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Ahhh, things are finally warming up outside! And I can’t think of a better way to enjoy a long, lazy summer afternoon than with a copy of the latest Yen Plus! This month’s cover features the girls of Sumomomo, Momomo and the equally amorous star of Pig Bride! In addition to our usual lineup of fantastic, this month’s mag also features a special short story from Queenie Chan called “Forget-Me-Not,” as well as the first installment of a three-part preview of the upcoming Kieli novel. This month also marks our first full year of publication at Yen Plus, so next month will be our big anniversary issue with all kinds of great new stuff for you readers! Enjoy!



For some awesome reason I got this last week 🙂 And there I was complaining that Yen+ took its time to get to the UK… Hard to believe it’s been out for a whole year now, thanks for all your hard work 😀


Thanks for the sample of kieli! I was wondering will the hardcover have the original artwork?


Got it right on time this month. Thanks, much better than waiting until the 28th like in May. Can’t wait to read Pig Bride this month 🙂


I LOVED Kieli! I’ve seen the manga before, but never picked it up. However, I’m definitly going to buy both the manga and the novel now! The preview got me hooked! Pig Bride was really good, too! And Night School! So many good series in this magazine, I look forward to it every month! The only let down is when I check to see if you’ve released information on the amatuer contest and see that you haven’t…Can you please start it up? I get so excited about it everytime I get the magazine and then it’s not there!
Off topic, I just finished reading 13th Boy and I have a question: How do you pronounce the double B’s? Like in “boong-au-bbang”? I know this is out of place as it has nothing to do with the magazine, but I couldn’t figure it out and they show up a bit in sound effects and such. (I love the series so far, by the way!) Thanks~!


I got last month’s issue and this month’s within a span of 5 days of each other…it’s been a good week to say the least.

Marq Durianz

The Kieli Novel pre-view was awsome!, and I would agree that the mix of green and pink on the covers look flashy, in a good way.


I got my issue in early this time~! It was an interesting read coming from Forget-me-not. I haven’t finished the Kieli portion yet, I think I might turn out to like it.
Keep up the nice work.
Question though, why was Sumomomo [shorter is better this time] so short in this issue?


I was really surprised when this came earlier than usual! Mine usually gets in the mail by the last week of the month but this time it came earlier! It was a nice surprise! X]
And i cant WAIT for next months issue!! Congrats on an (almost) full first year of a great magazine!!


I’ve been purchasing and reading Yen Plus since it was first released. I have been buying them from a few local bookstores, grocery stores and different cities. However, since the release of the April issue, I haven’t been able to find any copies anywhere. It’s the only manga magazine I have left! I’m in Canada and wondering if anyone else in Canada is having problems finding copies…
Hopefully I can find this next issue and the back issues of the previous few.


Yen + is doing great, and must never die like some other nameless anthology that recently bit the big one. I enjoy both sides of the book equally for different reasons, so I can’t get enough of the diversity.
I have high hopes for Queenie Chan after reading Forget Me Not. You can never go wrong with original content. More greatness like this please.
I am officially addicted, so don’t hold out on me and take my fix away. It wouldn’t be pretty at all.


@rena I’m having the same problem. I just got back from the store and for the third month in a row no yen plus. I’m also in Canada.


I couldn’t find a few issues of Yen+ in Seattle, WA, USA. After much research, I not only found the April issue online for a reasonable price (some places are already trying to sell it for $25), I actually got Yen+ reinstated at my local magazine shop! Yay, me! if I do say so myself.
The problem: There’s been a collapse in the magazine distribution industry. My local shop’s usual distributor gave me & the shop’s owners the run-around, and eventually claimed that Yen+ was **no longer printed**. I countered this by both calling the number on the masthead & also checking online. The usual distributor would not be convinced, so the shop’s owners checked around with their other distributors till they found one that was not run by doofuses… Er, carried Yen+.
I hope my epic saga shows that we can indeed overcome whatever trials we must face to bring the goodness of Yen+ and Pig Bride to wherever the forces of evil would deny it.

Amber Phillips

Oh, my poor heart! I had so little money and I was so afraid that I’d miss an issue! And then my grandmother magically handed over some money for my grades, and I ran to the bookstore… and there it was… ((Of course I could’ve always gotten a back-order, but that’s no fun!)
Anyways, I just love this magazine! I kept up with Shonen Jump for years, but the magazine didn’t seem diverse enough – as opposed to Yen Plus having a handful of series!
Well ~ here’s looking forward to the anniversary!


rena, i found back issues on there was an issue with my subscription so i had to buy them off there so i wouldn’t miss them. it’s pretty much impossible to find them in any store (or so i’ve found).


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