Posted Oct 19, 2021 by Morgana Santilli

Sword Art Online 2: Aincrad Audiobook - Available Now!


Linked up and logged into the deadly VMMORPG Sword Art Online in both the real and virtual worlds, Kirito is stuck in a hell of one man's making and, like everyone else, unable to escape until the game is beaten. But while some players are crippled by fear and others throw themselves into completing the game, still others relax into everyday life in the face of their cruel predicament and live to the best of their ability...laughing, crying, but always enjoying the game. Among them are four women who make a mark upon the solo adventurer that Kirito has become: Silica, the beast-tamer; Lisbeth, the blacksmith; Yui, the mysterious orphan; and the tragic Sachi, never to be forgotten by the black swordsman....


Bryce Papenbrook (also known as the voice of Kirito himself!) is joined by Cherami Leigh (Asuna's incredible VA!) to narrate the second installment of the Sword Art Online audiobook series! Listen to the sample below:

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