New Series on the Horizon!

With February upon us, we thought the time had come to share with readers some of the great new properties in Yen’s 2010 lineup that hadn’t yet been disclosed.

First up is one that should come as no surprise to existing fans of Yen’s list but that we are certain will make a lot of readers happy: THE MELANCHOLY OF SUZUMIYA-HARUHI-CHAN! The first volume of the highly anticipated yon koma featuring all new adventures from Haruhi and the rest of the S.O.S. Brigade will debut in October 2010 to the cheers of Haruhi fans everywhere! Yen is absolutely thrilled to be adding this series to its already prodigious lineup of yon koma.

And speaking of yon koma, we’re going to keep bringing you the hottest properties in November 2010 with the launch of kakifly’s K-ON! The four girls who make up their high school music club have set Japan on fire, and their fame is only going to grow when they take the stage for the first time in the states this fall!

For those who’d rather turn off the music for a while and curl up with a great book, then we’ve got just the book for you when the first installment of Mizuki Nomura’s BUNGAKU SHOUJO novel series reaches a bookstore near you in July 2010. BOOK GIRL AND THE SUICIDAL MIME is the story of Konoha Inoue, a gifted writer who’s lost his passion, who’s inducted into his school’s literature club by it’s only other member, the beautiful Touko Amano – a book goblin who literally devours the printed word! Trust us, you’ll want to eat this one up!

And the segues just keep coming! We’re going from eating books to just…eating! Yoshinaga Fumi fans are in for a rare delicacy in November 2010 when Yen publishes NOT LOVE BUT DELICIOUS FOODS, a manga chronicling Y-Naga’s love of food and eateries in Japan. There are some hardcore Yoshinaga Fumi fans on staff at Yen Press, and they are salivating in anticipation of this book’s release!

Last but certainly not least is picture book in comics form that will appeal to the child in all of us. What do you get when you take seven adorably diminutive bears and mash them up with some of the world’s most famous fairy tales? You get Émile Bravo’s brilliant and hilarious GOLDILOCKS AND THE SEVEN SQUAT BEARS! Readers young and old alike will delight in the misadventures of these dwarf bruins as they attempt to rid their home of the giant lady who’s fallen asleep in their beds. Expect to see lots of cameo appearances by some of your favorite fairy tale figures from your youth!
That’s it for now. We have more great stuff in the works, but we hope that these new books will tide you over until then!



I’m going to be honest here and say: You guys are on a roll! This is really exciting news, and definitely not some of the least releases. Especially looking forward to Bungaku Shoujo and Haruhi-chan.
Thanks Yenpress, your already impressive catalogue has been upgraded again!


OMMGE YESS!!! I can’t wait for K-On! and Haruhi-Chan gahh ;AAAAAAA; *wants to pre-order*


Always, always thrilled to see new series license announcements, Yen! <3
The Haruhi LNs are high on my list to read, but knowing there's yet another incarnation soon to come makes me think I better get a-move on. XD While the art particularly grip me, the premise of BOOK GIRL AND THE SUICIDAL MIME – not to mention its hilariously bizarre title – sound like a great read.
I'll be watching you guys closely, and continue to devour your already epic roster. <3


OMG!!! U GUYS!!!! I LOVE U YEN PRESS!!! u must of herd my LOVE(love love love love loooooooooove) for Bungaku shoujo (literary Girl)SO THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! (really am happy u guys choose this series xD really really!! now if only…maybe… BACCANO?!?!?! DURARARA?!?! VAMP?!?!? tehehe man im just getting addicted to Light novels xP)


Woah, You licensed K-On! Awesome, I know at least three person who’re going to love this news =D Thanks guys


THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Thanks for bring Haruhi-chan, K-ON!, Haruhi Suzumiya mangas, Spice & Wolf mangas/light novels out!! THANK YOU X 1000! <3


Ah, awesome. Been interested in Bungaku Shoujo since it got a movie green-lit. Never thought I’d get to actually read it. ?


Oh my God! Thank you so much for Bungaku Shoujo! As soon as this shows up on Amazon, I’ll pre-order it!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
And please, bring the other novels of the series too!


Haruhi-chan?? That makes my day. 🙂
I wanna see more light novels licensed next time! I think someone mentioned Baccano and Durarara in an earlier post? I’ve been wanting to read those actually.


:0 K-On! and Haruhi-chan?!? My year has just been made. Absolutely love both of them. Yay Mio and her adorableness. (> <)


Interesting selection, waaay excited for K-ON!. Nice pick. <3
I really want the light novels of Haruhi to continue though. I'm dying for them.


The licensing of K-On is causing me massive waves of elation.
The synopsis of Bungaku Shoujo sounds very appealing and interesting to me, but since it’s a light novel, I have to worry about whether Yen Press will release it with a god-awful abomination cover :/


Yen Press please do not destroy the cover for Bungaku Shoujo. Keep the original cover INTACT ON THE COVER! (not as a page on the inside. On the COVER) I don’t want to go through the “Spice and Wolf Crisis” again. ^^
Anyway I am super grateful for all these licenses! ^^ can’t wait for them! 🙂


K-ON!!!!!!!, loves u yen press, now maybe some more gan gan comics like durarara! or the light novel either one would be awesome!!!


please please license the rest of Aki Shimizu’s Qwan. I know its supposed to be a tokyopop thing but they haven’t released any of the new books since like 2005. so any ways please please license it. thank you for you time.


Yes. I love K-on!
And Haruhi-chan.
And Bungaku Shoujo.
You guys need to get more LNs. And don’t mess with the cover.
Its fine as is. >:

Ms. Sarcasm

I am looking forward to the release of Bungaku Shoujo and K-On! Both of those titles seem very promising.
Also, I have to agree with the previous posts, I would love to see Baccano licensed! 🙂
Another manga I would like to see translated is Mr. Morning by Shinobu Takayama. The artwork is so pretty, it looks like a combination of Pandora Hearts and Emma.?


Both Haruhi-chan and K-On! are instant buys for me. ^_^
And the Bungaku Shoujo novel sounds interesting, so I think I’ll pick it up as well.
Really awesome work! d(^_^)b

Michelle Raschbacher

Really looking forward to BOOK GIRL AND THE SUICIDAL MIME 😉
Also will be getting Kon and Haruhi


Maybe you should take a look at the critism being made concerning your translation of Lucky Star – so that K-On and Haruhi-chan will actually be funny in english as well.
“This volume’s greatest liability is its English translation, which is vague and lifeless at best and incomprehensible at worst. This not only strips the characters of any recognizable voice but also thwarts the series’ humor before it can even begin to take hold. Convoluted sentences like, “There are so many ideas as to what that unspeakable element is,” and “Don’t be starting something unnecessary in the middle of a conversation that is hard to delve into,” are common throughout the volume and particularly damaging when it’s obvious that they are supposed to be the punch line.”
“The translation (…) is *so* spectacularly awkward and awful that it is almost funny in and of itself.
For example, “If you cause some case in the future, ‘I had thought that she would do something like this someday.’ would be exactly what I would say.
(…)In fact, this is truly a “literal” translation and is nearly unreadable as a result. It’s not a good literal translation, either – it’s so raw that I can only assume that the translator (…) really is not a fluent English speaker.”


Thank you so much for Bungaku Shoujo, i look forward to be in july and i hope the cover will be good unlike to Spice&Wolf 😉


I’m afraid of what you are going to do to the cover of Bungaku Shoujo after the whole Spice and Wolf thing.


Congrats on picking some awesome Titles. I’m really looking forward to Bugaku Soujo and K-on. I also have a request or suggestion; The light novels of “A Certain Magical Index.” I would really like to see them.


@Mimi: You’re mistaking Yen Press with Bandai. Don’t do it again. I mean, ever. Got it? 😉


I got light headed when I read this.. (deep breath)I LOVE YOU YEN PRESS AND I CAN’T WAIT TO READ HARUHI-CHAN!! and K-on too, but OMG HARUHI-CHAN!!1!


I came across Bungaku shoujo only a week or two ago– What amazing timing on my part- I am so happy that you’re bringing it out!! Definitely on top priority on my list!
Although I can’t say I’m as interested in the 4-komas, even if it is Haruhi (And I’ve heard of K-on, but still not interested).
But Bungaku Shoujo! Yay! Whenever you pick new stuff out, there never fails to be something that interests me. You give me hope that some other things I’ve been waiting (praying) for might come over!


oh really? Then I take everything back XD I kinda had Yotsuba& and Lucky Star “registered” as “from the same publisher” in my head. I wonder why…
Still Yotsuba& has gotten some similar critisism as well.
“My problem is with the translation. It’s not to my liking, to be honest, and pales in comparison to the ADV Translation. It’s not that it’s bad, exactly, but it is a little too faithful to the source material.
Part of the beauty of Yotsuba&! is that the source material is very, very strong. The relatively few cultural jokes have easy analogues, as in Miura visits the Ayase household dressed as a cardboard robot. In the ADV translation, she says that her name is Cardbo. That’s pretty easy, right? Cardbo->Cardbord->Cardboard robot. It makes sense.
In the Yen Press translation, Miura calls herself Danbo, a reference to the Japanese word for cardboard. And, okay, that’s cool, but it isn’t a joke, exactly. It’s a reference with a footnote. It’s like when someone tells you a joke, and you don’t laugh because you don’t get it, and then they explain why it was funny. The problem is that after all of that… it still isn’t funny. You get it, but you don’t laugh.
Fans are notable for being extremely reluctant to be anything but absolutely faithful to the source material in an attempt to be truly authentic. This often leads to awkward, or nonsensical translations. Yotsuba&! being strong enough to shine through an awkward translation doesn’t make the translation any less awkward. The honorifics don’t add anything to the book, beyond it seeming more “Japanese.” It’s like the book has been translated, but not localized.
Part of the draw of Yotsuba is how it’s fairly minimalist, to borrow an idea from Jeff Lester. His specific example was toward the end of Yotsuba & Delivering, when Koiwai bonks Yotsuba on the head for bicycling so far away from home. It’s a completely white panel with Koiwai, his fist bonking Yotsuba on her gigantic head, the sound effect in kana, the romanization of the sound effect (“go”), and “bonk” in parentheses.
In the original Japanese, it’s a very simple and to the point panel. However, in Yen Press’s translation, it’s got the romanization and the actual translation on top of the kana, which just clutters things up. It takes away from the minimalist style of the panel. The problem is that editing out the kana and simply inserting a “bonk” sound effect in an appropriate style would’ve been much more straightforward and, well, funny. The panel has two bits: Koiwai bonking Yotsuba and the “bonk” sound. Instead, it has the bonking action, a symbol that’s essentially meaningless to me, the translation of that symbol, and then the actual sound effect. It’s too much. It weakens the joke by layering on too much information.”


What is the point of coming to their page and trashing them? I mean criticism is always a good thing but Yen Press, like any other company, has their own style of translation. Are you trying to ruin them by trashing this page with information from 5 months ago? I don’t see you doing to this Tokyopop the crappiest company out there.


Happy that Bungaku Shoujo got licensed.
Someone said this already, but PLEASE don’t mess with the cover again. I’m still relutant to get a copy of Spice and Wolf even now. Seriously, I’d love to pay for a “special” edition, but DO NOT do “magazine reader bonus” again, please.


@Sekai14 I agree with Tokyopop being the crappiest company out there. Yen Press is WAY WAY different from Tokyopop. Tp can only get good titles but then never give those titles the quality they deserve, but Yen’s consistent quality(a.k.a quality pages, translator’s notes, etc:) is one of the reasons we appreciate them for their hard work. @mimi As for Yotsuba&! translations, Yen was just doing its job. Yen could’ve just taken the easy way out and used ADV’s translations, but instead they re-translated the whole thing, and heck they even made it better, because what do you prefer most? Faithfulness to the original? Or just only “somewhat” close to that?


Great news with K-ON! and Haruhi-Chan. I am also now interested in Bungaku Shojo. Hey Yen, you guys seem like the perfect company to pick up both the Minami-ke manga. And Rental Magica novel/manga. What cant I plug for some of my favorite series 😛
Cant wait to buy K-ON! and Haruhi-Chan, keep up the good work.

The Mad Manga Massacre

Yay! Bungaku Shoujo! And more Fumi Yoshinaga manga is always a good thing! K-On! was bound to happen and I hope this helps Yen Press as you are one of my favorite publishers. Also, don’t let comments by certain fans regarding the cover changes for the light novels get you down. If it allows the titles to survive in a tough industry, then great! Hopefully it will attract a larger audience as many of these light novel series do not receive the attention they deserve. I do not want a repeat of Ballad of a Shinigami (a series which I became enthralled with but was dropped due to poor sales).


………..holy -……BUNGAKU SHOUJO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BANZAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!I can’t believe the great news that I’ve just read!and here I though i would never see it translated! Please oh please don’t mess with the cover,it’s fine as it is.
Also, Haruhi-chan? and K-ON!? seriously!? this year is gonna be so awesome…..what else are you guys keeping from us?
I know you guys will provide great translations for all three, and I would like to see more like novels being licensed……perhaps Toradora! would be a good choice? just a suggestion.

Richard J.

@ Hypernova: You should check with Rightstuf, they had Spice and Wolf available with the slipcover included at no extra cost. They may still have copies with covers!
Haruhi-chan and K-ON! are very likely going to be on my shelves and I am going to buy the Bungaku Shoujo light novel. I want to support light novels and I sincerely hope Yen Press will license the Familiar of Zero light novels and the Tabitha side novels! (Maybe some Baccano! too?)


Richard J. > on amazon, it’s written that Zero’s Familiar is licencied by Tor/Seven Seas (and it’s release date is 29/01/10, and still unavailable)


@ minirop I’m pretty sure they canceled the Familiar of Zero considering they have no real schedule when it comes to releases. I bought a series called “Outcast” from them and it said the second volume was coming soon on the last page. It has been six years since then.


YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yeah for more light novels~!
Bungaku Shoujo is definitely a buy for me.
Yen Press’s other licenses look very appealing as well :3 You guys are starting to monopolize what manga/light novels I buy now XD haha
Thank you for the licenses!


I’m happy to see Bungaku Shoujo is getting translated but… the naming seems a bit… weird…


@Person: I agree with you. I like literary (literature) girl better. But i wont make a fuss. spice and wolf’s translations where great And if u guys r going to change the cover….dont use a person. Just put some books or something on it and also do the same as spice and wolf with cover in magazine.


K-ON and Haruhi-chan made my day. This is the best news regarding licensing in the industry this year. Rock on, YP!


Come one, come all, take your bets on the new Bungaku Shoujo cover art. Current ratios are 5:1 in the favor of it being absolutely and completely destroyed into something unrecognizable by any fans whatsoever.
On that note, I am excited to see this series get announced but at the same time, I am worried due to Yen Press recent S&W cover fiasco. Time will tell I suppose.


@ rain
So you want to relieve the Spice and Wolf travesty? o___0 Sorry I don’t want a split down the middle of Holo’s face like cover.


I just hope that the Bungaku Shoujo cover is a nice balance. What I mean by that is the way it already is, it won’t placed in the manga section but at least for once in novel section. I mean what’s the difference between english novels and their illustrations VS Light novels and theirs? ( well to me though, light novels have better pictures(:


yeaaaah!!! Suzumiya Haruhi-chan no Yuutsu and K-ON! stuff that i recently got interested in.


@ Sekai14
No, not at all. I’d rather have the original cover with its original beauty intact with the actual book… i was just saying “if” they change it.
(I love light novels. I have to read them no matter what, even if the cover is bad and i have to use a split in the middle replacement.)


I never read K-ON, but it’s about time someone brought it over here, it’s so popular it was amazing that it wasn’t earlier. Bungaku Shouji sounds good, I think I might buy it. ^_^

Nyako Mimi

Aww no Durarara!! xD It’s new in japan, so Im not too surprised Noth America hasnt licensed it yet, but if it does, I wan YenPress toooo~~ (i luv u guys~)

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Richard J, that’s actually not entirely true. SevenSea’s is actually working on releasing more light novels. They haven’t yet been able to, but they have said on the forums in the past several months that they are working on releasing “Zero’s Familiar” and “Kanokon” (which they wish to release at the same time the anime comes out)

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That’s a lie. Seven Seas has canceled their light novel line over a year ago due to poor sales (in the manga section…). It’s not coming back.
As for them saying they are planning to release it, I think you should do some research is what is commonly called “corporate BS”. Zero no Tsukaima was suppose to come out last year December, and that’s after it was delayed since January, and here we are. Keep in mind, the series is over 18 volumes.
Also, they’ve been boasting about “working” on release it since last year. And the fact that they plan to release Kanokon with the anime is sketchy too. Why didn’t they do that last year with ZnT? Seriously, answer me if you can.
Finally, as I’m sure this has been stated a thousand times over, light novels don’t sell because manga buyers don’t buy novels in the manga section. That’s why Yen markets Haruhi towards YA readers and The Wolf towards Sci-fi/Fantasy readers. Seven Seas has specifically stated that the reason why ZnT cannot be marketed towards YA because it’s “too fanservicy” (grasping at straws, anyone), they also said that Gun Princess is a no go because it’s about…guns. So, what does this mean? It means that it aint gonna happen. They put a barrier up on getting it to a wider audience, and history has shown that it will fail in the manga section. Oh, and Borders is on the verge of going out of business.
PS: Yen officially won 2010 with the license of K-on!


K-on! and Bungaku Shoujo, great ones! I can’t wait for them. ~ Delicious Foods looks interesting as well, and I’m sure a friend of mine will love Haruhi-chan. =w=
@Matt – Why in the hell are they trying to release more light novels? Thanks to that fiasco with the ones they released a couple years ago here, no-one I know will support their company at all any longer.


Uh, it would be AAAAAAAAAWESOME if you got Umineko no Naku Koro ni in the picture too. Higurashi’s getting a bit too much love, hmm?
Durarara would be interesting too… And you should bring Kuchu Buranko too… :<


Let’s just say this, Richard J is right on this one, it aint gonna happen. Seven Seas killed the line officially last year August. They also said they were “working on it” over a year ago…
That aside, hurray for K-on! Hopefully some will snag the anime next!


YAH! Umineko!! that was a good series!!
and yeah for more Durarara love! I swear Yen just pick up Some Narita Ryohgo series! They are mind blowing!


Wow, this is real nice! I’m looking forward to Haruhi-chan and K-On! I think you guys did an excellent job with your other 4-koma, Hidamari Sketch, so both Haruhi-chan and K-On! should be good. To be honest, I wish you guys were the ones who did Lucky Star because that one isn’t living up to my expectations (although I really love the anime).


BUNGAKU SOHUJOOOOOOOO~~~~~~!!!!! I need that book. And I agree that I’d really hate for the cover to be altered. ;~; I also totally agree that Narita’s stuff should be picked up. I need my Baccano, Vamp, and Durarara even more than I need my oxygen.


Cool, you guys licensed Haruhi-chan! I already have Haruhi 5 and Yotsuba&! 8 in pre-order (and obviously, own all the ones that have been released from those series). Guess I’ll just have to keep adding to the queue list.
I thought your translation of Yotsuba&! was top-notch. I let my little brother borrow it and he loved it, too. I prefer seinen manga myself, but your tranlations are in great sync with the author’s style.
I would like to see more seinen manga published some day (Hoshi no Samidare perhaps…) but Bungaku Shoujo looks pretty appealing. I’m looking forward to reading it.
Thanks for licensing all these great manga and keep up the good work!


@The people who are concerned about the Bugaku Shoujo novel cover, if you go to Hachette’s website and view their catalog you’ll see a cover that they might possibly be using. It features a brown cover with loads of books on it WITH the original cover put on.
Also, since June is coming soon, Spice and Wolf is supposed to be released. If you also look on the catalogs, you’ll see that the cover for the Spice and Wolf novel features the original Japanese illustration. You can view it here at this LJ COMMUNITY along with the catalog link. Perhaps we’ll be getting the cover we want from now on? Let’s hope so.
But on another topic, Yen Press you picked up some great titles! Looking forward to them! 🙂


a little slow on commenting, but i am really excited that you guys are licensing some josei titles like usagi drop and that other fumi yoshinaga manga…i’ll be looking forward to more josei titles in the future.


Awesome…I’m so excited for Bungaku Shoujo!! I’ve been wanting to check it for a while, after watching the 10 minute teaser for the movie!! Will definitely be buying these!
K-ON!! FTW!! Yon-Koma FTFW!! LOL


just found out the awesome news, been waiting ages for k-on! all u have to do now is get baccano, durarara novel and manga and kannagi, if u do this my life will be complete , you are the main licensor of the majority of my growing manga collection


Wow! I’m really excited about Haruhi-chan and K-ON! But… as a few people earlier mentioned you should translate Durarara! and Baccano! They’re both so awsome and deserve a proper translation, one that Yen Press can give.


@Sekai14: I second mimi in the critism. We don’t want to settle with something better than Tokyopoop, we want to have something that’s better than most of the companies out there releasing manga/manhua/manwha. I hope you agree with us on that point. I agree that Yen does a great job but when they can be better…why not? Critism if it’s right on the spot is something you take and make better. I don’t think that mimi who probably buys a lot from Yen Press would want to trash them down so they can close the shop or get worse..since that would affect the stuff she/he is buying from Yen press.
@lia: I don’t think they are allowed to use the ADV translation of Yotsuba since that would probably end in court about copyright/plagarism/etc.
@Yen press: Don’t do a “Spice and Wolf” on us again with “Bungaku Shoujo”. I want to buy “Bungaku Shoujo” like I wanted to buy “Spice and Wolf”, the only thing that will stop me from buying it is if the cover is changed again….and she’s a nakid loli with a book covering her *****…since you people seem to like that kind of covers…….no offensive meant, probably.


@T1 Yeah…I already like way Bungaku Shoujo’s cover as is, but the question is, that if the Spice & Wolf light novels faired well becaause it wasn’t in the manga section, then I just wonder which section of the bookstore will Bungaku Shoujo be placed in, because the instant thought that you get from looking at a light novel is that it just has more manga inside. I dont know if it was a good idea or not to change the Spice & Wolf’s cover, but just hoping that the 2nd volume of Spice and Wolf stays in a different section then manga section to help sales, with its original cover.


K-On!, Bungaku Shoujo, and Haruhi-chan?! Really? I love you, Yen Press! I didn’t think we would get an English adaptation of K-ON so early, too! My manga shelves are practically filled with Yen’s releases. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the licenses and hard work. Thank you!


Yen press. You are my number one favorite manga company as of now. I’m happy you licensed K-On and Bungaku Shoujo. If there is any novel I sincerely wish that you would license and bring to the U.S, that would be…


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