Posted Jun 05, 2024 by Ingrid Lorenzi

Happy Pride Month! Celebrate with Us!

June is finally here and that means sunny beaches, mojitos, and Pride Month! And what better way to celebrate than picking up a Yen Press queer title?

If you are new to the Boys Love/Girls Love genres, no worries! Everyone has to start somewhere! In fact, the series we have selected below are great for veterans and rookies alike. So pick up that book you’ve always had in that corner of your mind—we promise, you won’t regret it!

Tied to You

Wooseo Shin was never one to believe in fate, but what else could be behind the hot mess his life has become?! For years, Wooseo has pined after his close friend and crush, Jiseok Kang, wanting someone he knows he can never have. So when a ring of red thread appears around his finger, it feels like the universe is rubbing salt in his wound. This ring connects a person to their soulmate, and with it, neither can fall asleep when the other isn’t present. The man with the other half of Wooseo’s set? Jigeon Kang—Jiseok’s older brother! Determined not to let Jiseok find out, Wooseo avoids Jigeon like the plague at the expense of his own health. Just when the insomnia is getting to be too much, Jigeon swoops in with an offer: They share a bed—nothing more, nothing less. Wooseo reluctantly accepts, but…what has he gotten himself into?!

Why read it? A dramatic BL with an Asian folktale–inspired soulmate concept featuring a love triangle and an obsessive male lead!

Bonus: Tied to You is the first Boys Love addition to our Ize Press imprint! Curious to know what’s coming next? Check out our Sakura-Con recap and scroll to the very bottom!

She Loves to Cook, and She Loves to Eat

Cooking is how Nomoto de-stresses, but one day, she finds herself making way more than she can eat by herself. And so she invites her neighbor Kasuga, who also lives alone. What will come out of this impromptu dinner invitation...?

Why read it? A heartwarming GL that celebrates food and body positivity!

The Other World’s Books Depend on the Bean Counter

One day, twenty-nine-year-old accountant Seiichirou Kondou is accidentally transported to another world. As compensation, the Romany Kingdom promises to take care of all his living expenses, but the workaholic Seiichirou still asks for a job. Once he’s placed in the Royal Accounting Department, he starts whipping his lackadaisical colleagues into shape. But when he gets in over his head and nearly dies from overwork, the handsome Commander Aresh steps in to save him, and the two develop a unique physical relationship…as a form of medical treatment?!

Also available as a manga! 

Why read it? A humorous fantasy BL with a straitlaced male lead and a nerdy workaholic bottom! “In another life, I would have liked doing taxes with you…”

This Monster Wants to Eat Me

“I’ve come to eat you.” So softly utters the mermaid Shiori as she emerges from the sea and takes high school girl Hinako by the hand. Hinako lives alone in a town by the sea and possesses an unusually delicious body that is irresistible to nearby monsters. To ensure that she matures to the best condition, Shiori seeks to protect Hinako—all so that someday, she can devour every piece of her. What will become of Hinako’s feelings as this looming unjust death closes in on her...?

Why read it? A melodramatic fantasy GL featuring cannibalism! The perfect treat for sad girls’ summer!

Sasaki and Miyano

It all started like a typical old-school Boys Love plotline—bad boy senior meets adorably awkward underclassman, one of them falls in love, and so on and so forth. But although Miyano is a self-proclaimed Boys Love expert, he hasn’t quite realized…he’s in one himself. Which means it’s up to Sasaki to make sure their story has a happily ever after…!

Why read it? A bestselling BL between an oblivious fudanshi and his golden Labrador–like classmate!

The Witches' Marriage

For witches, love is power, and to open the Door of Truth—the ultimate goal for any spellcaster—Melissa needs to forge the strongest bonds she can. By now, she’s perfected her routine: Marry a naive witch, use her to gain power, and discard her afterward. Melissa’s next target is Tanya, a young girl who’s fascinated by magic and longs to follow in her new mentor’s footsteps. But Tanya has a charm unlike Melissa’s other brides, and her pure, innocent cuteness just might be enough to melt the ice-cold witch’s heart…

Why read it? A GL with witchy vibes! For those who wanted more yuri in Little Witch Academia!

My Mate Is a Feline Gentleman

From the earliest days of his memory, Toushirou has never known warmth or love. Born an omega in Japan, where they are treated as inferior, he’s gotten used to being a mere plaything for his masters. When he’s hired as a servant for the beastfolk diplomat Alex, he fears the worst—but to his surprise, Alex is appalled by the treatment of omegas in Japan. For the very first time, Toushirou learns of kindness from his feline master, and little by little, their feelings toward each other begin to change…

Why read it? A charming omegaverse and anthropomorphic BL featuring the ever-so-popular from-rags-to-riches trope!

I Want to Be a Wall

Any good love story starts at the beginning: Where and how did the lovebirds meet? Was it love at first sight? And most importantly, was there a spark? For Yuriko and Gakurouta, their initial meeting was nothing to write home about—after all, matchmaking services aren’t unheard of. But a chance second encounter on the street revealed that as an asexual woman and a gay man, they might have much more in common than they initially assumed. And in that moment, they felt not a spark but something better: the seed of a friendship, ready to take root and bloom.

Why read it? A unique LGBTQIA+ read with asexual representation! This is for the reader who wants more realism in their feel-good story!


Whether it’s BL or GL, at Yen Press we are always striving to serve our beloved reading community! Ultimately, we hope that our selection will inspire you to embrace your pride and to show off your collections!