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Okay, St. Patty’s Day is still a ways off, but today’s YOUR lucky day because we’ve got a fresh new Yen Plus just for you! You already know the DWMA duo on the Japanese side, but who’s that dancing beauty on side A?! You’ll just have to read this month’s Time and Again to find out! Also, due to the release of Nightschool 3 this coming month, Svet’s taking a break from Alex and company. Instead, she’s put together a special bonus comic about how she spent that break…in JAPAN! I’m very jealous, and you will be too! A shame she didn’t meet our own Otaku Pimp there…That would have been quite the story to tell……

Anyway, I do hope you enjoy this month’s mag. If you’re “lucky,” you’ve already snagged a copy, but if not, you’ll definitely want to get it soon! Trust me, all this comic goodness is much better than any green alcoholic beverage…

If you have any specific questions about your subscription to YEN PLUS, please direct them to subscription services at 1-800-876-7598.


Justin S

What an amazing chapter of Pandora Hearts. I’m loving Echo! (was that a panty shot I saw? :o)


Could this be the month that they finaly announce details of a contest for aspiring artists? It’s been “sometime in the coming months” for about 1 1/2 years now LOL!


Will Svetlana’s “special bonus comic” be available in one of the Nightschool volumes, or is it a magazine-only deal?


yaay!! i got mine!!
i love one fine day!! IT’S WAS SO CUTE/SWEET AND SAAAAAD!! T_T
Actually, i love all of them! lol! >_<


I have to say, I very much enjoyed this months Yen Plus!
I’m starting to like Gossip Girl, too. I admit, I had serious doubts about it, but after thinking about it, it’s not so bad. Although it’s about spoiled, rich girls trying to one-up each other, the artwork is refreshing. (I love the comical faces! It makes it feel that you can relate to those such high-class girls).
One Fine Day was simply touching. That’s all the words it needs.
Of course, Pandora Hearts was my favorite (Echo is so cute!), and I love how adorable Alice acts in the beginning.
All in all, this magazine was great! Now I can’t wait for the next issue! (especially what’s going to happen in Nightschool! I’m dying with anticipation!)
/end of babbling
<3 Allice


This Pandora chapter really gots me into it now
(I was bawling mid chapter that I couldn’t finish it!)
And I RARELY cry while reading manga
I can’t wait for more! 😉
((also, the beginning of Kuro…GWAH…I have been waiting so long just to read ‘that’ part in my own hands XD))


I loved pandora hearts!! and now evil vincent is coming along.i just wish u guys could put more of mochizuki jun’s art in color, she soo freaking good <3


I agree with everything you said. ^w^ i would love to have more pandora hearts colored art (or like a poster? i loooooove my posters!!!) Anyway,


Just orderd it 😀
eveyone saying about how good this months issue was convinced me 😛


AWESOME…but, sadly, I am now getting used people giving me confused stares when I ask for it at the bookstore. Will definitely be stocking up on back issues when I get back to civilization. ;D


Cool to hear that you are a fan of Higurashi. So, how about trying to get Umineko? =D

Ms. Sarcasm

Yesssss, awesome issue! Nabari no ou was awesome. 😀
And OMG, my art was featured in the fan art gallery! Thanks! Happy day, HAPPY DAY~


Gossip Girl was better than I expected and the artwork was great. Black Butler is getting very interesting and I am getting attached to One Fine Day. As always, Time and Again is my favorite…Yen Plus is shaping up to be pretty good and I’m glad I subscribed.

Kathleen A.

Whoa. Hero Tales and One Fine Day should have come with a kleenex warning.


I love Yen Plus!!! I’ve been a mangacon for years, and have read quite a few Yen releases. But, for some unknown reason, I never picked up the mag. Well, I finally picked up the March 2010 issue, and OMG Amazing!!
I loved it so much, that I tracked down every issue up til now from number 1, and bought all of them. Today the first box of them came, including number 1. I just finished reading it, and am now starting the 2nd issue.
I will be subscribing very soon, and can’t wait for more and more Yen Plus!!! Thank you for all the hard work, and please make this magazine forever!!!
P.S. Please continue publishing all the Light Novels you are and plan to do. And, do as many as you can. I love them. Especially Haruhi…Please finish the Haruhi Novels!!(Why are they not listed on the site?) And, Spice & Wolf, is amazing as well!!
Sorry for the novel everyone, I just had to rant!!!


ok i subscribe and i cant get ahold of anyone about it. how come i get a 3rd notice when i havnt got the first two and how come after i send in the payment and i know it was cashed by you do i get a final notice to renew??? what the heck you guys need to organize better and have a way we can contact you instead of a phone number that wont work. now i hav no idea if ill get all issues seeing how the final notice came weeks after you got my check and a few days before the end of subscription. you all are so disorganized


How do I renew my subscription? Also has anyone else gotten their issue yet? I haven’t.


I haven’t gotten my April issue as well. I think that Yen press should at least notify subscribers if Hachette Books Group Inc. is having difficultly with publishing and distributing the magazines so at least I don’t have to worry about it being lost in the mail and that it will eventually make it’s way to me.
Good Job though, Love Yen Plus! Can’t wait for April to come in ;333


I just recieved my new issue! It’s lovely!
And to all those waiting for the next issue: be patient! I’ve been in the same dilemna a few times before. Sometimes they’ll send you copy much later than intended. Once, I was so irratated that I didn’t get an issue (because of subscription issues), so my mom was kind enough to order it at Robert’s Anime Corner. And behold, I got it a week later! But guess what came in the mail the following week?
So now I ended up having two copies of the same magazine. XD
So don’t worry, you will definetly recieve your issue soon!
<3 Allice


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