Posted Apr 11, 2011 by Supadu Dev

Ashes to Ashes and Dust to YEN PLUS!

YenPlus_04_11Springtime is here! Trees are budding, flowers are blooming, and new series are popping up in the pages of YEN PLUS! Please join us in welcoming The Innocent to Side B of this month's mag, with story by entertainment giant Avi Arad and Junichi Fujisaku and art by YaSung Ko! After he is wrongly executed for crimes he did not commit, a former detective is given a second chance at life by the Committee. Infused with the power to manipulate the ashes which are all that remain of his mortal form, Johnny (now Ash) is sent to prevent the wrongful deaths of others unjustly accused in life. His "mentor" in this venture, Angel, is less than thrilled to be working with a human, especially one as impure as Ash...and Ash doesn't seem too keen on following the Committee's directives either... If you like action and mystery, be sure to check out The Innocent this month in YEN PLUS! So much new stuff going on here at Yen Press! But don't worry, there are still great new chapters of all your old favorites in this month's issue! Witch & Wizard, Yotsuba&!, K-ON!, and let's not forget those colorful zombies in Highschool of the Dead! For those of you who entered the New Talent Search, please check out editor JuYoun's letter for her comments about the Search! As always, please leave your feedback here! Let us know what you think of the new additions to YEN PLUS!