Youta ever get his body back?! This gender bending comedy debuts in 2014. He’s My Only Vampire by Aya Shouoto is a seductive paranormal romance that demonstrates that love can have a way of coming back and biting you – in the neck! It’s a lesson that Kana Takachiko learns all too well through her relationship with Aki, her childhood friend and pureblood vampire! From the pen of the master of Gothic suspense, Kaori Yuki, comes Demon from a Foreign Land, a period fantasy steeped in black magic. When Sorato is orphaned following an earthquake, he quickly becomes ensnared in the dark secrets of the estate that becomes his new home. Demon from a Foreign Land will be released in hardcover editions starting in 2014. Fans of QuinRose’s Alice series have reason to celebrate with the forthcoming release of the Alice in the Country of Diamonds ~Wonderful Wonder World~ Official Visual Fan Book! Packed with illustrations, character profiles, creator interviews and manga, this book will be a must-have for any collector’s shelves. High School DxD, the manga adaptation of Ichiei Ishibumi’s fan favorite light novel with art by Hiroji Mishima, promises to be one of the most anticipated new manga releases of 2014! When angels and demons collide with Hyoudou Issei, a libidinous high schooler, caught in the middle just about anything (and everything!) can happen…