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Those of you following us on Twitter may have spotted last week’s ongoing Spice and Wolf novel giveaway, and we’d like to continue giving our loyal readers opportunities to take home free stuff! If you haven’t been following Yen Press on Twitter, well, now’s your chance! Visit our Twitter page here!
Given the season, we figured now was a good time to sprinkle in a few more chances for you to win before we take a break for the holidays. And, we thought, why not let our dear fans pick what they’d like to see raffled off? And so, the first of what I expect to be many Yen Press polls:

[poll id=”3″]

Tomorrow on Twitter, we’ll be telling you how you can win a copy of today’s selection! So follow us now for ongoing news, updates, and your chance to emerge victorious!



Choose between Pandora Hearts or Black Butler? What, are you crazy? You want me to pick just one? Gah. So not fair. Ultimately I voted for PH. But seriously, that was just cruel.

Kaell Steers

Okay, so I’ve been counting the days, weeks, and months for you guys to release Black Butler volume 1. I’ve been a huge fan since reading it online. I told myself “I MUST BUY THIS, IT’S SO AMAZING!” I was excited when Yen Press (you) were translating it. I want to get all the books! You guys are amazing for acquiring the rights to it. I can’t wait! GO BLACK BUTLER!

Elite Prince

Pandora Hearts is amazing in it’s own way, but it has to be Black Butler! I’ve been waiting awhile now for this! I told myself that I wouldn’t be starting any new series until I finish I few, but I’m going to make an exception for Black Butler!


I couldn’t contain myself when I read your tweet about Black Butler. I’ve been waiting for it to reach stateside since God knows.
So obvious choice is obvious. 😛


Choosing between PH and BB?! Such a hard, hard decision~ I voted for PH, but it looks like BB is winning. S:


BOTH! ;_____;
but i went with black butler because i already have pandora hearts volume 1 ;P


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