November’s YEN PLUS has arrived!

With this month’s cover comes the last installment of The Dark-Hunters: Infinity! When Nick finally discovers what Coach Devus is plotting, as well as his weakness, can he finally take down the coach with a little help from his friends? Be sure to check out this last chapter and be on the lookout for The Dark-Hunters: Infinity, Vol. 2 heading to stores in December 2013!!
But that’s not all! In the latest chapter of The Infernal Devices, Tessa learns the truth about her parents, Will continues on his journey to save her, and Jem makes a final decision…! Meanwhile, Max and the flock are in for an icy cold surprise—but what else is new for a group of genetic experiments trying to save the world from the South Pole?! And speaking of colds, Tsugumi is down for the count in the latest chapter of Soul Eater NOT! Luckily (?) she’s got two very caring friends competing to nurse her back to health! We’ve got another chapter of Soul Eater NOT and even more in store for you in this month’s issue of Yen Plus—including some very important news! So be sure to read the editor’s letter as you dive in to the latest chapters of all your favorite series!



I would like to request works by Yukiru Sugisaki, like DNAngel and 1001knights or any of her other stuff, that’d be awesome.
And there were some people in last month’s issue accusing my fandom of being one person (which really wasn’t cool guys. how’d you like to be called a fraud?) so the lot of us are apparently linking our personals or something. :u but please respect the privacy of the fandom people who are commenting here. and talk to us on tumblr if you like dnangel we promise we’re nice!


License request: Yukiru Sugisaki’s work, please! DNAngel especially!
Sincerely yours,


On behalf of Tumblr’s DNAngel fandom, I’d like to say that we are not the same person. Rather, we are a group of fans who all would love to see the series redone, as there were actually a lot of little nuances left out of TP’s translations. That, and it would be nice to get English versions of ALL the volumes that have been released in Japan at this point.

margaret burton

Page 30 of The Surprise of Haruhi Suzumiya novel towards the bottom of the page. The Sentence: “I was at a total loss for words as Asahina started to speak with bold nonchalance.”
I am pretty sure it’s supposed to be Asakura not Asahina.


Sup Yen Press,
Here’s another monthly request for works done by Yukiru Sugisaki. I feel like you’re the only publication that D.N.Angel or 1001 Knights would fit within.


Seeing that there is a lot of requests for D.N. Angel, I’ll like to request it too. Also, the Kyoukai no kanata (Beyond the Boundary) light novels would be nice. c:
Keep up the good work YP~


Is there any chance you guys could license the K Project spin-off manga-
Days of Blue; Memory of Red; K: The First; and Gakuen K?
Also please consider licensing the works of Kazuya Minekura such as Saiyuki and Wild Adapter.
Thanks 🙂


Taking a break from D.N.Angel requests, i’ll request some other series.
-Another novels physical release
-Baccano novels
-Battle Royale
-Beyond the Boundary AKA Kyoukai no Kanata novels(3 volumes)
-Danganronpa manga adaptions
-Dolls by Naked Ape
-Dragon Head
-Durarara!! novels
-Future Diary
-Iris Zero
-Kagerou Days (Manga and novels)
-Lament of the Lamb
-Liar Game
-Liar Game: Roots of A
-Mahou Shoujo of the End
-Monogatari series novels
-Ousama Game by Hitori Renda and Nobuaki Kanazawa
-Read or Die
-Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei novels(3 volumes(the books that started the whole SMT game franchise))
-Umineko(and what i mean by this is an increased release schedule)
-Veritas (Manwha – 10 volumes)
-Yozakura Quartet
i think that’s all for now.
also, the reason why i thought that you all might be one person is that you’re all requesting the same series with extremely similar grammar, all posting right after each other, and just suddenly appeared out of nowhere.


Just finished the Spice and Wolf novel vol. 9 (town of strife 2) and I have to praise the translators. It must be really difficult to translate not only the words but the medieval style of writing as well. This made the reading experience very immersive and I truly enjoyed it!


License requests: The Future Diary and Baka and Test 😀
You guys are my top favorite publisher, and I sincerely hope you keep doing well and having awesome titles! Please and thank you!~


Guys, even though I have the first eight volumes of D*N*ANGEL, I honestly really don’t think that Yen Press will consider her works.
Of course, I’m also not “Yen Press”, but hear me out for a moment.
I stated this before in a different post (but I don’t know if you guys saw it).
Yukiru Sugisaki is basically notorious for dropping works or putting them on hiatus.
I’m not trying to rile you guys up–or be overly negative. I’m just trying to be realistic here.
Currently, D*N*ANGEL is considered “discontinued” (and there’s a rumored “Part II” which’ll probably never come to fruition), Candidate for Goddess is “dropped” (I don’t know whether she rushed it, or it wasn’t popular enough. Never read it.)
She has three series on hiatus, her Lagoon Engine series (both of them), and Ascribe to Heaven (and they’ve been on it for at least a few years.) And I wouldn’t be surprised if they were dropped at any given moment (before you lash out at me–I’m just saying it MIGHT happen.)
Not including her short stories or that anthology book she participated in. That’s 5 out of 11 works, as in HALF, that she’s basically thrown in the back-burner.
And two of those works are ongoing (1001 Knights, and Junkissa Neko) the first has three volumes, the second one only has one volume thus far, and both came out at the same time (in 2012). I don’t know if the latter is a quarterly series or what, and if it’s not, I do not see a very long future for it.
As sad as that sounds.
Again, I’m just trying to be realistic.


Hi Yen Press~
Gonna keep this short and sweet, It’d mean a lot to me and the tumblr fandom if you could take on Yukiru Sugisaki’s series D.N.Angel. That’s it.
Thank you. ^.^


License Requests:
– Hakushaku to Yousei (Early & Fairy) Light Novel
– Kyoukai no Kanata (Light Novel)
– Hyouka Light Novel
– Chihayafuru (manga)
– LAST GAME (manga)


I’d love to see Everyday Lives of High School Boys licensed as the anime is hilarious & I’d love to read the original source material. It could fit in well with your titles like Yotsuba&! I’d also like to see Zetsuen no Tempest released over here.
Obviously I know you can’t license every manga but I hope you’ll consider these two titles. Thanks!


Should I expect a bunch of new series in the next issue or is the magazine winding down?


I wish I could edit my comment. Just read the editor’s letter. When will we hear more details about what’s going to happen now that the anthology is ending?


I have like a million questions about this and I can’t find anything anywhere about it. Was there already some sort of news release that I just missed? What’s going to happen to the series that are already in the magazine? Are you just going to focus on graphic novels for now on? Do you plan to start another comic anthology(s)? Will you be releasing series individually by chapter like you’re doing with Void’s Enigmatic Mansion? When should we expect to hear more information about what’s to come? I’m sorry for the multiple comments I just have so many questions about this…


Any news on Shoulder a Coffin Kuro #4? And I too would like to see Kyoukai no Kanata licensed.


Just wanted to write all mangas and novel I wish you licensed here, because for a long time I’ve been writing some titles, but I wanted to put all of ’em in one post.
-Kyoukai no Kanata
-Kamisama no Inai Nichoyoubi
-Madoka Rebellion manga (that new manga based on the 3rd movie)
-Dangan Ronpa (especially Super Dangan Ronpa 2 Chiaki and Nagito mangas)
-Sayabito: Sword of Destiny
-Higurashi side story mangas (Hirukowashi, Saikoroshi, Kataribanashi, Kokoroiyashi)
-Katekyo Hitman Reborn!


Hi, I used to subscribe to yen plus, but had to stop for a year. I’ve grown accustomed to reading comics on my ipad, and I was wondering if reading yen plus will work easily in full screen? Thank you to anyone who can answer.


Please licence Horimiya – Hagiwara Daisuke remake version.
It’s by Square Enix and has four pretty volumes out !!!


Obligatory comment begging you guys to license the Index manga (I know the novels would be impossible so I won’t ask about those). I mean, the Toaru franchise is super popular, the anime and Railgun manga are licensed in North America. I don’t think you’d lose any money.


PLEASE get Alice In The Country Of Hearts, The Clockmakers Story & Alice In The Country Of Clover, Cheshire Cat Waltz & Alice In The Country Of Clover, Ace Of Hearts. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE


In case you haven’t noticed, all of those are ALREADY licensed and released by Seven Seas Entertainment.


I am completely behind licensing the light novels of Baccano!, Durarara!!, and Hyouka; the manga of Chihayafuru too. It’s ranked the #1 girls’ manga for 2013 and #5 on Da Vinci magazine’s 2013 Top Selling manga overall (behind March Comes In Like a Lion, One Piece, Silver Spoon, and Attack on Titan).


PLEASE!!!!!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!!!! I LOVE DN ANGEL i want to read more of it reading sugisaki yukiru’s manga is special i mean if ur reading it u feel as if ur in that novel i mean it’s somthing that will never leave our hearts and if u can grant our wish meaning im not the only one here waiting for this manga i bet there is about 10,000 or more people waiting for this manga to be relised i beg that this manga can come out again this manga has captivaded a lot of hearts including mine so if you can grant our wish please do


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