Happy New YEN PLUS!


It’s almost the new year, and that means new things happening at Yen Press! Proudly making her manga debut on side “A” is Serena, star of our new original series based on the Gossip Girl novels. You might think you know Gossip Girl, but HyeKyung Baek’s cooked up an all-new story, adding her own unique storytelling flair which we hope you will enjoy. Side “B” features Sebastian making some last-minute preparations for the New Year’s celebration! We also have the triumphant return of Maximum Ride and the rest of the flock as well as new chapters from all your YEN PLUS favorites. We hope you enjoy a fantastic holiday season (how could you not, curled up with this issue?) and look forward to sharing more wonderful series with you in the new year. Thank you for reading!

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Like with the last issue, the chapter number printed on the title page of Time and Again is one higher than the number in the ToC. What’s up with that? Loving the story, though.


When I bought the magazine there was a barcode on the Gossip Girl side right next to the Jack Frost picture and I had to stare at the cover for a while because it almost looked like an advertisement. Also, I WANT A POSTER OF SEBASTIAN :3 that would be an awesome gift in a future issue *wink**wink*


@Puggers – Sebastian poster? I want one. NOW. Hear that Yen Press? This fangirl wants more butler!
My room currently only has a few game posters (L4D & TF2) so I need some lovely butleriffic posters :3
I’m happy Maximum Ride is back, good to know NaRae Lee is better ^^


It was just as embarrassing as I thought it would be to buy this issue in stores xD;; The (cute) male store clerk only looked at me kind of strangely… But he was still like “…” *dies*
But aside from that, Gossip Girl wasnt nearly as bad as I thought it would be :3
Im very happy where Time and Again is going and I reeeeally cant wait for the someday talent search ;w;!!!


I finally got around to reading Gossip Girl. The artwork was fine. Unfortunately, the story line seems to be about immature spoiled brats who live to get revenge at each other for petty slights. That’s a story line I can’t tolerate. I’m willing to give the story one or two more chapters to prove me wrong. However, if it doesn’t change emphasis soon, I’m afraid Gossip Girl will be the first story in the history of Yen Plus that I won’t be reading.


I think that Yen Plus needs another manga, preferrably from GFantasy. Cuticle Detective Inaba would be amazing, and I like Torikago Gakkyuu and Diabolic Garden as well.


I’m really disappointed that gossip girl was added to the magazine. I read the first chapter, and it was what I expected-backstabbing rich teens’ dramatics. The art was fine, but the plot is typical and overused. Stories like that don’t need to be in more forms of media. The world doesn’t need even more stories about rich, misbehaving teens, especially with events like the Haiti earthquake happening. The story line is neither good or enjoyable. The other stories in yen plus however, are more of what manga should be. 🙂


To be honest, Gossip Girl surprised me. I never read the book series before because it always gave me the mental image of party-crazed, shallow teenagers. The manga gave me a better image because I was able to see that most of the characters actually yearn for others because of who they are, not because they want a one night stand. But overall, it’s a bit of a disappointment that it will be in the magazine. I feel there are better choices out there. It would be nice to find a shojo manga that doesn’t have some random girls causing another girl trouble because of one dude (Off topic)…

Andy G.

I’m shocked that nobody is exited for this.
And I’m shocked that you’re shocked of the plot! Guys backstabbing, friendships,betrayal, love and fashion is what this AWESOME manga and TV show is ALL about! If you never heard of Gossip Girl, or have never read the critically acclaimed books, or the hit series DO NOT judge a book by it’s cover!


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