All new! Dead Mount Death Play, chapter 37

The investigation into Phantom Solitaire continues while the mystery behind the symbol only grows more confounding. Meanwhile, it looks like Solitaire’s finally found the person he was looking for! …or has he? Read the next chapter of Dead Mount Death Play the same day as Japan!

Sekiro: Hanbei The Undying, Chapter 5

The time has come for the next chapter of Sekiro: Hanbei the Undying by Shin Yamamoto with supervision by FromSoftware! What adventure could possibly await in part five…?

When tales of Hanbei’s exploits reach his ears, Takamine’s interest is piqued, and he’s determined to test the man’s immortality for himself…

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Kakegurui, Chapter 68.5 is out now!

The school election gamble isn’t going the way Mary planned and she’s left in a tight spot with no recourse available. Is there any way to pull ahead of the poisonous Inbamis? Read the next chapter of Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler – the same day as Japan!

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