So long, farewell, until we go online~

Well, it won’t be long till our big online debut, so if you haven’t already picked up your July issue of Yen Plus, you’ll want to make sure you’re all caught up on your favorite series before then! This month’s covers feature a trio of black blood-toting baddies from Soul Eater on side “B” while Si-Joon and Mu-Yeon celebrate their wedding day and the final chapter of Pig Bride on side “A”!!! This month’s magazine also contains the final chapter of One Fine Day, a bonus preview of Higurashi WHEN THEY CRY Time Killing Arc, and installments of all your regular favorites.

To those of you who’ve stuck with us these past two years, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. In that time, you’ve enjoyed over 50 volumes of Yen Plus titles, not to mention a number of original short stories, bonus previews, posters, and interviews. We know we
still have a long way to go, so we thank you for your support and hope to see you online very soon!!

It has been brought to our attention that the subscription hotline is no longer operational, so please direct any queries about refunds or missed May/June/July issues to [email protected]

We’ve also received a lot of queries about where to obtain back issues. A number of online stores, including RightStuf and Robert’s Anime Corner Store are still selling old issues, so you might have to do a little online digging.



Well, it certainly sucks that i cant go buy Yen+ at the bookstore anymore. And so soon after I started collecting it too! But you guys have done a great job. I personally wont be buying this online version (simply because I have no way to) but I wish you guys luck just the same!
And just for the fun of it. Suggestion time.
-Kino no Tabi. PLEASE.
-Witch Hunter. A good manhwa i just discovered.


I still have the first issue back when I had no idea what was going on. Now I have the last one and several volumes of NightSchool and Bamboo Blade.
It was great. I love you guys.


Thank you so much for the past two years, I really enjoyed reading Yen Plus. Can’t promise to say that I’ll stick around for the online version but I really can’t wait til the manga volumes come out in stores.


I bought my issue a couple of weeks ago and finished it faster than any other. It’s sad to see the print version go away but I’m also anticipating the changes coming with Yen+ 2.0. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!
By the way, will you be discussing the online magazine this weekend at SDCC?


So… when do subscribers get information about the online bit… or are we just out the money we paid? I subscribed because I loved the magazine but the fact that we are hearing nothing is starting to become a little irritating.


Is this a sad or a happy time? I’m kind of in the middle, here! I ran out to get the last issue first thing this July, and I must say I LOVE how the pig bride finally shows SOME emotion at the very end! Oops, did I say too much?! Good luck with your relaunch! You guys are great!


Thank you for the links.
I hope we will read you again soon “online”.
Do you already know if the system will be compatible with any kind of e-reader? (eg. kindle)


>I really can’t wait til the manga volumes come out in stores.
Seriously. It’s not that I’m impatient, but waiting ~7 years to finish or catch up to Japan is awful. That plus there’s other good series out there that release about once every four months and are short that I’m more willing to spend my money on.
You guys should do that. You seem to have a good enough company to make it online, so why not release the books a tad bit faster?


I hope, since there are no more shipping weight limits, you guys expand Yen Plus considerably. :3
Pandora Hearts is currently 10 volumes behind Japan, so it would be nice if you could speed up the release ALA Higurashi. The same for Black Butler (7 volumes behind) and Nabari no Ou (9 volumes behind).
Oh yeah, and Soul Eater (14 volumes behind) DESPERATELY needs a speed-up.


I’m gonna miss holding a nice magazine in my hands! Sort of! As long as I get to see what’s coming up in my favorite manga before they are published :))))) It’s been an AMAZING run, I love everything about the magazine–the wide range of genres, the fanart, your guys’s comments, Abby’s cute 4-koma, the editor’s notes, Otaku-pimp… everything!! I can’t wait to see it online!!
AANNNNNDDD I just wanna tell you that I have EVERY SINGLE ISSUE in this cute box right here under my desk and close to my heart!!!
Thanks for everything!!!


I would love it if some titles were speed up as well *cough* Black Butler *cough*

Angelica Brenner

It’s the end of an era! I never bought any Yen Plus – yipes, was I part of the problem? – but I’d always get a little smile on my face when I saw it in the magazine section of a grocery store.
I look forward to seeing what you guys have up your sleeve with the online version!

Zelda Cool

So with the magazine now going On-line, I wonder if they will back log all the pass Issues? 😀
I still have all mine… Hell I had to build a Bigger shelf to hold them. XD But I never did get the very first one. T_T And it’s being sold “use” for like $40 now. O_O
So when all this On-line stuff go’s down I hope we’ll be able to see all the stuff befor. ^_^


im so sad that i cant buy the book anymore , as long as i can follow you online than it’s cool : )
please bring back ; moon boy and add more love stories please and thank-you.


I’m so happy I finally got the last print edition of this magazine. I’m sad to see it go, but I will be looking forward to Yen+ 2.0
I enjoyed the magazine all the same. Good luck you guys!!

Default user

Any chance of making a subscription-based service where the issues can be downloaded to a device? My problem is I can’t connect to the intarwebs while I’m in the subway so being able to download for later viewing would be just peachy.

Virgina Guiao

Thanks for sharing this. I’m always looking for great resources to share with clients and my colleagues, and this post is certainly worth sharing!


It’s sad to see Yen Plus physically go, but I’ll be sure to get a subscription to the online service. There are many more possibilities, too, and hopefully this means some faster release schedules (at least for the series that sell well).
Question, though: will the online magazine be monthly, weekly, or etc.? Oh, and will this site be getting a forum anytime soon? Now that Yen Plus is going digital, it’d be nice to see some official forums as well.


Good luck with the online version, I hope it does the printed version justice by rocking twice as hard! 🙂
I heard that Go! Comi disappeared or went bankrupt or something or other, and they took the “07-Ghost” manga (by Yuki Amemiya and Yukino Ichihara) with them. If the online version gives you guys more space for new mangas (and legal issues permitting), may I suggest fishing it out from the depths of “out-of-print”?
I’ve really enjoyed reading Yen+ for the past year, really put a smile on my face when I got it in the mail every month. The magazine was and still is amazing, so just don’t let us down and give it your all!!


I will miss the print version. I think it’s the last available manga digest in the US (if someone knows otherwise, please post).
You are very strong with the content but I hope you show some improvement with managing subscriptions and avoiding glitches. I have already tried two things involving the online sneak preview to have them not work. Not confidence inspiring especially if I’m going to get my debit card involved in this.


This issue was the first issue of Yen+ I’ve ever read. It’s a shame that I won’t be able to buy more and add to my collection. I just found a new favorite thanks to this magazine too.
Faveorite Yen Press stories:
1.) Soul Eater
2.) Nightschool
3.) Pandora Hearts
4.) Black Butler
You guys still rock though! 🙂

Drake F.

Shame to see you go in paper format… I can understand why though, as the $40 subscription for the paper variety apparently wasn’t going as well as hoped (IMO, anyway). But the $3 monthly sub for the online version sure will be a lot better for some (especially cash-strapped me)
Favorite segments/manhwa (in no particular order):
1> Shrimp Art (Love ya, Abby!)
2> Jack Frost
3> NightSchool (Svet rules)
4> Max Ride (NaRae’s only 9 days my junior )


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