Posted May 31, 2024 by Ingrid Lorenzi

Comic Anthologies Showcase: When the Original Isn’t Enough!

I believe that many times a reader reaches a point in their journey where they decide to ignore canon and venture off into the world of what ifs. Because, dear author, that character death was totally uncalled for.

Thankfully, there are a lot of creators who supply this demand of what ifs. Sometimes we call these works parodies. Sometimes we call them homages. However, I like to group all of them under the simple label of works of love.

And at Yen Press, we publish such love-filled collections: Many mangakas couldn’t wait to put a spin on the source material, providing us with rocambolesque and at times bizarre stories where our beloved characters must face old foes, creepy ghosts, or simply a sweltering day at the beach. And that’s the best part of these anthologies! There is no greater entertainment than self-indulgence and seeing your favorite character reinterpreted in a different light.

Let’s look at four comic anthologies and how some of our favorite series have been transformed under the pens of more than one hundred artists!

Bungo Stray Dogs

by Kafka Asagiri

The funny thing about Bungo Stray Dogs is that even with all the anime adaptations, movies, light novel spin-offs, chibi spin-offs (if you haven’t read Bungo Stray Dogs: Wan! you are missing out on comedy gold), and even stage plays, you would think that fans would have enough food to last them for years—wrong! Unfortunately, we can’t simply have enough. And apparently, neither could other mangakas: For this, Yen Press presents Bungo Stray Dogs: The Official Comic Anthology, Vol. 1. A must-read for fans of this series, hidden in these pages you will find short stories about delicious parfaits, mischievous pugs, and even Dazai’s previous job!


The Devil Is a Part-Timer!

by Satoshi Wagahara

If fast food and cute girls are more suitable for your appetite, then we have something on our menu that will make you turn into a repeat customer! Heartthrobs and delusions follow the not-so-demonic cast in The Devil Is a Part-Timer! Official Comic Anthology. Witness epic showdowns, a butler (or maid?!) café, improbable love confessions, and more! And don’t worry—for those raring for the summer, a beach episode is included!


Higurashi When They Cry: GOU

by Ryukishi07/07th Expansion

Horror and visual novel fans, rejoice! The terror (and cuteness) never stops with Higurashi When They Cry: GOU Comic Anthology. As one of Yen Press’s longest-standing series, we are excited to bring you even more heartache and summertime shenanigans with this collection. Return to that infamous summer of 1983, and explore Hinamizawa alongside Keiichi and the group. Among the guest artists for this collection, you will find Yoshiki Tonogai, the creator of the equally infamous series DOUBT, which we published way back in 2013.



by Tomoki Izumi

If Higurashi just screams too “old school” for you and was not a fundamental part of your childhood, then we also have another delightfully creepy meets cute collection. In this Mieruko-chan Official Comic Anthology, our stoic-faced girl and her friends will face eldritch horrors, close encounters of the third kind, and not your run-of-the-mill ghosts. Thirteen stories for thirteen nights. Do you dare pick up this collection?


If the wait for the next volume of your favorite series is killing you, then we highly suggest checking out any of these anthologies to make time fly faster! From cute to creepy, nostalgic to fresh, we hope you will pick up any of these collections to either heal or feed the fan in you!