Anime Expo 2016 Announcements!

Straight outta the Yen Press panel, we’ve got super fantastic news to share! New licenses!

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From the acclaimed author of Sword Art Online and Accel World, Reki Kawahara, comes
THE ISOLATOR (manga), beautifully illustrated by Naoki Koshimizu.

From Cassandra Jean, we’re excited to announce the very first original graphic novel from CJ, REINDEER BOY.

From the creator of Future Diary, Sakae Esuno, the original BIG ORDER manga.

  • SMOKIN’ PARADE, the next offering from writer Kataoka Jinsei and illustrator Kazuma Kondou.

  • Both manga and light novel adaptations of ROKKA – BRAVES OF THE SIX FLOWERS. Written by Ishio Yamagata and illustrated by Miyagi (novel) and Kei Toru (manga).

  • And last but not least, MURCIÉLAGO by Kana Yoshimura where our main character lands her dream job as a hitwoman for the Tokyo police!


Gavin Sega Gonzales

DAMMIT, NO DATE A LIVE YET!!!!!! DAMN DAMN DA- (although, these are awsome too.)MN


Holy crap, Yen Press, you basically just literally own my wallet at this point (and I give it to you gladly 😀 )!! For real, I will forever be grateful to you for licensing the Rokka novels!!! <3 <3 <3 Thank you!


Really hoping that you guy’s licensed Bungou Stray Dogs, Isuca, or Boku dake ga Inai Machi (Erased) cause next to Dark Horse you’re the only other company that gets titles from Young Ace


Will any of these be serials? Murcielago and Smokin’ Parade would be nice to read simultaneously with Japan although I’d be willing to pick up almost all of the manga if they were simultaneously published apart from Big Order. Reindeer Boy would be nice to see as a serialized comic too if I’m being honest.


Hell yeah, Murcielago! The most depraved and over the top orgy of violence and sapphism one is likely to witness!


Very excited for an official Murcielago translation, it’s quickly become my favorite manga.


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