Free preview: Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep: The Novel

What an incredible time to be a Kingdom Hearts fan. Ever since the heavily anticipated third installment to the original video game series hit stores in January, it has sold over 5 million copies globally, making it the fastest selling addition to the franchise! So if you’re looking for a way to get back into the series, or if you’re still riding the hype from Kingdom Hearts III and you’re hungry for more, we have just the solution. Go grab your brand new copy of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep: The Novel, and get transported back to where it all first began.

Ten years before Sora fought to save the worlds, three young Keyblade wielders named Terra, Aqua, and Ventus trained in the hopes of becoming Masters one day. But everything changed on the day of Terra and Aqua’s Mark of Mastery exam, and the three each set off on their own journeys that would test their friendship-and alter the course of their destinies forever.

Enjoyed the free preview? Read more of Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep: The Novel in stores now. And don’t forget to mark you calendar for the release of the next novel in the series: Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, coming August 2019!

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