Miss Alexia Tarabotti has come to call!

Straighten your glassicals and ready your parasols. Miss Alexia Tarabotti is making her debut in this month’s YEN PLUS! You may be a werewolf, but that is simply no cause for rude behavior, and being a vampire is hardly an excuse for a disheveled cravat. Gail Carriger’s Soulless is set in an alternate Victorian London in which vampires and werewolves have been accepted into high society. Alexia Tarabotti is neither vampire nor werewolf nor any other sort of supernatural. She is preternatural: soulless. This makes her a particular threat to the immortal set, who don’t fancy the soul sucker’s mortalizing touch one bit, and Alexia’s life of tea and biscuits is constantly being interrupted by all sorts of trouble. Artist Rem has beautifully captured the characters of Gail Carriger’s bestselling “Parasol Protectorate” series: from Lord Maccon, head of the Bureau of Unnatural Registry and Alpha of the local werewolf pack, to Lord Akeldama, a flamboyant vampire with a flair for fashion and for uncovering the secrets of London’s supernatural set! We hope you enjoy the latest addition to YEN PLUS! Please let us know what you think!
This month is also the last of our five-part preview of the Highschool of the Dead Color Omnibus! If you haven’t feasted your eyes upon the lovely girls and horrific undead of Daisuke Sato and Shouji Sato’s hit series, remastered here in full color, now is your last chance to sneak a peek before the color omnibus comes out in November of this year! The color omnibus will collect the first four volumes of the manga into a single oversized hardcover edition. It’s going to be massive! Massively awesome!
Be sure to check out all of your favorite series in this month’s YEN PLUS! Yotsuba&!, Maximum Ride, K-ON!, and the final chapter of the main story of Gossip Girl! Thanks for reading!



This covers is gorgeous. ^^
And, waiting for the next book covers of the coming months.


OMG Soulless is the best thing EVER!!!
Cant wait for more!!
love the books …. *LOVE* the manga


Just finished reading the first chapter of Soulless… I LOVE it! The characters are faithfully drawn to what I imagine they look like after reading the book, and the story has been translated well to the comic medium. WELL DONE, Rem and Yen Press! I eagerly anticipate all future chapters, and especially a bound volume. Any news on a date for that? And will it have coloured pages, like in the magazine? Again, thanks!


I positively love this novel series, and I have been so excited for this manga!! The first chapter is amazing, and I love how perfectly the characters are shown!! <3<3


I am completely in love with this series. My collection of both paperback and audio book versions will soon also include a manga version. How wonderful! This series is highly suggested!


That cover’s pretty. I can’t imagine Maccon being that small…he does look titchy compared to Alexia in that picture.
Great work and can’t wait for the published volumes that are coming next year. In Carriger’s words, we can all die laughing!


Read the SOULLESS chapter as soon as I saw on Twitter that it had been released. It’s a great adaptation! Better than I could have hoped it to be. This is going to be fun to read in visual form.
A question for you, if you don’t mind. Will the entire novel adaptation be carried in the magazine? Or is this a preview / sampler only that will eventually be moved to book version exclusively?


Haven’t read the novel, but I really like the first chapter.. Will there be a new Japanese title as High School of the Dead is finishing its preview?


So happy about this! I love these books. This is a fantastic adaptation with gorgeous art.


@shannna The next chapter of Soulless will appear in this month’s Yen Plus, which we’re aiming to have up by the end of the week!


Love, love you, Yen Press!! I can’t wait to read this Soulless series. What a treat. And, I’m hoping to review Anne Rice’s up-coming graphic novel, too. You are too awesome for words! Bookish blog entry up tonight! :]


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