In like a lion, out like . . . a new issue of YEN PLUS!



That’s right, the March issue of Yen Plus will be hitting stores soon, believe it or not! Maximum Ride is back in action this month, with Fang and Iggy gracing the cover and a special interview with Max creator, NaRae Lee! On the flip side it’s Nabari no Ou’s mysterious Yoite . . . And of course we’ve got a new chapter of all your other Yen Plus favorites! Plus we’ve got a brand new feature coming at you straight from Japan. Our good friend Keisuke will be sharing a bit about Japanese pop culture every month in his column, Otaku Pimp. (Wanna know what the name’s all about? Well, read page 6A to find out!)


If you plan on attending New York Comic Con this weekend, February 6-8, make sure you stop by booth #1921 and pick up your complimentary copy, courtesy of Yen Press!

As always, leave your comments here, and thank you for reading!



Hey, love what you’re doing, but, I’d like to suggest something.
Please add a light novel series to your magazine for serialization. What I mean is, publish a chapter per issue (or even split up some chapters). I know that personally, as a Light Novel fan, I would love getting the magazine even more if I could read a light novel series in it. And there are plenty of other people I know who DON’T get your magazine, that would feel inclined to if you added light novels.
Some manga magazine’s in Japan have light novel series serialized in the back, I think yours should too, even if its just one.
What do you think of this idea? Will we possibly see a light novel series serialized in Yen+???
-Matt ๐Ÿ™‚


aghhh! how is the new issue out already? I’m still waiting on February, gosh darn-it living in the UK can be so slow we’re now two months behind!! that’s two chapters of Nightschool that I’m without D: *runs off to harass my lovely local comic book shop some more*
oh well at least I got maximum ride today in the post – loving the chunking size ๐Ÿ™‚


They said it’s gunna come out *SOON* since it’s next month’s issue.
YEAH!! Fang and Iggy on the cover! And an interview with NaRae? Whoo! You guys are just plain awesome! ^^

Mushroom cow

<3’s the MR cover ^^ (Holy crap that was fast! you do realize it’s only the 5th of February, right?!? O_O

holly plyler

yay max ride is back!
I looked at the book at borders it’s really pretty. (but i own all the max ride novels and most of the manga so… maybe later.)
the book I want this month is higurashi… cause I won’t be able to sleep at night if I don’t know what happens next >.<


WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! OMFG!!!!!!!!!!
*joyous angel’s hallelujah chorus*


Wow?! Its out already?? I hope it is! Last time I went, Borders didnt have them out til a week after the announcement! D: Ima gonna stalk my bookstore now <3
How long does it take to process fanart submissions? Obviously fanart sent in since August would get published sooner, but when would fanart sent in say, last month get in? ๐Ÿ˜€ (Aha.. I didnt put enough postage so my art didnt get in quite as early as I would have liked)
Oh, and about Matt’s suggestion, I think that would be a a great idea~! Either translating light novels from Japan or having English-language writers would be so cool!


Got my new yen plus and Max is back in action! Love the covers and Hero Tales. 3 people are one of the 7 stars of the big dipper, Taitou, Ryuukou, and Koyou. And I finally get to see Dr. Stein and Death Scythe fight together in Soul Eater. This is pretty awesome!!


Oh, well that came out…early!
Just 2 weeks ago, my local bookstore had Jan on the shelves, then yesterday when I checked back they had switched to March. :/ Now I’ll have to order the Feb issue (cuz no way I’m going to miss my Yen+ xD) and shipping costs to canada = blah.
I’d subscribe, but I might be moving soon, don’t want to go through the hassle of changing addresses.
Glad that Max Ride’s back (I sneaked a look at the last chapter, though would’ve been nice if you had included it in your magazine.) but I haven’t seen the rest yet. The march issue is sitting nicely on my shelf, waiting to be read. x)
as an end note – love the cover, as always!


wait, wat
albertsons already has this and my subscription hasnt come yet? DX Not only am I gonna get it later than stores but my mail people are probably going to fold it half.. blehhhhh.. This isnt fair~
On a side note, those covers are, once again, fabulous~
PS, forums plox?


Wah!! How come I still haven’t got my new Yen Plus?! I’ve been subscribed since it started but I haven’t got the March issue yet!! I’m sorry but I really want to start reading it @[email protected] Someone???


I can’t wait to pick up the new issue (I’m assuming my subbie hasn’t kicked in – and with all the problems people are having, I wouldn’t mind being safe)! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Nabari no Ou cover. So fabulous! The Max Ride cover is pretty sweet too.
For people asking questions about subscriptions – I know it’s frustrating, and there are many questions, but we’ve been told countless times to direct those questions to the subscription line. So, would you mind stop posting them in here? They will most likely be ignored, and thus not answered. Why clog up the comments? Not to sound mean or anything, just saying. ๐Ÿ™‚


๐Ÿ™ subscribers get it later than stores still? I’m not too happy about that. But well… I guess I am paying less for it :\ I do like the covers. And some good yay! for the return of maximum ride ^_^ Oh and looking at a previous comment, I too would not mind seeing a light novel. Granted your line up is quite strong and I do know that I like lots of the titles and the titles I don’t find as good others I here really like ’em. So… for example if one ends or worse… “gets too popular” *cough Higurashi cough* you could always slide in and try a light novel? ^_^ Plus… still on the waits for a manga art contest ^_^;


Ah never mind about my first comment!! I finally got the issue today!!!! Thank you!!! and I’m so sorry about earlier >_<!


Why was Yoite changed to Koite? Wouldn’t that change some dailoge especially where it explains why he’s called Yoite?


Boo, saw it at bookstore downtown, but parents wouldn’t let me get! Yoite’s such a cutie <3


Nice, nice issue.
Miya-miya is just tooooo awesome.
And though certainly a light novel in this would be wonderful (Higurashi light novels, ahaha), I can’t imagine it would be too successful, light novels don’t seen to do well stateside, anyways.
What a shame, since I’d love to see more.


YAY! I got my copy on Friday and read it all before I went to see Avenue Q yesterday-Yen Plus+Avenue Q=one awesome day!-and loved it! As always, it was a joy to read! Can’t wait for the next Nightschool, Pig Bride, and Sarasah(sp?)!
But still I gotta ask for some information on the amatuer contest! Please!
P.S. Am I the only one here super jealous of NaRae Lee after reading that interview? Sure, we all know she’s talented, but them to find out she’s super cute as well! It’s just not fair!


A light novel running in Yen Plus would be fun. It might also be a good idea to put in preview chapters of your already licensed light novels like you do with your manga. As Benny1 said light novels appear to have a tough time and need all of the promotion that they can get.


I’m so happy I got this for my birthday. <3 <3 <3
I’m looking forward to more stuff from the Yen Plus staff. Keep up the great work. ;D
I wish I knew where NaRae Lee lives, though~ I live in Korea!
The new section about Japan is great too. I want to be filled in about the fashion and foods there! : )
I think the light novel suggestion is a great idea.

holly plyler

blinks blearily at the computer screen then at the calender…
huh? what day is it? is the magazine already out. (gets in car to go pick it up)
I am taking a flash programing class this semester…. it is quite literally torture.
(good thing I am a masochist =P )


I bought this Issue!
I love it a lot, especially Maximum ride~
Which reminds me- I live in Korea also.
And i saw the Maximum ride volume 1 in stores!
but it was on an american base/post~
Still, Narae lee says that her book does not sell in Korea, but it does!
i would love to buy her one and send it to her if possible XD
but she probably has one? i don’t know– i would just love it for her to know that maximum ride does sell in Korea!


I’m always happy to open up my mailbox and find a shiny, plastic-wrapped issue of the latest Yen Plus!
Although, I have to make a statement about something, even though quite a few others have already done so. I’m really not too happy about how you guys skipped a chapter of Maximum Ride. I think you said that the artist was taking a break… But why just skip a chapter? The artist didn’t skip making a chapter… Is it so that we buy the book? I’m a bit pressed for money, being that I’m a college student, and this magazine subscription was something that I treated myself to at the beginning of the school year. It saves money compared to buying every issue at the bookstore.
I’m disappointed, but not so totally shaken that I’ll stop reading.
And the Higurashi thing? I dread when my boyfriend gets his issue and finds out that it was cancelled… *shiver* He’s a big fan of it… At least finish the story arc? There was only one or two more chapters…
I can’t wait for more news about the amateur artist’s contest, though!!!


Those three Goong previews are killing me. I think I’m going to have to track down the volumes.


Got the new issue! Bought Higurashi vol 2! Was not disappointed with either! ^_^ Loving Maximum Ride, Jack Frost and Soul Eater. Please take out Goong… I feel better use of a “preview” section could be used.
Nice to see extras. However, “Otaku Pimp” seems a little iffy :\ I did not like it in this issue… and I feel again, like the space could be used better.


*runs to bookstore*


I’m devistated. I dont think that Yen plus comes to my market basket anymore, Its now February 22 and I havent seen a lick of Yen anywhere.


My local comic book shop has not received this issue yet. I had no problems with issues 1 – 7 and now I am starting to worry. ๐Ÿ™


I got this one in stores awhile ago, and really liked it. Wonderful covers.
Though, is it just me or did it come out too early? Because I never could find the February issue in stores, all they had was January, then two weeks later the March one came out.
Ah well…Soul Eater and Jack Frost were awesome as always.


Augh, now that I see the Yoite cover I feel so sad – I went to Borders today and couldn’t find Yen+ anywhere! I really need to subscribe, I can’t live without Nabari no Ou and One Fine Day!


I finally got my copy at Barnes and Noble! I live pretty far away from any bookstores, but I’m visiting my sister in Philly, so I got it!
I was wondering the order that other people read the series.
I read Soul Eater (my favorite) firstm because I can’t wait for it, and after that I go from least favorite to most.
So the order of reading is Soul Eater(yay!), Time and again(yuck!), Nabari no ou, one fine day, maximum ride (it would be higher, but since I’ve read the books, I know whats going to happen.), Hero Tales, Sarasah, Nightschool, Pig Bride, Sumomomo Momomo, and then Bamboo Blade.
Jack Frost’s (and Higurashi when it was still there) order changes depending on my mood for creepy. it can be as early as second, or as late as last.
I don’t like Time and again at all so far. It seems to be a very depressing and pessimisticd series with alltogather unhappy characters. T&A is the only one the I don’t love. Nabari no ou is good, but it is better suited to books then serialization.
Altogether the best magazine ever.


I wish I can go to that con…any possiblity you’ll be at Anime North in Toronto? ๐Ÿ˜€


@Felix: I read the Korean/English side first inorder from the first advertisments and editor’s not to the last page of manhwa, then flip and read all of the Japanese side, then I check for more info. on the amatuer’s contest, read the previews, and then look at the fan art and read the extra comics. (I’m one of those people who has to read everything cover to cover-even the advertisments unless it’s one of the ads that’s been in every issue, in which case I ignore it.) I read the Korean side first because it’s more shojo and that’s my favorite manga genre.
P.S. Can’t wait for the next issue!


Yen plus?
more like Yen Awesome
ba dum tish!
try the veal folks!
I love your magazine, thanks guys and girls at Yen press


I LOVE this month’s magazine, with my two favorite series from Yen Plus gracing the covers! I’m so glad Maximum Ride is back this month, as last month’s issue just wasn’t the same without it. I get to enjoy the magazine every day, as I work at a bookstore, and I put it on a display for the Maximum Ride book series. Thanks for the interview with NaRae. She seems so sweet and modest! Give her a big hug for her cover with Iggy & Fang! Iggy is so sweet and adorable, and I feel like he gets overlooked in the books sometimes, so it’s nice to see him on the cover!


My local UK comic book shop finally got this volume in stock! *yay* so it’s on its way to me ๐Ÿ˜€
He also said that Diamond Comics have told him that:
“Yen Plus Magazine:
Please note that Yen Plus magazine is no longer available to Diamond UK via a UK supplier, so will now be priced as an import. Each issue may still have a UK cover price of ยฃ3.99, but the billed price of ยฃ6.99 is correct.”
boo!! anyone else in the UK having the same problem? I’ll still be getting Yen Plus…there’s no way I can stop now! Just a shame…I’m guessing itโ€™s an economy/recession thing?


hi i have gotten all yen plus book and so far i think there the best my favorites so far is maximum ride,night school,jack frost,soul eater(the best)bamboo blade,nabari no ou,please show the april cover soon still looking for it as it is march 13th and should be hitting stores within the next week or so cant wait thanks and could u tell of some more suprises i cant wait to see what future issues will bring.


Hey Liz,
Yeah, you’re not the only one getting stung by the price increase. As if it’s not hard enough getting stung for that price, there’s still the old price printed on the cover! Guys, can we just lose the UK price on the cover or something? Please? It might help reduce the pain… ๐Ÿ™‚


Yey Maximum Ride! First, thank you guys so much for bringing this story’s manga to us!
One tiny nitpick though, NaRae Lee, fabulous artist though she is, didn’t actually create Maximum Ride. James Patterson did, and I’m sure you know that, but the nit-picky side of my brain won’t let this go. ^_^; Sorry! But once again, thank you!


Yen Plus,you guys are awesome.^__^ And the covers of this issue is enough to make a fangirl swoon~
Darn,I really need to convince my parents to get me a subscription ^^;; I want every issue!


Fang looks so cute!!!!! <3
Bishie boys are awesome. I'm so glad that Ms. Lee thinks so too. xD


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