INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE: CLAUDIA’S STORY by Anne Rice, art by Ashley Marie Witter

INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE: CLAUDIA'S STORY A new voice is added to the Vampire Chronicles! 

She was the vampire who never should have been, her very existence an abomination among the creatures of the night. A predator’s lust imprisoned in the body of a child, she moves through the shadows of a world forever beyond her reach. Orphan, daughter, victim, and monster…
This is Claudia’s story.

Meticulously extracted from the pages of Interview with the Vampire, Anne Rice’s seminal novel, Claudia’s Story relates the tale of the vampire who never should have been through the eyes of the titular character, providing new insights into her mind and story. Lavishly illustrated by newcomer Ashley Marie Witter in her debut graphic novel, this volume will be a treasured addition to the library of any Anne Rice aficionado.

November 2012 | ISBN: 978-0-316-17636-1 | $19.99 ($21.99) | 224 pages | 5.5″x 8.25″ | Older Teen
Text copyright © Anne O’Brien Rice and The Stanley Travis Rice, Jr. Testamentary Trust 2012
Illustrations © Hachette Book Group, Inc.
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