Won’t you share a scribble-covered dream with me?

Intent on being an independent young woman, high schooler Himeyuka lives on her own in an unremarkable apartment complex in a corner of the city. But one day, she discovers her ordinary building has turned into something extraordinary! Her beloved “castle” is covered in childish scribbles—both inside and out! And waiting for her at the end of this rainbow-colored mess…is the perpetrator of the crime—a little boy named Rozione, who seems to know quite a bit about Himeyuka, though she has no idea who he is. Is he really just someone’s lost child, or is there a greater mystery behind his appearance?

In this collection, Sumomo Yumeka presents four charming, melancholy vignettes that explore the trickling of time and the machinations of the heart.

July 2010 | ISBN: 978-0-7595-3178-9 | $10.99 ($12.99) | 192 pages | 5″x 7.5″ | Teen
Himeyuka & Rozione’s Story © Yumeka SUMOMO 2005 / KADOKAWA SHOTEN
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