Free preview: Final Fantasy XIII: Episode Zero: Promise

Ready for a paradigm shift? Our upcoming release Final Fantasy XIII: Episode Zero: Promise features seven novellas from the cast of one of the best-selling installments of the Final Fantasy franchise to date! Get a sneak peek of the first chapter “Encounter,” which follows Lightning, the main heroine of this incredible tale.

Before destiny was decided…

In the futuristic society of Cocoon, all the needs of the people are taken care of by the godlike fal’Cie. The only threat to their comfortable lives is the world of Pulse below, ruled by its own fal’Cie with their own intentions. And should trouble ever arise, the fal’Cie sometimes choose humans to do their bidding-and life will never be the same for these people marked by fate.

Before the unlikely heroes of FINAL FANTASY XIII banded together, each had their own story to tell. This series of short stories chronicles the last few days before their encounter with a fal’Cie, providing a deeper look at the characters of the hit game!

Enjoyed the free preview? Get Final Fantasy XIII: Episode Zero: Promise in stores next week! Interested in more previews? Let us know which series you would most like to see selected for next month’s program: Wolf Children: Ame & Yuki, Happy Sugar Life, or Torture Princess. Happy reading!

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