Comic-Con Announcements

We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who stopped by to say hello at Comic-Con last month! And an even bigger thank you to those of you who came to our panel!
For those of you who weren’t there, we made just a few announcements, but all of them are very, very exciting. At least for us!
One of the very first books released by the infant Yen Press three years ago was With the Light, the story of a mother learning to raise her autistic son. As some of you may know, creator Keiko Tobe passed away earlier this year, leaving the story of Hikaru’s journey unfinished. We were terribly sad to learn of Tobe’s passing, but we are proud to announce that we will be publishing the final volume of With the Light in the fall of next year. This volume contains the remaining finished chapters, as well as Tobe’s outlines for next few chapters and some of her earlier short stories. If you are not already a fan of With the Light, we encourage you to check out this series that has already touched so many readers.
For those of you who fancy vampires and werewolves, parasols and tea, then you simply must meet Alexia Tarabotti. Some of you may remember reading a sample of Miss Tarabotti’s adventures in the pages of Yen Plus. In an alternate Victorian London in which vampires and werewolves have taken their place in high society, Alexia Tarabotti is soulless. That is, whenever she comes into contact with one of the aforementioned supernaturals, his powers temporarily vanish and he becomes mortal. This makes her quite a threat to the immortal set, and Alexia’s life of tea and biscuits is constantly being interrupted by all sorts of trouble. Yen Press is pleased to announce we will be adapting the “Parasol Protectorate” novels into graphic novel form. Keep your eyes peeled for an artist announcement soon! Click here for a sample of the first novel from Orbit Books!
And last but not least, many of you were very sad to learn that Svetlana Chmakova would be taking a break after the completion of The Weirn Books arc of Nightschool. But don’t worry. Svet’s not going far! In the coming months, Svetlana Chmakova will be working on the manga adaptation of James Patterson’s Witch and Wizard series! Whit and Wisty Allgood live in world where the New Order has taken power…and taken away pretty much everything else. No music, no books, and definitely NO MAGIC. Which is bad news for Whit and Wisty, whose magical abilities are just beginning to manifest. You can check out James Patterson’s Witch and Wizard by clicking here! Whether you’re a Patterson fan, a Chmakova fan, or you just like a good read about corrupt totalitarian governments and magic, you’ll definitely want to check out Yen Press’s Witch and Wizard adaptation, coming soon in the pages of Yen Plus!
In addition to our licensing announcements, we also unveiled the Yen Press iPad app, which will be available in the coming weeks. The Yen Press app will allow you to purchase full Yen Press volumes that you can read anywhere! In creating this digital app, our team has made the quality of your reading experience a priority. Books on the app will feature crisp artwork, offer spread or single-page navigation, and allow you to save your place automatically. In addition, the app will include special bonus features, like mini comics from your favorite Yen Press artists and some of the short stories you’ve seen in YEN PLUS magazine! Keep your eyes peeled for the Yen Plus app, coming soon!
Now, that’s all for new announcements, but as many of you noted, Mr. Hassler hinted very strongly that there would be some new Japanese license announcements coming very soon. So keep your eye on! Thanks again for your continued support!



Woohoo. Congrats and good luck for all the things you’ve gotplanned. Totally curious of what you liscence and who will draw soulless. 🙂 ill be patient and wait like a good boy.


New Japanese license announcements? Finally. I hope it’s gonna be something popular. I stll don’t see why you just can’t write what you want to issue, I guess you must be otaku if you work in YenPress, so you must have your own favourite titles. But, I’m just a kid, i might be not great in economy.
Anyway, thank for issuing my favourite mangas, I wish you all the best~~^-^

Christmas Elf

The thing that would bring me the most joy is knowing that Broken Blade is in safe hands..:)


What a coincidence. I just bought and read “With the Light”, yesterday. I loved the accurate portrayal of autism but the story kinda hit close to home.
Btw, I can’t wait to hear the artist announcement for “Soulless”. I’m sure they’ll come up with some fabulous clothing for the Victorian London setting.


Any chance that this app will be released for iphone? I’d love to read on my iphone (as I have no intent of getting an ipad any time soon).


Yatta, New Japanese license announcements will be soon!
I hope you will licence Umineko and Rolan the Forgoten King, and other mangas people wants you to licence…
But it’s so much happy – new titles will be soon. Thank you very much!


Every time I hear that Keiko Tobe passed away, it makes me so sad….and her story is unfinished, too. It’s like a hole in the manga world.


YAY 😀 looking orward for the App P:
will they be any cheaper than the book print? and! will they be realesed quicker?
also @Lyre i dont think it will be :/ Viz are doing this too


Svet is gonna adapt ‘Witch & Wizard’?! WOOHOO that is too cool! 8DDD
I am so amped up right now, you have no idea!
I can NOT wait! 😀


Sounds exciting, but I’m even looking more forward to the announcement of the new licenses. YP is EVERYWHERE on my wishlist, haha.


New Japanese license announcements *–*
I can’t wait. Hoping Umineko in Yenpress!!


New japanese titles will be soon? So when exactly?
And also Yen will be available on IPods!… Love you, guys!


Dear Yen Press,
Since Soul Eater is no longer in Yen Plus, could you please start releasing it faster? I know you’re already releasing Higurashi every two months, but I think Soul Eater deserves the same treatment. It’s a regular NYT Bestseller, and one of your best series. 🙂
I would ask the same for Nabari No Ou, but it only has 14 volumes in total, and you’re almost half-way there now. But Soul Eater is ongoing, and you’re terribly behind!


I know a lot of Japanese titles are great and come from well-cultured and talented artists as well as experienced editors, but why is everyone so crazy about them? You guys seem to act like the magazine is only valuable if it has authentic Japanese titles in it. That’s why the OEL market has been doing so poorly. No one is truly willing to give it a chance, and the artists have to work extra-hard to overcome the stigma. It’s really unfair.


I would request the same as Jessica, but in my case I ask for Pandora Hearts faster release 🙂
Sorry for asking, but it’s my first time – when for example PH’s volume is already out, then cover of it, it’s shown on the page’s left side? I want to order PH 1-3, but because I’m from abroad, I’m just waiting for volume 3 to be published ( so one time I have to pay for shipping ) and because it’s already November I’m little confused. PH’s 3 is already in stores?


Ah, one more thing: would Yen Press issue some artbooks or things like that? I am greatly surprised that you don’t have any artbooks. Come on, people will love it! For example, a new, beautiful artbook for Higurashi were just realised.It would be great to see it in stores with our splendid Yen Press’ logo!
@Maya, where are you from? I mean the country:D


Omg, I would die for an artbook. Preferably Pandora Hearts or Kuroshitsuji, since they have the best art. Importing them from Japan costs like 80 dollars apiece…


Yen Press…I pray that since you’ve got the Uraboku license, you will also consider the soon to be released artbook!:)

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Tatyana Lasaeiv Supporter

I’m looking forward to finding out what these new licenses are. As well as hoping some 4-Koma titles will be among the list.
Things like “Kill Me Baby”, “Ura Ban!”, “Gu-Pan!”, “Harumination”, “A-Channel” and “With Liz” for examples of titles sadly not licensed yet. Or if any of them are, then they’re not announced yet.
Yeah, you can treat those as requests and random begging if you want. I could probably think of more, but that may be pushing it and that’s enough to give a general idea.
I don’t comment much here, but I do check this site on occasion to see if there any updates and news. Well, if you want to get technical, this is my first comment made.

With the Light Fan

Wow… I didn’t know that Tobe-sensei had passed away!!!!! I’m so sorry for her family’s loss! And its a huge loss to the manga community as well!
Undoubtedly, I am a huge fan of the With the Light series. I’ve bought each volume within a week of its release. Thank you so much Yen Press for introducing me to the series and thank you Tobe-sensei for writing it. My brother is autistic, so it was really amazing to read a manga with such an accurate portrayal of family dynamics with an autistic child.


I’m looking forward to new licenses by YP!
I second a license for “Kill Me, Baby”.
And I put in another request for “Umineko”

Eleanor Sieber

I would have to agree with the kindle comment.
I personally wish for the magazines (and the manga) to become available for the kindle. Right now in the kindle selection there is porn and hardcore yaoi, with the exception of the Comicloud magazine (Although I don’t own any copies, the grapevine says that it was poorly done) and the Seven Seas’ manga. Most of my manga collection is now Seven Seas’ due to this, which isn’t to say I don’t like the manga Seven Seas’ puts out, but I would like a bigger selection from several more publishers.
Thank you for taking the time to read this.


I would also suggest the Nook. It has a great color device now and would be like the ipad app. GET UM DONE YEN! BEAT THE COMPETITION!


I would like to also say that I would love to have the magazine on the kindle but I would also like to add that I would love to read the light novels, like Spice and Wolf on the Kindle as well.
P.S. I am one of those that preferred the Japanese cover for Spice and Wolf, so an option to have that cover of a Kindle version would be much appreciated. And yes, I WOULD rebuy the novels I have on Kindle.


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