Free Stupid Love Comedy Preview!

We have another shoujo manga debuting next week—Stupid Love Comedy—and, to celebrate, we are offering a free preview!
Suzu Sakura is a lazy author who can’t keep a deadline, is twenty-four hours late to meetings, and falls asleep in the middle of crunch time–you name it! It seems like no one can keep her in line, but then she gets a new editor. Hasegawa’s a super-mega HOTTIE, but his temper runs just as hot. Though he scolds her endlessly and they’re quickly driving each other up the wall, will something bloom between this odd couple…?!
An inside look at the manga industry, full of laughs and a little heartache!
Published as an omnibus, this rom-com sits at 512 pages and is relatable to anyone familiar with the creative writing process. Catch Stupid Love Comedy in stores everywhere on June 26th!
Want to see more free previews? Let us know!

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