Posted Jan 22, 2024 by Callista Gonzalez

New Titles Coming July 2024

January isn't even over yet, and we've already had two batches of licensing announcements! If you're not following us on social media yet (which...why not??), you probably missed the news that nine more titles are joining Yen Press and releasing in July 2024. Whether it's the spin-off of Fox-Colored Jealousy, a new Yana Toboso artbook to match the new season of the Black Butler anime, or a new manga from the author of Heaven’s Lost Property and Plunderer – see below for the full list, and check out our calendar for other July releases that've been previously announced and now have a set date!

Yana Toboso Artworks Black Butler 4

By Yana Toboso
The color black is absolutely luscious, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the ever-expanding world of Black Butler! This fourth illustration collection from New York Times bestselling author Yana Toboso includes marvelous art from the manga’s Blue Cult and Blue Memory arcs and the anime’s Book of Murder and Book of the Atlantic arcs, as well as promotional art for the various Black Butler musicals and the Black Label product line. Presented as a deluxe beribboned hardcover tome as scrumptious as any sweet treat!


Miss Savage Fang 

Story by Kakkaku Akashi
Art by Umashi
Character Design by Kayahara
Envil, known by the title “Savage Fang,” was a renowned mercenary who should have died fighting in the civil war. Instead, he awoke back in time—inside the body of the very tyrant who started the war in the first place! Mylene Eltania was the world's most beautiful, most ruthless empress. With beautiful hair signaling her divine gift, and beauty beyond compare, she was a force to be reckoned with. Now this mercenary has a second chance to fight back before it’s too late. Mylene’s beauty is on the surface, but a savage beast rages below!


Excellent Property, Rejects for Residents 

By Suu Minazuki
Yuugo Chayama is an unemployed high school dropout renting a dirt-cheap apartment in a building nicknamed the “Loser Lodge.” Everything is communal in this rickety seventy-year-old abode, from the bathrooms to the kitchen, but at least the rent is a mere five thousand yen! But then, one day, an angel named Hamuel descends from the heavens, having been given the hopeless mission of turning Yuugo’s life around…! From the author of Heaven’s Lost Property and Plunderer comes an all-new cohabitation comedy with a no-good cast!

The Trials of Chiyodaku 

Story by Fukurou Kogyoku
Illustration by jonsun
Akuto, a normal game-loving high schooler, and his older sister Tsukasa are summoned one day to a strange otherworld called Chiyodaku. There, a laid-back princess tasks them with becoming judges for her kingdom and assigns them a difficult first case—a murder trial with a hero as the accused! Akuto must help his sister, who knows nothing about fantasy worlds and their logic, navigate eccentric courtroom characters as the siblings pursue the truth, no matter where it leads.

My Oh My, Atami-kun

By Asa Tanuma 
High schooler Atami is living the dream. He’s got incredibly good looks, and girls can't help asking him out nearly every day. There’s just one problem, though—he’s into guys, not girls! His own gorgeous face haunts him, since it’s all anyone seems to be interested in. Won’t anyone see him for who he really is?


By Miyako Hiruzuka
After an illicit affair at work falls through, office worker Ushiro Akechi is wallowing in quiet desperation and stumbling toward ending it all. What she really needs is an older sister to talk her back from the edge… Luckily, she’s about to meet one—from the other side! Self-proclaimed Guardian Spiritual Older Sister Masako is ready and waiting to take Ushiro under her ghostly wing! Together, can they turn a brush with death into the start of a gloriously funny new partnership!?


Aria of the Beech Forest

By Yugiri Aika
The witch Aria is a little shy. She’s good at cooking and knitting. And she’s a real wiz at growing herbs. As for what she’s bad at? Why, that’s magic! One fateful day, the sheltered girl encounters a talking wolf, who becomes her very first friend. Watch the witch and wolf snuggle up in this comfy story with a touch of mystery set in the forests of Ireland!

Kind of a Wolf 

By Machi Suehiro
Shiroki just wants a little bit of peace and quiet—time to chill with his cat and relax in between all his university classes. However, his next-door neighbor, Hayato, seems unable to do anything without making a racket. Which is the last thing Shiroki wants to deal with on any given day. And so life goes on, until his cat decides to climb onto Hayato’s balcony, leading Shiroki to an unexpectedly furry discovery.


This Wolf Is Not Scary 

By Rico Sakura
In a world where half-humans who evolved distinctly from animals reside, a tough and hardheaded wolf named Shirou is often misunderstood due to his gaudy appearance. Shirou is in love with Usami, a rabbit with eye-catching brown skin. Though Shirou being a carnivore has Usami on edge, after the wolf saves him from a pervert, Usami shows a vulnerable side to Shirou that no one else can see. But then, Shirou starts to want to mate with Usami!