I can’t believe it’s time for the May issue of YEN PLUS already! But the calendar says it is so, and so it must be. We’ve got an awesome new YEN PLUS for you this month, featuring the dark and deadly Jack Frost and the girls of the Muroe High kendo team! Sadly this is the last month you’ll see Bamboo Blade in the anthology, because we’re making room for a brand-new series starting next month . . . Pandora Hearts! (Read more about it here!) But don’t worry, you can still get your hands on the collected book editions of Bamboo Blade! In fact, in April and May we’re releasing several volumes of the series you know from YEN PLUS: Nightschool, Pig Bride, Nabari no Ou, Sumomomo Momomo, Jack Frost, and Bamboo Blade! Be sure to check them out! And as always, thanks for reading!



May issue’s out already? It’s not even halfway through April yet!! Yen Plus, I’m really wondering what’s up with you guys and releasing your issues long before the actual month? It really confuses the sh*t out of me and I keep worried that I’ll miss an issue like the November one. ><


I got this issue in the mail yesterday, and I’ve already read it! I go through it so fast, it’s kind of aggravating. But the stories are so good, that I can’t help but want to read more!
I’m a bit sad to see Bamboo Blade go, and I’m becoming slightly worried. Are all of the series going to be taken out some time? I mean, without the story finishing, of course. Because that would be really sad…
Anyway, Loved this issue! I’m getting really hooked on Pig Bride, Nabari no Ou, Nighschool, Maximum Ride (Gah, after reading the books, it’s so much fun watching it get drawn!), Sarasah, Time and Again… ah well, I’m just hooked on all of them.


I got this yesterday and finished it this morning! Another awesome issue! ^-^ I loved, loved, loved, loved Nightschool! And Nabari No Ou? OH MY GORD! Yoite’s adorable without his hat on! He looks like this cute little recluse man! I fell in love! Anyway, as I stated last issue, all the plot lines are really moving forward, which is very exciting for me! As far as Bamboo Blade being dropped, well, I wasn’t much of a fan to begin with, so I can’t say I was too upset. (Hopefully I’ll like Pandora Hearts more!) OH! And Pig Bride! Man I hope we get to see her face! I’m on the edge of my seat here, you guys gotta get the the July issue out early next month! (Sarasa(sp?) and Soul Eater were really good, too!)
As always, PLEASE GIVE US MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE AMATUER CONTEST! I’m dieing here! Thanks bundles! ^-^ Keep up the hard work! Ya’ll’s magazine always brightens my day!


RIP Bamboo blade~
Anyhow, OMG look at that Jack Frost cover! =V is what my face is like! Too cool~
Wait, RIP bamboo blade..? Its not done in Japan yet and you guys are cutting it this early? Oh well, I wasn’t that big of a fan, but it was still kind of a early cut.. >_<


No more Bamboo Blade?? Aww…well hopefully Pandora Hearts is able to replace it.


Can’t say that I’m crushed to see Bamboo Blade go, although it was kind of funny. I’m looking forward to trying out Pandora Hearts. As to the issue that was raised as to the months I think it’s common for magazines to come out a month in advance so to speak. What I mean is the issue that comes out in April show cases books, ect. that are coming out in May so this way we can plan ahead and it is thus called the May issue despite coming out a month before that. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong but I think manga magazines in Japan do the same thing.


Are you guys ever gonna start having back issues? If you can’t subscribe and you miss a month, you’re pretty much screwed! Please start getting back issues soon!


I can honestly say I won’t be missing Bamboo Blade all that much, but the idea that Higurashi and the aforementioned Bamboo Blade have been taken out of Yen Plus disturbs me quite a bit. The reason I never renewed my subscription to Shojo Beat was due to their shuffling out of almost all their original run manga 🙁 I really love the stuff you have in YP now…so I really hope it doesn’t go down that same path and turn into some sort of sampler magazine. Japanese compilations keep the same stuff, why can’t we? 🙁

mushroom cow

Quit taking out manga in the magazine! Seriously! We’re not spending ten bucks an issue for a sampler manga! it’s bugging the $#!+ outta me!!!


I agree with mushroom cow I do not want to get a subscription unless I know that you will continue with the current magazine. I may even stop buying the magazine. I really liked bamboo blade, and I want to see it continued in the magazine. Can you at least let us vote off the least popular. I really hope you can at the very least finish one series before you kill it.
I am still a fan of your magazine, but it seems like you fear COMMITMENT.


I just snagged my copy of YEN+ off the stand… [I sent in for a subscription but still haven’t received it in the mail…]I was shocked to see that Bamboo Blade is coming off. SERIOUSLY. It’s one of the funny manga[s?] you guys have in there. Please don’t become another Shonen Jump or Shojo Beat and leave on the mainstream things on [IE: Soul Eater is becoming BIG in the states]
Why are you guys shuffling out manga so fast? Shonen Jump started doing that with Shaman King and all they have now are just super selling mainstream garbage that little preadolescences can sink their teeth into. [Yen+ does a fantastic job of aiming their magazine for 16+]I just hope you guys won’t take out Pig Bride or Jack Frost. I will be one unhappy panda.
Do you guys plan on putting up a feedback portion in your magazine? I like the fanart idea; but adding a “letter” section would seem appropriate as well.
I also liked the poster you guys had out [previous issues]. Will you guys also plan out for some extra goodies in the nearby future?
Keep up the good work. I just hope you guys can do more pleasing than damage. Yen+ is killing me with all these rotating manga[s]…[surprisingly no manwha has been taking off]


As I said, I’m worried too. But I don’t think it’s good to attack the people running the magazine; things happen. Bamboo Blade is VERY long series, and if Yen feels the need that production would be faster if it went straigt to takobun form, then they have the right to do that. What do we REALLY have to complain about? We get the story faster right? (Though, I understand, too. It’s fun having it in the magazine, with the super-easy to read size and such)
However, I think there might have been a better way to handle it. One question – did you guys [yen] know that you were going to pull Bamboo Blade, eventually? (I ask this question, assuming that some stories will actually be finished). If so [about Bamboo Blade], I think it would have been wiser to simple have “preview chapters” like you did with Goong, moon boy and B.Ichi. Or at least state at the beginning of the stories serilization, that at some point it’s going to be pulled. That probably could have reduced some uproar.
Though, things do happen, so if it wasn’t to your knowledge that it would be pulled, I can understand. But I can’t wait for pandora hearts!


I agree with most of the comments.
The issues comes out fast so I’m afraid I’m going to miss some. So could you slow down a bit?


I understand that bamboo blade is a very long series and all that but I really do not have the money to be getting hooked on a lot of series.
Soul Eater,
Bamboo Blade,
Sumomomo Momomo,
Pig Bride,
If you take out any more of these I will be freakin’ pissed.
I love you, but still.


Wheeeeen will this arrive at my bookstore? Ive been checking the past WEEK since this was posted and none of my local bookstores are carrying this issue…. I am so distraught. And kinda grumpy. Ok very grumpy.
I sincerely hope this arrives in Southern California soon. My poor heart cant take the dissapointment everytime I see that April issue on the stands. 🙁


Woo-hoo! Got the newest issue! I never really read Bamboo blade (I when i read you guys were getting ride of it i was like “yesssssss” xD)….so i cant wait for the new series!


I was very excited to see my fanart published!
As far as shuffling titles in and out, I can see the advantages and the liabilities of it. On one hand, I do want the very long-running Japanese series to be released in a timely manner. On the other hand, I don’t want to see Yen Plus turn into a main-stream magazine that sells out to the largest audience. I stopped reading Shonen Jump because they only serialized the ‘popular’ series.
This doesn’t seem to be a huge problem for Yen, yet, so I hope to see an amazing magazine continued for many issues to come. Thanks for all the hard work!


If this magazine turns into a sampler magazine I will stop buying it. I was going to subscribe but then you pulled Higurashi and I decided to wait and see what happens. Now that you’re pulling Bamboo Blade I’m glad I didn’t waste $50. I started to buy this magazine because it had some series I’d heard of and I was interested in. Then I kept reading because it had titles I didn’t know of that I came to enjoy.
There are many titles in your magazine that I like and will continue to read while it is in the magazine, but once pulled I have no desire to go buy the books of it. I enjoyed Bamboo Blade, but not enough to keep buying it. The same with Higurashi. I feel that $10 a month for several titles in one magazine is a great value, but if they’re all separate I’d much rather go out and buy a real book for the same price that will take me more than a couple of hours to read through.
I realize that even if you turn into a sampler magazine and chase away a portion of your initial market, you’ll still have plenty of people willing to buy it. However, just because people continue to buy your product does not mean it’s a GOOD product. If you plan to run series for only a few chapters you could at least inform the people who are providing your profits with a bit of warning about it. Not a sudden announcement that you’ll be pulling it after the current issue.
I started buying your magazine because it was a good product for a good value, but I will not continue to support it if it goes down the road of a sampler magazine.


I LOVE Bamboo Blade and you are pulling it, what the h*ll?!?! I have been looking for it in stores for over a year now and I finally found in Yen+ and I was soooo happy!!! I subscribed to Yen+ because I like Bamboo Blade so much and prefer not to buy the volumes, and now I am going to have to. I also don’t like that you have taken two really good series out of the magazine. I have really enjoyed the series that are publishes in Yen+ and I become annoyed when good series are taken out. I really don’t what Yen+ to go down the road of Shonen Jump and Shojo Beat and become a sampler magazine.
I love Yen+ so plese take into consideration all of the people who have fallen in love with a series.

A Floyd

Well, guys, whatever thought I had for subscribing to Yen Plus, after reading you’ll be removing Bamboo Blade from the publication, that thought just left my head. IE I won’t be subscribing, likely not buying Yen Plus anymore. 2 retail sources for Yen+ also dried up over the last 2 months, so I’ve missed the April 2009 issue.
With no Higurashi or Bamboo Blade, that leaves Pig Bride as the only draw to Yen+, and I can’t justify the purchase anymore. You had a bang-up lineup in Yen+ but you just _had_ to go and make bad (stupid?) decisions and mess with a perfect product. Higurashi being as long as it is means a constant title to keep in the book.
I do not read Maximum Ride nor Nightschool. Not Manga, and it’s out of place among the Japanese and Korean titles.
Will I buy the collected books aka GNs / tankoubon? I don’t know.


At A. Floyd-So you’re not reading Nightschool and Maximum Ride because they’re not Asian and thus you don’t consider them manga? First of all, that’s super closed minded and second of all, Maximum Ride is drawn by a Korean. And they don’t fit? They’re in the exact same manga-style art as everything else in this magazine, of course every artist is unique, but they’re still recongnized as manga/manhwa art. Saying they’re not manga because the art/storyline was thought up by a westerner is the same as saying you won’t buy an eastern car because the first cars were made in the west. It’s rediculous. How about you open your eyes and realize that just because someone wasn’t born in a certain part of the world doesn’t mean that they can’t be a fantastic artist and storyteller and begin judging based on content rather than the location of the creator.
-End Rant- (Sorry for chewing you out, but this really bugs me. Anyway, you’re probably not going to read this, so, oh well.)
That being said, I agree with many of the other above comments about not wanting Yen Plus to be a sampler magazine and would appreciate it if you wouldn’t remove anymore titles until the storylines are finished.


Man, you guys are a bunch of whiners! I love Bamboo Blade, too, but if that was the only reason you were buying the magazine, why were you buying in the first place? Just buy the books when they come out.
The nice thing about Yen Plus IS that you get introduced to a bunch of different titles. Like, Time and Again is now my favourite in the magazine. I would never have found that title if it hadn’t been included. Does that mean if they pull it next month I’ll start stamping my foot and swearing? No, because every time they’ve pulled something and put a new title in, it has been awesome. And even if there are one or two titles that aren’t my favourite *Jack Frost* I more than get my money’s worth for the enjoyment I do get out of it.
HUG Yen Press HUG
I already have my subscription, and will be renewing it in November!


I’m a subsciber,and I just sent mine in on March and I’ve missed all of them since!I am waiting for May and I’ve been waiting for a MONTH!!! Will it come?

Sean M.

Aww, Bamboo Blade is being taken out… Well, Pandora Hearts seems interesting enough that it should work for me just as well as Bamboo Blade did.
And to the whiners, stop it! There is probably a really good reason why they pulled it. I mean, let’s look at Higurashi; each time they got three or four chapters, they released a book the month after the final chapter for said book was released in Yen Plus. Because of that, they decided that they should just pull it out since they are going to be releasing the books more regularly than not. So… this could easily be the situation with Bamboo Blade, or… this could be something else. Personally, I don’t know, I’m just basing this off of what I could tell.
Anyway, the only thing I have to fume to Yen Press is: Why is there more Manhwa/Amerimanga than Manga?! It’s so unsymmetrical!
Sorry, just had to be Death because of the inequality! Still, keep up the good work with Yen Plus!
Wait! I have one more question, my copy of this issue of Yen Plus looked like a dog was trying to eat it before it was sealed. Was this just because of the mail carrier, or did the printing machine explode causing the minor damage? lol I have no problem with it, I’m just curious if you happened to catch a glimpse at the shipment of books before they left. xD


Wow a lot of the whiners are really irrational. Did you really want to wait ten years for higurashi? And pay thousands of dollars for it? GOD they did a good thing pulling it out the magazine it’ll be released faster, you’d think because of that reason they’d stop b#@ching but no. And also not wanting to buy bamboo blade in tankouban form… seriously what the [email protected]? I do not get that. You can follow you favorite series for less money in the volumes yet you want to pay 9 bucks for every two chapters? Also many of the whiners are acting like they just canceled the series; which i wish they would just to spite all the complainers.
ARG!! Sorry if i sound rude but all those whiners made chuckle sadly then get annoyed. Very annoyed.
Anyhoo do you guys have any info on whether a new original story will come to yen plus? The OEl are really the biggest draw for me to get the magazine.


Poor Bamboo Blade…. It was my second favorite, well it was my third until Higurashi left. Oh well, Just picked up Pig Bride, Nightschool, and Oninagi. I was wondering why it says Nightschool and Maximum Ride are 5 times 7.5 when they are the same size as Pig Bride which is 5.75 time 8.25. Just wanted to say that because it was bugging me.


if only 2-3 series the only draw to mag then why buy it? I find it fine if they switch out the stories after a time if it matches up with the book. I’d just pick up where I left.
if anything, Id like to see some more extras and different columns and articles. this is a mag after all


Yeah! I can’t wait to start reading Pandora Hearts. Bamboo Blade was okay but not one of my favorites. I’ve seen an episode of the anime and it looks cool.

Kathleen A.

I don’t think expressing extreme disappointment is tantamount to whining. YenPlus is profit making venture and I would assume their purpose in having this blog is so that readers (read: the people forking over their hard-earn cash in the midst of a fragile economy) may provide feedback which YenPlus will then use to provide a better product. Also, on the other side of that computer screen is a person. As I’m certain you know, it’s not polite to call people names. Ahem.
So… anyway, I thought we had this worked out, YenPlus! But here we are again. I am unhappy with the rapid turnover and am again reconsidering whether I want to continue to sink close to $10 a month into a marketing tool. I am *definitely* holding off on a subscription. I really enjoy being introduced to new, interesting titles that I might have otherwise missed. (I especially enjoyed the extended preview for Goong.) However, perhaps it would be better to allot space each month for a rotating roster of preview titles, while leaving the long-term titles alone. I have already purchased my June copy and have seen the out-of-the-blue announcement that Sarasah is getting the Great Kiss-off as well. I’m just back to feeling used and taken for a fool for actually paying for what is essentially YenPlus advertising.
I love, love, love this publication and really want to see it continue to succeed. I appreciate you taking the time to listen and respond. Thanks!


I live in Canada and the May issue STILL hasn’t come out!
I’ve checked 5 stores for 6 WEEKS and the April issue is still on their newsstands .
If it’s not being published in Canada then could someone tell me please, because I will try to subscribe to the magazine if I can to get the latest issues.


hey!! can u guys plz, put d. gray man in yen plus PLZ!!!??? if u can I LOVE U 🙂 !!!!! BUT, IF CAN’T THEN ITS SO SAD THAT IM GOING TO CRY!!! 🙁


I’m having the same problem as medusa. I live in canada too and can’t find a issue anywhere since april’s issue. What’s going on?

Lash Lightning

I gotta admit, I’m facing the same problems as Medusa and Tango, although I’m in the UK. Maybe this issue will appear on the stands this week.


I lovelovelove this magazine! and i hope you read these comments ’cause this is a question that needs answered!
The store where i usually buy yen got a new owner and the May edition of yen hasn’t showed up! I have all the magazines so far so it’s devistating missing a single one!
I was wondering if there is a way to order a spacific edition of yen (I’ve ordered the subscription so this horid thing doesn’t happen again but it doesn’t start till JULY!)
I must have MAY! I can’t handle just dealing with “the story so far” blips i want the story i missed!
any advice?????


I agree!!
We should have D.Gray-Man in the future Issues!!
Also I wasn’t able to get the issues since April. (I live in Canada)
Something wrong???

Little Fish

Hey there people in the uk, I have some bad news for you I’m afraid.
I used to place a regular order for this magazine at WH Smith, because I work there and it’s easier for me to pick it up there than popping into central London each month.
When I hadn’t recieved 2 months worth of the magazine I phoned Smiths News to see what was going on (because accidents happen and orders can be lost – doesn’t happen often but it’s possible). Smiths News provide magazines to WH Smith, but also to a large number of other shops, newsagents, supermarkets etc.
They told me that it was no longer being published.
Now, I knew this was wrong because I’d seen it in Forbidden Planet where they import magazines and this website’s still showing new issues for sale.
All I can assume is that Smiths News don’t want to source it anymore (I’m guessing it’s just not profitable enough for them). This is going to make it a lot harder to find in the uk now because they supply so many shops.
And we can’t even subscribe here in England to make sure we get it. *sigh*
Anyways, just thought I’d pass it on to you guys in the uk.


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