Happy New YEN PLUS!

It’s a brand-new year, and that means an all-new YEN PLUS! The Yen Press team has resolved to make YEN PLUS the very best manga magazine it can be in 2011, and we’re kicking off the new year with a little surprise! Some of our print readers may remember the adventures of three charming house-pets and their bumbling magician of an owner in One Fine Day. Creator Sirial is back with another dose of cuteness in Milkyway Hitchhiking!!! Milkyway is a speckled cat with the ability to grant wishes who roams the world helping those who need her. Look for her beautiful FULL-COLOR adventure in this month’s YEN!
Last month wrapped up Volume 9 of Yotsuba’s adventures (available in stores now!), so please join Yotsuba as she embarks on all-new adventures~! If it weren’t snowing outside, we’d totally be having a swing tag shoe race right now.
Also, Hye-Kyung Baek is taking a break from Gossip Girl this month after completing the second volume! (In stores this March!) But the claws will be out again in February, don’t worry…
Thank you for checking out this month’s YEN PLUS! For those of you who sent in submissions for our New Talent Search (soooooo many of you!), thank you very much! We are looking forward to opening them all!



Milkyway Hitchhiking is so cute and pretty!! I wonder if it’s remiscent of the novel “Milkyway Railroad” by Kenji Miyazawa.
Also, I love YP Josei series, “With The Light”, “Bunny Drop”, and “Not Love but Delicous Foods. I own them all!! I hope you publish more josei series like “Hataraki Man”.


I’d like you to licence Dantalian no Shoka. It’s great manga (and novel) and anime will air soon… Lot of people will love it!

Zelda Cool

Sweet! Sirial is back with a little som som! 😀 I love One Fine Day and have all the books now. And Yotsuba’s is the Stuff! ^_^


What gorgeous color! 😀 Looks adorable. Keep it up, Yen Press. I’m loving all you stuff, and I can’t wait what you’ll have in the future.


I love cats 0.0
Milkyway Hitchhiking looks like a nice, charming series. Will it eventually see a physical release? I’ve been loving the manhwa released by Yen. I’d also love to try MiSun Kim’s other title Warning, Raccoon!!; it looks adorable.


Ah, the benefits of digital media! That colour is gorgeous 🙂 I definitely see the future benefits Yen will reap having kept the magazine alive digitally. Can’t wait to reduce my little owned library all into a single portable digi-pad — and yet, also be able to read new PLUS issues right off it too!
Price drop, price drop, price drop, price drop, price drop, price drop — Appllllllle…! *mumbles*


I want to know when we are getting Kindle copies of yen manga. Also, I want Zombie Loan Anime!!!! It’s only in japan and it’s only region 2 dvds!!!! I want a blu ray box set in the states!!!!!!! NAW! 😉


I think Gosick novels are with Tokyopop (Seems that now with the anime they brought ir back)…


Hi YP, just a curious question:
I noticed that Kobato seems to be one of your more expensive books, at $11.99. Plus, it only has 160 pages.
But other books like Black Butler are only $10.99, and it has 190+ pages to it.
Mind if I ask why Kobato is a tad more expensive than others, even though it is a slimmer book?
Thanks a lot~


About a year ago Yen Press post about new series from Japan… So maybe it’s time to do it again? Please?

Brandy W.

Hey Yen Press,
My impatience definitely got the best of me.
I was wondering if it’s alright even if you haven’t decide on the contacting or announcing “the ones who got picked” for the Talent Search. For the next post update, is it alright if you can update us on how the staff is coming along with the submissions?
Thanks!! Much appreciate it!!

Brandy W.

Just clarifying myself when I said:
“For the next post update, is it alright if you can update us on how the staff is coming along with the submissions?”
In what part of the process is Yen Press at before choosing and contacting the winners?
Over all the question all the contestants of the talent search is curious about… What is the estimated date Yen Press will finally decide on contacting the winners??

Brandy W.

Awe, I keep forgetting my questions…..
How are you going to contact the winners?
By Snail Mail?
Just want to make sure I am stalking my right inbox-es.


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