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Semi-finals are heating up in Kakegurui, Chapter 68!

It’s the second semifinals of the election’s special rock-paper-scissors tournament, and Miyo is out to avenge her precious loss to Mary! Read the next chapter of Kakegurui the same day as Japan!

All new! The Case Study of Vanitas, Chapter 39

Vanitas and Noe get some unexpected help, while Jeanne wrestles with her inner demons. Read the next chapter of The Case Study of Vanitas the same day as Japan!

New! Goblin Slayer Side Story: Year One, Chapter 28

Second chances are a privilege. One adventurer plans to make the most out of his. Read the next chapter of Goblin Slayer Side Story: Year One at the same time as Japan!

Dreaming of Yuri

This month we published 3 new girls’ love titles including Killing Me!, Cocoon Entwined, and the full-color short story collection, Yuri Life! Vampire hunter Saki Fujimiya is the epitome of poise and finesse-that is, when she’s not around Miyoko Kujou! Why does Miyoko get such a rise out of her? Well, to begin with, Miyoko’s… Read More…

Exclusive Interview with Yoshiaki Kyogoku, Director of the Laid-Back Camp anime!

Looking for the exclusive interview with Yoshiaki Kyogoku, director of the Laid-Back Camp anime? You’ve come the right place! Our in-house Laid-Back Camp Editor, Carl Li, had the opportunity to meet with Yoshiaki Kyogoku and get the inside scoop on the hit show. Read below for the full interview! Carl: Hello, my name is Carl Li,… Read More…

Watch My Neighbor Totoro in theaters!

We’re excited to continue as a partner of Ghibli Fest, brought to you by GKids and Fathom Events! Are you ready for Hayao Miyazaki’s MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO?! We’re giving you the opportunity to win free tickets, giveaway running until August 11!  

Sekiro: Hanbei the Undying, Chapter 3!

The mysterious disappearances began with a man they called “Hermit.” Unable to find his place among the villagers, he sought to become the very animal whose flesh he savored…Read the next chapter of Sekiro: Hanbei the Undying today!

The semi finals are heating up in Kakegurui, Chapter 67!

The election heats up with the first match of the semifinals! But will this round prove to be a pulse-pounding grudge match or a complete blowout!? Read the next chapter of Kakegurui -Compulsive Gambler- the same day as Japan!