Attention International SPICE AND WOLF fans!

We know there has been some discontent out there regarding the availability of the SPICE AND WOLF COLLECTORS ANNIVERSARY EDITION for those fans outside of North America.  Please know that we’ve heard you and wanted to update you to help alleviate any frustration.
Originally, Yen Press was only granted rights to publish this title domestically.  When we saw the outpouring of support and enthusiasm from fans internationally, though, we set out to get global rights.  Today, I’m happy to report that we have secured those rights and will be able to publish an international edition of the SPICE AND WOLF COLLECTORS ANNIVERSARY EDITION. This edition will ONLY be offered to accounts outside of the US.
While this special international edition will not be numbered, it will have a different color ribbon from the original edition which we hope you’ll appreciate!  This printing should be available mid-December and when we have more information to share, we will — including when the information has been shared with accounts for preorder.
Our fans — everywhere! — are very important to us, and this is just the first step in making Yen’s titles more readily available to everyone!



Fan from Europe, was disappointed when delayed my order to November without information regarding future deliveries. Thanks a lot for this news, even if it’s not numbered I’ll still buy it, because it’s the best way to get the entire series in Europe. Can’t wait for more information.


Thank you yen press when I saw that spice and wolf book was on sale it was very hard to get it because it was on us store which I could not get it but now you can buy it outside of us which made me happy one again thank you yen press for doing this I will buy it one there is more information thank you.


Yen press thank for doing spice and wolf book when I find out it on US store I was upset, now I can buy it one there more information one again thank you for doing this I am very happy.


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