Your wish has been granted: Void's Enigmatic Mansion is here!

Kim_Void_EbookChp1The enigmatic mansion on 6 Roland Street belongs to one Mr. Void, who resides on the seventh floor. Unbeknownst to the rest of the tenants in Void’s mansion, their greatest wishes could be granted. And as the stories of the residents intertwine, they soon learn that what they desire is not always what is best…
We’re thrilled to be able to bring you the digital serialization of Void’s Enigmatic Mansion! Chapters 1-3 are available now from your favorite ebook retailers with forthcoming chapters to be released monthly, simultaneously with the Korean publication.
This is an exciting new series full of mystery and dark, supernatural grit. Plus, the full-color artwork by HeeEun Kim is absolutely GORGEOUS. Here’s a teaser:



Hello. Will this story then not come out in print form? Thanks so much. The artwork is amazing!!!!! 🙂


I really enjoyed the first chapter! Does Yen Press plan on simultaneously publishing more series besides this and Monster Galaxy now that Yen Plus is ending next week?


Wow that art is really beautiful! Looking so good D:
Might I inquire how titles are selected for translation? It seems like a very interesting process ¦D
I’m only sad some very good series will never be accessible in English. Re-print and translation of the Twelve Kingdoms series (Juuni Kokki) or translating Saiunkoku Monogatari. Also series that were quite popular when anime was out (Lost Canvas series of Saint Seiya) never got any translation. ):
I can only suggest the titles, as unlikely as it is for them to be picked up xD
Thank you for the hard work btw! Loving so many of your titles I might need a new shelf >: Taking it back…I need one right now ._.


Since the 3rd volume of Soul Eater NOT is being released in Japan next week do you guys have any information on when it might be available here?


Would it be possible for Yen Press to simulpub the upcoming Space Dandy manga? It’s going to be published by Square Enix and the anime will be running on TV in North America.


I am forever in LOVE with Kim Hee-Eun’s artwork!! I hope to see a print version of this series =DD I’d buy it in a heartbeat!


Does Void’s Engimatic Mansion have its own book page? If so, I couldn’t find it.
Also, I have suggestion for your next site update. Please consider adding to each book’s page an indication of the formats available. A simple designation such as “Print Only”, “Print & Digital”, or “Digital Only” would be very informative to those of us who collect in both formats.


from the bottom of my heart i hate you yenpress.
you want to know why?
because this series looks so good yet its only digital.
i will now be starting a digital collect because of you.
even tho i promised myself i would stay physical.
i hope your happy….
manwha suggestion: siesta by lee youngyou, the creator of the lovely series moon boy… this is my dying wish.(with color pages)


@wipal – We’re actually putting out a full color print version of VOID’S ENIGMATIC MANSION. The first volume comes out next month! So don’t hate us too much! 🙂


*le gasp*
i take everything back, im sowy ;-;
welp! im off to pre-order!
and don’t forget about siesta ;3; its a really good series.
its not even finished online which is perfect~


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