Yen Press announces 3 new December Licenses!

NEW YORK, NY (6/10/2019) – Yen Press, LLC has announced new acquisitions set for December release. The new licenses include omnibus print edition of KING OF EDEN; and two new manga, SHADOW STUDENT COUNCIL VICE PRESIDENT GIVES HER ALL, and MAGIA RECORD: PUELLA MAGI MADOKA SIDE STORY!

KING OF EDEN, story by Takashi Nagasaki, art by SangCheol Lee. A remote village massacred in Andalusia. A single man apprehended wading through the aftermath. But the killer they’ve brought down from the mountains is entirely impossible for them to contain…The world has been stained by blood before. So it shall be again. SangCheol Lee is a Korean illustrator who made his artistic debut with King of Eden, and Takashi Nagasaki is the acclaimed co-author of 20th Century Boys, Master Keaton, and Pluto!

SHADOW STUDENT COUNCIL VICE PRESIDENT GIVES HER ALL, by ReDrop, based on characters by Akira Hiramoto. Actions speak louder than words in this spin-off of the absurd and raunchy Prison School! With lovingly detailed art by ReDrop, no task is too small (and no shirt is too big) for Meiko Shiraki, the domineering yet kind vice president of the Shadow Student Council!

MAGIA RECORD, original work by Magica Quartet, art by Fujino Fuji. After seeing an unfamiliar girl in her dreams, Iroha Tamaki finds herself chasing a tiny Kyubey into Kamihama, a city where magical girls gather. What secrets does this city hold, and how will Iroha cope with life as a magical girl herself? A new story unfolds in this manga adaptation of the upcoming mobile game!

Excited for these announcements? Stay tuned for our Anime Expo 2019 panel for more acquisitions coming in 2020!

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Susan Porter

Hello! I’m a longtime reader of many Yen Press licensed works (Heck, my bookshelf is almost entirely filled with Yen Press manga) and I wanted to inquire further about Magia Record getting released: specifically, are there any plans in the future to also release the Madoka Magica “Wraith Arc” series by Hanokage (who did Different Story, Rebellion Story, etc.)? I’d like to have my Madoka Magica manga collection complete some day so I was curious.

(I’m also curious to know if the Angels of Death light novels or the Forest of Drizzling Rain manga by the creators of AoD will ever see an English release, but I’d figure I’d ask about the Madoka manga first)


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